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Types of gates for the garage and private house


Types of gates can be classified according to several criteria: purpose, design, basic materials for manufacturing, number of sheets, directions and method of opening, the presence of a wicket. Depending on the material of construction, the following types of gates are made:

  • steel - provide high security area. However, different solid weight, and therefore - the complexity of the installation. In addition, metal doors are sensitive to high humidity and need special treatment with anti-corrosion compounds;
  • wooden have a beautiful decorative appearance. They give an individual look to the plot, they look organically in country houses with wooden houses. However, they are characterized by a short service life due to the instability of wood to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, changes in humidity and temperatures (it cracks quickly and cracks);
  • any types of wrought iron gates will give the site a sophisticated look. Perfectly combined with other materials and are suitable for arranging a section of a country house. They are expensive. At the request of the owner, the pattern of forging can be individual and unique;
  • profiled can be called the most popular option due to the availability and practicality of the material.

In accordance with the appearance of the gate, it is possible to install structures completely closed or having some sections open, which allows seeing visitors or part of the territory.



There are several general gate requirements:

  • reliability - trouble-free opening of cloths;
  • the design should exclude the possibility of their dismantling from the outside. And also the possibility of dismantling the locking devices from the outside should not be allowed;
  • Coniferous wood is used to make wooden gates: pine, spruce, cedar fir. Alder, linden, poplar are allowed.

These designs can be considered classic. Different versions of swing gates are used for arranging and enclosing household and industrial buildings. The product consists of two shutters, which are attached to the supports with the help of loops. In order not to use the inner space, the doors open only to the outside. You can install a single door model. In this case, the width of the canvas may lead to slack in the sash over time, and more opening space is required, therefore it is not efficient to install such gates on large openings.

Advantages: simple installation, reasonable cost, you can equip different types of gates and gates, good resistance to cracking.

Disadvantages: a modest appearance, the deformation of the valves is possible with strong winds, the presence of free space for opening / closing the valves.

All types of entrance gates can be made of different materials: aluminum profile, sandwich panels, forged. Metal frames can be sheathed sheeting, iron sheets or wood.

Gates for a private house are installed with a mortise gate or free-standing. When mounting the structure, it is recommended to raise the sash at least 5-10 cm to avoid interference with possible lifting of the ground.

It is optimal to install any type of swing gates in gardens and open areas.



Types of sliding gates

It is advisable to mount these structures on wide openings. The gate consists of the following elements: a cantilever beam, a system of rollers and supports, sash. The door leaf, when opened, moves along the rollers to the right / left. You can install the product, the flaps of which are moving apart in different directions.

All types of sliding gates have the following advantages: independence from the free area in front of the gate, the possibility of arranging the gate in the canvas, excellent resistance to strong wind.

Cons: high cost, the space along the gate should be free.

In a small room, such a system does not fit, so these gates for the garage are not suitable.

It makes sense to install such products on openings with a width of 7.5 m and a height of 5.5 m. The canvas is made in the form of sandwich panels filled with polyurethane and interconnected by a hinge mechanism (this ensures high flexibility). Thanks to special seals, high tightness is ensured. The sash when opened moves along the guides. If the gate is fully open, then the entire canvas is located under the ceiling, parallel to the floor.

Advantages of the design: the presence of free space in front of / behind the structure is not required, high thermal conductivity, possibility to insert a window / gate, there are no restrictions on the parameters of the product, it is allowed to use panoramic glazing.

Disadvantages of the product: the shape of the ceiling should allow to install the gate, the high cost, the presence of many moving elements complicate the design, for the installation of the system necessarily construct a steel / concrete frame around the perimeter of the opening.

Automated gates of this type can be considered the most popular in the arrangement of garages or some premises.



Types of lifting gates

There are different types of lifting gates: when the construction canvas is wound on an axle when raised and when the canvas has a rigid construction and simply turns.

Product advantages: silent and smooth opening / closing, space efficiency due to the practicality of the design, safety of operation, possibility of arranging the wicket / window, manual / automatic control.

