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Vertikutter: types and features of the application


After the onset of spring, the lawn surface needs to be restored. For this purpose, a verticutter is used, which improves the flow of water and air to the roots of plants. Over time, a felt layer forms on the lawn covering, which makes it difficult for nutrients, moisture and oxygen to enter the soil. If this is not prevented, moss will form, which will significantly impair the appearance of the lawn. A regular aeration procedure will allow you to keep a fresh and green look of lawn coverage. To choose a vertikutter, you need to know their basic types and principle of operation.

Natural processes on the lawn cover lead to the appearance of dried grass bushes, moss and leaf residues. Over time, this layer becomes so thick and dense that it prevents the entry of oxygen, nutrients and water into the soil. This condition can also be caused by excessive fertilization of the lawn, which leads to abundant grass growth. And when mowing the lawn, microorganisms are not able to utilize such an amount of mowed grass, therefore a dense layer is formed.

This leads to a deterioration in the quality of the lawn. The main signs are a yellowish shade of grass, the appearance of irregularities and bald spots.

The simplest and most affordable type of device is a mechanical verticutter. However, the most commonly used devices with a gasoline or electric motor. Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a petrol vertikutter is a more powerful device, so it makes it possible to process even large areas of the lawn more quickly. In addition, such devices are not limited in range. Electric models are much quieter and easier to maintain. However, their radius of action is smaller and depends on the length of the cord.

To choose a device that will fully perform the tasks, you need to pay attention to such details:

  • Durable case. It is recommended that the verticutter case be made of durable, but lightweight material. This will allow him to serve for a long time, but it will not injure the plants. An excellent option would be the case of durable plastic or aluminum. Professional models have a body of steel.
  • Engine selection. Professionals recommend choosing a gasoline verticutter aerator. Such models have a higher power, so with a deep immersion of knives and teeth in the turf will not overload movement. In addition, gasoline devices operate on a lawn of any size due to the absence of the need to adjust to the length of the cord.
  • Quality cutters. When choosing, preference should be given to devices with cutters made of high-quality steel. In addition, they must be fixed so that in the process they are not jammed or selected.
  • Features garbage can. Most models are equipped with a garbage container, allowing you not to worry about moss and old grass, which is removed with the help of a verticutter. However, if it has a small size, in the process of its work it is necessary to pull it out and empty it. Some manufacturers have eliminated this element of design. In this case, the garbage will have to be collected with the help of a rake, so when choosing a verticutter, you need to understand the need for this element of the device.
  • Handle height adjustment. It is better to give preference to models that have a handle that can be adjusted to the height of a person.

Owners of large lawns claim that it is practically impossible to do without vertikutter. However, in order for the device to bring maximum benefit and last for a long time, when choosing it, it is necessary to evaluate not only the cost, but also the power indicators, body features and availability of additional functions.

Petrol or electric vertikutter - the main question when choosing the optimal model. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when choosing.

It is necessary to use a vertikutter for processing of a lawn covering twice a season. Be sure to carry out treatment in early spring, when the season has just begun. After that fertilizers are applied. The second treatment is recommended at the end of the season. The optimal time is 2-3 weeks before the expected frosts.

However, scarificizer-vertikutter can be used throughout the season. Such a device works only on the surface of lawn grass and does not apply time to the roots. The optimal frequency of use is once every 6-8 weeks.

Vertikutter application rules

Aerator-vertikutter is a cutting device, so you need to work with him very carefully. It is necessary to buy such mechanisms only in specialized stores, where the seller will be able to advise on the rules of use. It will not be superfluous to independently study the instructions for use.

Before treating the lawn, make sure that there are no pets, children and hard objects, such as stones, that can damage the device. If a gasoline-powered verticutter is used for work, fuel must be poured away from fire and in open space.



Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully inspect the lawn, removing branches, stones, twigs and other debris that may cause damage to the device. In the case of blunting knives, the use of devices is not recommended.

When using gasoline models it is necessary to use only high quality fuels and lubricants. This will protect the device from premature damage. After completion of work, it is necessary to disconnect the electrical models from the network, as well as to clean the knives and teeth from grass, leaves and soil. In winter, it is recommended to store the device in a warm and dry place or wrap the mechanism with a warm cloth.

Lawn care is a complex process that requires the use of professional equipment. Vertikutter will remove dead organic matter and restore the grass freshness and well-groomed appearance. Otherwise, the old grass and moss will become a favorable environment for the development of pathogens and parasites.