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Is it possible to use laminate on the balcony: we analyze the examples (20 photos)


Expansion of the usable space in the apartment is carried out by arranging a balcony or loggia, and therefore, there is a need to select the optimal finishing material that will meet the conditions of use. In recent years, the popularity of the balcony has received laminate. It is a universal veneer that is equally well suited for walls and floors, and makes the appearance of the room neat and stylish. The ease of installation, a variety of design and color solutions of the laminated material attracts attention.



Features of the choice of decorative laminate finishes

Sheathing the walls of the balcony with laminate, you can quickly achieve the desired result in the interior. The laminated material has a base consisting of a composite wood board, which is covered with a decorative top layer and has a protective film layer.

When choosing the optimal finish option, consider the following factors:

  • In which direction is it planned to continue using the balcony;
  • At what temperature conditions and in what climatic conditions will the finishing material be used. The balcony can be cold or warm, which determines the level of humidity.



Advantages and disadvantages

Laying laminate on the balcony is done only because of a number of advantages, which include:

  • Wear resistance and ability to withstand mechanical stress.
  • Moisture resistance. Thanks to the moisture-resistant coating, you can make wet cleaning using modern household chemicals.
  • Excellent aesthetic indicators - high-quality imitation of a variety of coatings (stone, wood).
  • Non-susceptibility to ultraviolet, so that throughout the entire operational period the material does not fade and does not lose its attractiveness.
  • High thermal conductivity, which allows you to make a warm floor on the balcony under the laminate.
  • Resistance to long-term loads and sudden temperature changes.
  • Nonflammability - the material is fireproof.
  • Ecological purity of raw materials is an ideal solution for residential premises.
  • Hygiene - mold does not form on the surface and fungus does not reproduce.
  • Easy care and maintenance.
  • Affordable price - a budget option that is suitable for almost all consumers.

A mandatory requirement for finishing work on a loggia or a balcony is that they must be glazed with double or triple glazed windows, walls are insulated to reduce heat losses and heating is done. Finishing of the walls of the balcony with laminate complex. Lay the laminate on the balcony with their own hands, if desired, everyone can, without having enough experience.




Making a floor

The beginning is laying the flooring, but how to lay a laminate? The process is performed in the following order:

  • Preparation of the base - removal of dirt and debris, careful leveling and warming. The main condition for increasing the service life is the absence of the smallest irregularities, pits and hillocks. Allowable drops of 2 mm on a length of 1 meter. To eliminate defects on the basis it is better to use concrete solutions or self-leveling mixes, which are used to make the screed.
  • Before laying the laminate on the surface a special substrate is spread, which improves heat and noise insulation performance. Instead of the substrate can be used polyethylene or cork material.
  • Put lamellae must be staggered. There must be technological gaps of 10-15 mm between the walls and the finishing material, therefore, wedges are used during the installation.

The rules for mounting lamellae provide for laying from the far corner. The minimum length of the board must be at least 300 mm.





To trim the walls in several ways:

  • Slats are glued onto a flat plasterboard base. Before applying a special adhesive composition, the surface is primed.
  • The lamellae are fastened to a wooden crate or metal profile. The fasteners are liquid nails or metal staples (cleats) of a construction stapler.

In the adhesive version of the lock is missing. The locking connection of the lamellas gives the finish durability and reliability. There are several types of locks in the form of grooves and a ridge of different shapes that provide quick assembly of the slats, so when choosing a material you should pay attention to this detail. When the floor and walls are ready, we lay the threshold on the balcony.



How to lay the threshold on the balcony

The final stage of work is laid and decorated threshold on the balcony. In order not to lose the harmony the threshold on the balcony is better to do from laminate. The length of the lamella is determined by the depth of the protrusion. Prepared pieces of laminate need to put across.

Forms of thresholds can be very different, as far as enough imagination. When the threshold to the balcony is made, its outer edge can be framed with a decorative metal corner (there are a lot of options).




Methods of use in the interior

If the balcony is a continuation of the residential area, then the choice of interior decoration is of great importance. The main thing is that the additional area was glazed. However, if it is also heated, it is not necessary to use a waterproof material that is more expensive for facing walls and floors.

Make an attractive appearance of a small room allows a large selection of finishing materials. The range is so diverse that it is not difficult to choose the option for design and color. It can be an imitation of parquet, natural wood, stone or ceramic tile. Knowing the features of the material and methods of installation, finishing the balcony with a laminate does not pose any difficulties with the hands, the works will be completed quickly and efficiently. The main thing that the selected material is fully suited to the conditions of operation.