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Black bed in the interior: mystery or style (23 photos)


A stylish and extravagant solution to any interior has always been considered a black bed. Such a piece of furniture often attracts attention, and in some cases creates a bright dynamic contrast in combination with soothing pastel tones or, on the contrary, rich shades of bright colors.

Dark color in the bedroom

Black is considered a difficult color for the interior. Designers say that this color confuses perception, aggravates the gloomy thoughts of the person in the room. At the same time, in combination with bright and life-affirming colors (silver, gold, all shades of green) black is excellent for furniture.



A bedroom with a black bed, furnished with dark tones, can look very harmonious if the design of the room adds light shades that make the room no longer perceived as too dull and depressing. In the absence of light strokes in the interior, black beds can suppress the psychological state of the owners of the room, who sleep on them daily.



In order for the interior of a bedroom with a black bed to promote healthy sleep and excellent rest, you need to know the basic design principles. These include:

  • If the interior in addition to the bed in black, there is other furniture of this color, the walls of this room is recommended to leave light. Beautifully combined with dark furniture, the color of gentle forget-me-not or the shade of romantic lavender.
  • Bed linen of contrasting light shades is well combined with a bed of dark wood, it is good if the color of linen will be combined with the tone of the wallpaper.
  • On the bedside table, which is located next to the bed in black, you can put a desk lamp to match the bed or place a floor lamp in these colors next to the bed.
  • Above the bed, it is recommended to place pictures or family black and white photographs placed in frames repeating the color of the finish.
  • Black bunk bed looks harmoniously in the children's rooms with wallpaper in pastel beige tones. Adding an olive-colored decor to the interior will make the bedroom spacious and original. A bunk bed saves space and visually expands the space in small rooms.
  • The futuristic look of the sleeping room with a glossy black bed is given by a stylish lighting installed around the perimeter of the bed frame.
  • One of the basic rules that designers use when planning the interior in black and white is that there should not be too many pieces of black furniture in the room. White or pastel color should prevail in such rooms. If you dilute the situation with fresh, freshly cut flowers or houseplants, the room will be perceived much easier, and brightness and dynamism will appear in it.
  • To make the bedroom with dark furniture not seem too gloomy, designers recommend putting decorative elements of contrasting tones around the perimeter of the room.
  • If the floor of the room is covered with dark-colored laminate, then when choosing a black bed for such a room, it is advised to choose curtains in chocolate brown tones. This solution will allow to combine the interior details with each other, and to emphasize the uniform style of the room.

If you follow the listed design advice, you can create a light atmosphere for relaxing in a room with a black bed.

When choosing dark furniture for the bedroom, it is very important not to use too many gloomy tones that can worsen the emotional state of the room owners. Otherwise, people in it will constantly feel anxiety and anxiety, which contribute to poor sleep and rest.



In furniture stores are widely represented various types of beds, made in black. Depending on their application can be identified:

  • a bed with a lifting mechanism - such a product does not lose its popularity over time, it is recommended for placement in small apartments, takes up little space, thanks to a lifting device you can save space for daytime rest;
  • bunk bed - used in the design of the interiors of children's rooms, in which several children live;
  • the original black double bed is simply indispensable both for connoisseurs of non-standard interior solutions, and supporters of minimalism;
  • The loft bed in the children's room allows the apartment owners to save a lot of space thanks to spacious built-in storage boxes.

All listed beds can be made of various materials. Black wood bunk beds are considered environmentally friendly. The quality and durability of such beds guarantee a long service life of bunk beds, as well as comfortable healthy children's sleep.




Very often, the decorators use soft materials to create the bedside headboard, creating a cozy, homely atmosphere and being good sound insulators. Beds with such headboards perfectly fit into the design of the bedroom. Upholstery made of modern materials is aesthetic and has good wear resistance, and therefore is very popular.

If the owner of the apartment is close to the minimalist style of the interior design of the bedroom, he is recommended to stop at the small wooden headboards of the black bed, which will give the room simplicity, and at the same time emphasize its elegance.




The black leather bed is comfortable and practical to use. The eco-leather is beautiful and eco-friendly, and the black color quite well hides all visible defects that may eventually appear on the headboard of a berth. The berth from ecoskin will add to the room of stylishness, will make it fashionable and modern.

Ornate patterns on the iron headboards will certainly attract the attention of everyone who enters this room. Forged bed has always been the best decoration of any interior. Made of metal, the black headboard looks stylishly and effectively against a contrasting background.

Different interior styles

The wrought-iron bed will emphasize the spectacular Art Nouveau style, which subtle creative natures choose for themselves. Unusual flowers and curls on the headboard create fancy images and set the basic mood of the room. If you want to recreate such an atmosphere at home, it is important to remember that the ideal choice will be high-quality products made not from cheap materials.

Who came to us from France, impresses with its monumentality the interior style of the Empire. He suggests the basic combination of black and snow white, along with emerald green shades. Bed in black gloss color will decorate the room in the Empire style and will highlight the individuality of the owners who have chosen this time-tested interior solution.



Progressive personalities will not disregard the interior style of futurism. It is typical for him when white and black are combined in the interior. Non-standard furniture for the bedroom, made in a laconic black color, sometimes resembles the scenery from a fantastic movie.

Every year, country style is becoming increasingly popular among romantic people. An elegant forged bed will be a good decoration for such an interior. She will emphasize his grace and incomparable chic. Wallpaper in small floral pattern will help to give the room lightness and airiness. When choosing a wrought-iron bed frame in a resin shade, designers are advised to give preference to the unpolished elements of the decor, made under the old days.




Spectacular lighting

In order to harmonize the room in which the bed is made in a black metallic color, it is necessary to apply the correct lighting. Among the basic rules of lighting design there are:

  • A large number of spotlights in the room will give a special depth and elegance to the black wooden bed, covered with varnish, but at the same time this light makes the color contrast created in the room less noticeable.
  • The use of multi-level lighting gives the bedroom with dark furniture piquancy and mystery. The matt surface of the bed is perceived as textured under such light.
  • If the black bed is chosen for a small children's room, you should think about increasing the flow of natural light into the room, otherwise the furniture will be perceived too cumbersome. An open window will visually expand the space, and the sun's rays will beautifully play on the surface of the bed in dark colors.
  • When using spotlights, care must be taken to ensure that there are enough of them in the room. One lamp shines hard, and creates a cold space around a black bed. Good illumination in such a room will create cozy lines.
  • The horns of the lamps should be facing the ceiling. Then the light flux will be evenly distributed in all directions. Light that is artificially downward creates an atmosphere of pressure on a person.

If you follow these simple rules, the space of the bedroom or nursery will be perceived as bright and dynamic.




Harmonious space can not be created using only one color in the interior. If you add to the interior of a room with a black bed those shades that suit people living in an apartment, then from staying in such a room their mood and well-being will improve.

Various combinations allow you to equip a bedroom in any of the existing variety of interior solutions: from exquisite classics to extravagant art deco or cozy romantic Provence. Each bed, made in shades of black, is a special exceptional story, and the unique atmosphere created with its help reflects the amazing view of the world of its owner.