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Small beds are the convenience combined with compactness and functionality (20 photos)


One of the problems faced by small apartment owners is the constant lack of space to accommodate high-grade furniture. A great solution would be to buy compact or transformable furniture, and above all, such as a compact bed. Today there are many types of small and folding beds, sofas and sofa beds, both single and double, on the market, so it’s not difficult to choose the product that will be most suitable for your interior and at the same time excellent. a bed for you personally and your children.



Folding beds are known to many, because in our country the housing problem has been standing for a long time, but today those who live in spacious dwellings are often interested in transformable furniture. Extra square meters will always be used in the presence of imagination: they can equip an entire gym, or arrange a greenhouse, or turn them into a creative studio of the artist.



Wardrobe bed

The option when using a wardrobe to hide a bed in it is very common. At the same time the berth can fasten in two ways:

  • with a horizontal arrangement;
  • with a vertical arrangement.

When the bed rises, it turns into a wall of the cabinet, which can be equipped for masking:

  • a mirror;
  • small shelves;
  • decorative panel, etc.

Such a bed can be a construction from one “fake” wardrobe or be part of a large furniture set, in which you can hide not only single beds, but also double beds.

For sleeping or just for rest, the wall of the closet with a berth is lowered, and it, resting on the floor with its folding legs, turns into a horizontal comfortable bed, capable of ensuring complete relaxation. Additionally, in cabinets containing a sleeping place for one person or double beds, there are niches and shelves for linen, straps for fixing the mattress and the bed as a whole, and lights. The case bed is that option of universal small-sized furniture which can be established both in a drawing room, and in the nursery, and in a small bedroom.

This option is well suited for the living room. The sleeping place hidden in the wall will be very useful to you if a guest or a relative arrives unexpectedly, and it will be necessary to create conditions for him so that he can spend the night with comfort. In the presence of a large section of a wall not covered with furniture, it is possible to build niches of the desired size even for double beds of transformers.

Sofa bed with table function

This option is convenient both for the nursery and for the mini-office, as it makes it possible to combine a sleeping place with a working area or with a space for playing and practicing with a child. Folded in such a sofa bed there is also a table top, where you can work with a laptop, draw, sculpt or assemble models of cars from the designer.

Bed chair

This is the best choice for the owner of a one-room apartment. These chairs are very convenient for individual use by the owner, and if the child lives with you, or if you want to provide a bed for a guest who chooses to spend the night. The design is always simple and easy to fold. Some models have a compartment at the bottom where bed linen can be placed.

This is furniture for the smallest rooms. It can be used in a one-room apartment, as well as in the halls, and in the nursery. Such a folding pouf looks completely like an ordinary pouf, but at night it turns into a single bed.

Three-in-one transformer

This is a great way to solve the problem of limited space for small apartments. In its original form, such furniture looks like a comfortable sofa, with a soft backrest formed by furniture cushions. The sides, which are a solid solid frame, are equipped with a swivel mechanism, thanks to which they can be rotated 180 °.

The sides are joined by a furniture slab, not visible when the sofa is assembled. This furniture plate, hidden behind the backrest cushions, can later become the table top. This sofa in its lower part has a niche in which additional rectangular soft elements are stored.



Cots can be transformed in various ways:

  • a berth with wheels, retracts under the podium (playground);
  • several alternately retractable beds gather in one place;
  • the bed turns into a table.


In such a furniture complex, its main element is a berth (often of a folding type), which is located at a height of usually about 1-1.8 meters from the floor, while in the space below it can be located:

  • storage system;
  • work zone;
  • game Zone;
  • bottom bed.



Depending on the loft bed, this furniture group can be equipped with:

  • shelves;
  • closets;
  • thumbs;
  • drawers;
  • work desk.

Some items may be mobile and used separately. The rise of the person "to the attic" to the bed is carried out either by a special staircase included in the kit, or in some cases, storage systems perform the function of the steps.

Beds and sofas transformers are enduring popularity among adherents of rationality.

The advantages of such structures are obvious:

  • additional space in the nursery is released, since the bed in which the child sleeps can be transformed into a table;
  • Such furniture is usually quite simply folded and unfolded, while the implementation of these procedures requires, as a rule, no more than two minutes;
  • sizes and models of transformers can be very different, which allows you to choose the most suitable for a particular case;
  • beds are often equipped with an orthopedic mattress;
  • you can quickly arrange a bed when there is no additional bedroom available;
  • transformers of small sizes can in most cases be installed on any vacant part of the apartment;
  • The cost of such devices is in the affordable range for many families.

Disadvantages of Transformers:

  • with frequent use of transforming beds, they wear out quickly, and the elements of mechanical fastening of parts fail in the first place;
  • transformable furniture is not suitable for use by people physically weak or with disabilities (elderly, children, as well as the sick and disabled);
  • for a bed that retracts into a niche, a solid capital wall is required, as weak interior partitions can not withstand a recurring significant load.

The design of mechanisms for folding sofas and beds have at least ten variants of execution, and each of them has certain advantages, while having its own drawbacks. However, mainly transformable furniture is equipped with such two types of tilt-and-turn mechanical devices:

  • Sliding mechanism. It is safe and easy to use, and in the models containing it, in most cases there are sections for bed linen.
  • Folding mechanism. It is dangerous when it is used to transform beds, since a heavy element of furniture structure that is raised upwards can fall and cause injury to a person, for example, if his arm is caught or his leg is hit. Although beds attached to the wall help save space while being assembled, using them requires certain precautions to be taken.

The folding mechanisms are also divided into two types:

  • Spring mechanisms. They are the most durable and also reliable, which is explained by their extreme simplicity: there is nothing to break in the spring. However, there is a drawback: in order to perform the transformation procedure, some efforts are required, and therefore they are not recommended for elderly and physically weak people.
  • Gas lift devices. They have lower reliability, but if properly operated, they serve for a long time. Equipped with such mechanisms, furniture can be laid out without much effort. The disadvantage of gas lift is that the beds of a folding type, equipped with them, are more expensive than with a spring mechanism.

Transforming furniture today has become a fashion trend, and this is a fairly simple explanation: real estate is expensive. Many people who are at the beginning of their careers still cannot afford to purchase luxury mansions and apartments, and they have to be content with small apartments and apartments with studios. However, the desire to turn them into a fully functional, comfortable and interesting housing forces designers in many countries to look for new non-standard solutions when designing furniture, and in the first place such necessary things as beds and sofas.

Today, some transformers use fairly expensive pneumatic mechanisms that allow the assembly and disassembly of folding furniture without the need to expend considerable physical effort. Sometimes it is enough just to press the button on the console to start the transformation process. Often this is perceived by many as an element of the furniture of the future.

Of course, the most interesting models of self-propelled systems, which are controlled from the console, can only be seen at international exhibitions devoted to modern furniture, but more and more of these unique exhibits can already be seen in ordinary stores. And the prices for such products are becoming more affordable every year.