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Wenge curtains: elegant simplicity (20 photos)


Successfully selected curtains can save the most losing interior. In this case, both type and color are important. Unobtrusive chic brings sweet chocolate wenge into the room. Curtains of this color are suitable for an accent detail, create comfort, cover all the space with warmth.



Wenge: wood or color?

It is the fashion on the furniture of wood from the African tree wenge introduced the name of color into the design slang. This term is usually denoted shades of deep chocolate tinted brown, purple and even black. This unusual combination allows you to combine wenge curtains with different color interior elements:

  • the composition of wenge and red is like ice and flame. The balance of brown is diluted by the dynamics of all shades of scarlet tones;
  • The combination in one interior of yellow and wenge looks a little bit harsh. However, if you add golden wallpaper to the curtains of wenge, then it turns out just a luxurious interior;
  • The natural style of the living room, bedroom will emphasize the combination of wenge and green. Used in Scandinavian, Japanese styles. Satin brown curtains are often highlighted in a light green tulle;
  • in urban interiors based on light blue-blue paints, the role of a “cozy” accessory is given to chocolate shades;
  • the classic is a white base, complemented by wenge. Modern rooms often combine wenge furniture and curtains with white walls and textiles.

Universal this color can not be called. A completely dark looking connection with black, dark blue.

Despite the fact that the color is the base for all modern interiors, wenge curtains traditionally look like classic curtains. However, other options look spectacular:

  • eyelet curtains;
  • the curtains put on tubular eaves;
  • curtains with fastening on the tape;
  • combined complex curtains, double.

Designers often in this color offer roman blinds, classic straight cut, models with small pickups and cuffs.

The model range is determined and used fabrics. Traditionally, heavy drape fabric monophonic or with ornate pattern of a different color. The fabric for curtains in chocolate tone is rarely light and airy: in this case, it looks a little dirty and expensive color is lost. The most suitable fabrics are satin, velvet, jacquard, blackout.



Interior solutions

Chocolate color is suitable for creating practically any kind of interiors: it adds coldness to warmth and comfort, bright ones will make it more expensive and not so flashy.

Classic romanticism

Ideal coffee and chocolate curtains in the living room of pastel colors.

The combination of beige and cream, pale pink, pale lilac with classic curtains wenge, cut to create a real aristocratic salon. If pastel colors are replaced with gold, the drapes will accentuate the luxury of other accessories, but they can play the first violin, provided they are made of glamorous velvet. In the bedroom, a combination of soft pastels and wenge is considered classic.

In small kitchens, this ratio looks a bit heavy, but you can take non-monotonous curtains, and with an inconspicuous embossing of the companion color.




Minimalism and hi-tech

Simple and easy wenge curtains in the interior are combined with all shades of steel. The functionally optimal window framing is multi-layered, combining a dense dark base and white tulle, organza curtains. A great option for the design of the cabinet: cold cold and warm at the same time.




Ethno styles

Wenge curtains in the classic version are suitable for reserved ethnic styles. Japanese creates a combination with green, Provence - with furniture made of wenge, oak. Often deep shades of brown curtains are the basis of African style. It looks most advantageous in large rooms.



Colonial and Mediterranean

The combination of chocolate and milk is a classic basis for warm interiors. In this case, suitable for any options curtains. The main thing is to maintain a uniform style. Asymmetrical dairy-colored furniture is complemented by the same asymmetrical coffee curtains. Fabric for curtains is chosen with a matte sheen, easily draped. This interior is characteristic for rooms of expensive hotels.

The color of wenge has many shades, it is simple and mysterious at the same time. Portieres of such tone possess a special sphere and refinement. Curtains wenge color in the interior of any design will be a win-win.