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The advantages and types of steel gates (21 photos)


The garage is necessary to protect the vehicle from theft, as well as the negative impact of temperature changes and high humidity. When storage conditions are met, the car retains an attractive appearance and functionality for longer, so it is recommended to choose garage steel doors that are durable, durable and aesthetic qualities.

There are several types of steel gates, each of which has a number of advantages and disadvantages.



Types of steel gates

Metal garage designs can be welded and forged. Welded structures can be with insulation, which is used as mineral wool or foam. Wrought iron doors are manufactured in the factory, and their cost is higher than welded structures.

Separate views can provide gates with or without a wicket. Constructions with a wicket door provide easy access to the garage, and no complete opening of the gate is required. When installing automation, a gate with a wicket door can be allowed to unlock and transfer the structure to manual mode in the absence of power supply.

Of all the variety of metal doors for the garage, the most popular are swing, roll and roll constructions. Each type is recommended to use, depending on the size and characteristics of the garage, its functional purpose.




Sliding gates

Retractable steel gates - a more modern design, whose popularity is constantly growing. They are distinguished by high reliability, durability and strength. In addition, the sliding gates have an aesthetic appearance. Can be equipped with an automatic opening system, which is controlled by a convenient remote control.

They are made on the basis of the canvas, which moves parallel to the wall. To move the leaves can use rails or consoles. The latter option is more modern. Such steel gates have only one drawback - the need for a place to roll back the sash.



Rolling gates

Rolled metal gates are characterized by a rigid structure, therefore they are resistant to burglary, temperature extremes and strong wind. They can be installed in openings of almost any size. Rolled structures can be ordered with or without a wicket.

Sectional metal gates

Sectional designs have a modern design, durability and ease of use. Sectional doors open sideways and up, and folding sections run over each other. Versatility is different and can be made of almost any size. Modern sectional doors are most often equipped with an automatic control panel.

The main advantages of metal gates

Metal gates for the garage have a high level of strength and durability. They are made of materials of various thickness and quality. The main advantages of swing, sliding and rolling metal gates:

  • Affordable cost. Metal gates of various designs and may have additional features. Regardless of the configuration, the price of such a gate is available.
  • Durability and durability. It is worth noting the excellent strength properties of steel gates, as well as their long service life without loss of appearance and performance.
  • Compatibility with different materials. Metal structures are well combined with brick, wood and other materials, as well as ideally absorbed into any design.
  • Quick installation and installation. The manufacture of sectional or sliding metal structures most often produced in the factory. The process does not take much time, as the installation of the gate.
  • A wide range of products. Steel gates can be with or without a wicket, with automatic or manual control, rolling, sliding, sectional or sliding. A wide range of designs will allow you to choose the best option depending on the needs, appearance and financial possibilities.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage. Metal gates are reliable and secure. They are almost impossible to knock out or hack. The lifetime is at least 50 years under conditions of humidity and temperature extremes.
  • Ease of care. Benefits include uncomplicated care. Some models require periodic staining, but most modern metal gates retain a presentable appearance without any additional care.

The only drawback is the need to use a solid and high-quality foundation, as well as hard and powerful console blocks. Installation of steel gates is recommended in the warm season.




Tips for choosing a metal gate

When buying steel gates, you must take into account the following indicators:

  • type of construction;
  • features of the gate opening mechanism;
  • thermal insulation indicators;
  • security;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • degree of resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity;
  • automatic or manual control method.

When choosing the design of the gate should take into account the features of the garage. For example, to install the swing gates will require a lot of space in front of the garage, and for mounting sliding doors - the presence of free space in the frontal surface. For installation of tilt-up metal structures can not do without high ceilings.






Experts recommend using modern garage opening control systems. An excellent option would be to use an automatic door control panel, but for reliable protection of property it is recommended to use a non-contact individual card, which you only need to bring to the reader.

The garage belongs to the structures that serve for a long time, and therefore the gates should be installed so that they do not go down after a few years. The best solution is steel gates, characterized by high strength, durability and wear resistance.