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Flexible curtains: a new word in the design of windows (20 photos)


Many homeowners want to turn their premises into a stylish and comfortable corner. To accomplish this goal, modern design features are embodied. One of the novelties of the interior design are flexible curtains and curtain rods, they are practical, look great, are universal, can be of various shapes.



Characteristics of flexible designs for curtains

Choosing a flexible cornice for curtains, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the operating conditions of the subject. It is worth noting the following features:

  • On the market, the design is presented in various lengths, but the standard size is 6 meters. The shape of the cornice is in many ways similar to ordinary plastic tape.
  • Tape-cornice is a profile made of aluminum alloys, which are held together by a material with a polymer compound.
  • The product has a high flexibility, can be curved in the shape of an arch, a ring.
  • The cornice is easy to cut to the required size using a handsaw or other similar tool.
  • There are two options for mounting structures - ceiling and wall. Ceiling flexible curtain rods for curtains are fixed with brackets.
  • Directly curtains are attached to the holder, located on the eaves, it consists of two elements - the lower ones hold light material, for example, tulle, and the upper ones fix heavy types of fabrics.

The mechanism of the product is very simple, the main components are such details as the profile (can be both single-row and double-row), the slider with wheels, plugs and various fasteners.

Flexible curtain rod has the following advantages:

  • Multifunctionality, perfectly harmonizes with various options, can be a non-standard shape, size.
  • Due to its flexibility, the product is easy to roll up into a compact form; there will be no problems in transportation and storage.
  • Easy installation, it is quite possible to attach the eaves with your own hands, there is no need to buy additional tools.
  • A wide range of these goods. The price depends on the originality of the eaves, the material of its manufacture, etc. Flexible plastic eaves are the most affordable option, aluminum products are a bit more expensive, but more durable, can withstand a weight of about 50 kg.
  • The design is easy to cut to the required size, as well as to increase, for this process special fixing brackets and couplings are used.
  • Easy operation, curtains easy to take off and put on.
  • Additionally, you can purchase various design elements to give the product originality.
  • High strength and elasticity, as the eaves are made exclusively from high quality material.
  • With this type of eaves, you can mask the defects of the finishing room.
  • High plasticity, precisely due to this indicator, when mounting the structure, there are no problems with central heating pipes, besides, free space is significantly saved.

As you can see, there are more than enough advantages of the product, flexible curtains will help to make the interior of the building individual and original.



Varieties of flexible curtain rods

A fairly wide selection of flexible curtain rails for curtains is on sale, in order to choose the right option, you need to take into account individual preferences, room style, possible load on the future structure, location and many other important nuances.



For the manufacture of cornices using materials such as plastic, metal, wood. PVC curtains are often used for zoning rooms, they also have insulating properties and prevent dust from entering the building.



Depending on the constructional features, the following types of flexible curtain rods are distinguished:

  • tire, characterized by the presence of rollers, which are equipped with special hooks;
  • profile, presented in the form of rails;
  • round, have a plastic, wooden or metal bar;
  • strings, unlike previous species, have a metal string.

Given the method of attachment, provide flexible curtain rods for ceiling and wall structures.




Applications in the interior of flexible curtain rods

Of course, a flexible design cannot leave indifferent both designers and homeowners, the scope is quite wide when designing a modern room. The product can be a highlight of the interior or its original element.

Consider some options for using flexible curtain rods:

  1. Due to the fact that the design can be bent up to 100 degrees, it is used for a bay window when decorating both for simple models and complex multi-level ones. This is an amazing way to create a solemn composition, for example, in the Empire style.
  2. Perfectly suited for arranging balconies, loggias, as well as when decorating skylights and terraces. Standard curtains with classic tulle will create a cool atmosphere.
  3. Flexible eaves can be found even when designing doorways, or zoning a territory when dividing space, the product in this case goes well with curtains, threads, naughty arches and other similar elements. As curtains can be a curtain to the floor, a curtain, double-row models of tulle curtains, etc.
  4. The eaves in the bedrooms look amazingly beautiful as a variety of screens, canopies, with the help of which it is possible to create a canopy, a rounded arch, a spiral around the bed. A simple design with lightweight fabrics is perfect for a classic style. Lovers of luxury may prefer fabrics with an original geometric pattern or with gilding elements.
  5. Ceiling plastic flexible curtain rods are popular when designing children's rooms. A wavy or rounded design above the crib will create a cozy comfortable atmosphere. Most often canopies are selected monophonic, and plastic cornices, they are safer.
  6. Sometimes homeowners also choose flexible structures for the bathroom, especially if the bathroom is shared, then they serve as a separating element. Curtains for the bathroom are selected, as a rule, lightweight, resistant to high humidity, water splashes, so plastic curtain rods are quite suitable option, they will withstand the load without any problems.

Flexible eaves decorate not only the walls, but also the ceiling, hide its irregularities, create non-standard forms.



Summing up, it is worth noting that flexible curtain rods for curtains help to embody even the most complex fantasies concerning decorating a room. This is a great way to zoning rooms, masking openings, and various wall defects. The versatility of the product allows you to use the eaves perfectly in any room: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room and not only, this is a great option for a veranda, balcony, etc. This novelty in a short period of time has become very popular, there are times when you just can't do without it.