Structural disadvantages: only required for rectangular openings, with the open position, the height of the opening is reduced by an average of 20 cm, repair of individual sections is not provided.

This option is better suited for garage doors or storage.

How to install the door from the profiled sheet with your own hands

When choosing a gate for giving, preference is given to models that are easy to install and convenient to operate. Types of doors with 3.5-4 meter wide doors will be suitable for a car or small truck to enter the site. The welded frame may have a height of about 2 meters. Heavy wrought-iron gates are expensive to install on the garden plot, and wooden models are less resistant to difficult weather conditions. Gates made of corrugated flooring will be the best option.

The professional flooring belongs to roofing materials and is the pro-thinned sheet of galvanized steel. Additional protection and decorative appearance of the product gives the polymer layer. The advantages of this building material: strength, long service life, a pleasant aesthetic appearance, low weight (simplifies delivery and installation).

The design consists of rigid metal frames, plating (profiled), racks, hinges, valves (lock).

  1. The marking of the site under the gate.
  2. Pits (approximately one meter deep and 20–40 cm in diameter) are dug in the places where the support pillars are installed. The bottom is laid out with a pillow of sand and rubble. The pillars are installed in recesses and filled with concrete. It is important to follow the vertical location of the supports. Loops are installed only after the final hardening of the concrete.
  3. Frameworks for frames are recommended to be made of a material similar to the material of pillars. Assemble the structure should be on a flat platform. The frames of rectangular shapes are welded, and the corners are additionally reinforced with steel corners.
  4. The long sides of the frames are divided into three parts. The frames are additionally reinforced with two bridges (welded in marked places). Hinges and extra steel corners are welded to connections. According to the markings and bolts are welded.
  5. After welding, the attachment points are ground, ground and all structures are painted.
  6. On the place of assembly of frames, the frames are made. For fixing corrugated board used screws with hexagonal heads. It is possible to fasten the sheets to the frame or to an additionally welded steel strip. For fixing 1 square meter of sheet, at least 6 screws are used so that the door leaves can withstand wind loads.
  7. After the profile sheets are fixed, the gates are hung on the hinges.

The absolute popularity of the model of the gate is explained by its advantages: low weight, decorative (you can individually choose the color of the fence), an acceptable price.

Advantages of the model: low weight, decorative (you can individually choose the color of the fence), reasonable price.



Types of automatic gates

To increase the functionality and practicality of the gate, you can automate the process of opening / closing. For automation of swing gates, devices with linear and underground drives, leverage systems are used.

In a linear drive system, a worm gearbox is installed. Such devices with "average" installed on the gate with a maximum blade weight of 600 kg and its width not exceeding 3 m. Advantages of the equipment: the possibility of mounting to narrow pillars, slow movement of the valves at the end of opening / closing (extends the service life of equipment), there is a system manual control of the casements in the event of an emergency power outage. The disadvantages include a limited opening angle of the sash - 90 degrees.

The lever drive allows independent installation of the device by the owner of housing construction. The system is installed on a monolithic gate. The advantages of the device include the presence of a built-in backup battery. This ensures the preservation of working qualities during a power outage. It is also important that the sash can move smoothly all the way and open already at 120 degrees. The minus can be considered the ability to install only on wide columns.



The underground automatic gate opening system does not change the appearance of the gate and is almost imperceptible to prying eyes. The device is suitable for equipping doors with a leaf weight of about 900 kg and a width of up to 5 m. The drive is located in a housing that protects equipment from rust. Advantages of the system: quiet and smooth operation. Depending on the configuration of the device, the opening angle of the sash may vary from 110˚ to 360. To ensure trouble-free operation of the system, it is desirable to entrust its installation to professionals.

Any types of automatic gates are slowly squeezing out mechanical structures from the market, since they are not only comfortable in use, but also guarantee reliable protection. The main advantage can be considered the possibility of equipping with a suitable automatic system gates of any type: hinged, sliding, roll, tilt-up and sectional.