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What cabinets are better to install in the kitchen? (20 pictures)


Kitchen cabinets should be:

  • functional;
  • comfortable;
  • roomy;
  • outwardly attractive.

Cabinets are the most important component of kitchen furniture. Only using them, you can arrange placement:

  • products;
  • dishes;
  • kitchen appliances;
  • cleaning products;
  • spices and all sorts of important and badly needed mistress trifles.



On the market there is a huge selection of kitchen cabinets, differing in design, size and purpose. Acquisition is possible:

  • cabinet case;
  • wall cabinet;
  • floor cabinet;
  • corner cabinet;
  • built-in wardrobe;
  • cabinet sinks, etc.

As for the floor cabinets (lower), then they usually put the most dimensional utensils. At the same time, they are often located on a not very high platform in order to provide more convenient access to the lower shelves.



Case a case for kitchen

Such a floor cabinet is most suitable for a small kitchen that has a small area or even its average value.

Although many people are happy to purchase kitchen furniture sets that include lower cabinets of cases, even if they have modern spacious kitchens, because people always want to have as much free space as possible. That is why a narrow wardrobe with drawers is so popular among customers with a variety of possibilities.

Such cabinets are often also called columns or racks for the kitchen. They allow you to save space in the kitchen to the maximum extent, due to the fact that they have, as a rule, a small width, while possessing considerable capacity, which is ensured by the presence of a large number of shelves inside them.




Furniture cabinets cases can have sliding or withdrawable drawers in the lower part and horizontal shelves at the top. In the drawers can be placed in different sizes of dishes and all kinds of kitchen appliances, as well as some of the products that allow them to be stored at room temperature for a long time.

When buying a stand for a kitchen stand, you need to focus on the overall design of the headset already installed in this room. Column pencil case with its appearance should be in harmony with the other cabinets, and here it is necessary to take into account not only its height, but also its depth. The best option would be the case when the facade of a narrow cabinet is in the same plane with the facades of the other cabinets.

Special attention when choosing a narrow column should be given to the quality of the material. Best of all, if it is a natural tree. For the manufacture of inexpensive samples, as a rule, MDF is used.



Corner wardrobe to the kitchen

Headsets with corner cabinets initially look interesting and solid, even if they are not made of expensive materials. The reason is the arrangement of their cabinets along two walls using a common angle, which gives the kitchen a very impressive appearance. The indisputable fact is that when using the corner there is more space for the placement of kitchen utensils, as well as products.

There are several ways of arranging corner modules in kitchen units, which are used to dock the top and bottom cabinets. In terms of cost and functionality, they have a number of differences. Consider some of the possible options.



Floor Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Bottom cabinets, installed in a corner on the floor, provide a connection to other cabinets, standing along two adjacent walls. However, they may be the following types listed below.

  • Corner wardrobe with a diagonal door. Usually it has an impressive size, so often use such a cabinet under the sink for the kitchen. In its composition there is a tabletop segment with a rounded diagonally facade. It can be asymmetrical with a narrowed one side, but the presence of asymmetry usually spoils the appearance of the kitchen a little. In such a corner cabinet often place a bucket for garbage.
  • Cabinet for placement in the corner with a door concave inside. It is an expensive type of floor cabinets (the cost is higher only for cabinets with imported pull-out systems). Is a kind of radial cabinet, often found in modular furniture. The case is supplied with an integral table-top of a non-standard form.
  • Corner wardrobe with an accordion door and the location of the facades perpendicular to each other. Advantage: as a result of opening the door-accordion, access to all departments of this cabinet is quickly opened. Disadvantage: because of the complexity of the connection of the doors of the type "accordion" or "book" periodically requires their adjustment. If the doors are not properly folded, the adjacent facade may be damaged. Doors can be with glass and opaque.
  • Additional floor corner cabinet of modular type. It is formed by the junction of two rectangular cabinets. This is a classic version of the design of the corner floor cabinet. Disadvantage: difficult access to the space inside the cabinet.



Kitchen cabinets

The following are some of the top cabinets.

  • Corner wall cupboard for the kitchen, equipped with a diagonal door. It is the most popular type of design of this type of top cabinets. It is possible to manufacture it in a non-standard asymmetrical version. Disadvantage: its front end is protruding forward, which can lead to certain inconveniences when purchasing such a cabinet for a small kitchen in the event that there is a sink under it. Advantages: when installing this cabinet above the sink, you can not buy a separate cupboard in the kitchen, and in addition, in this case, you can use it not only as a cupboard, but also as a place for drying dishes. In the case when such a cabinet is used as a dryer, it can have a system of ventilation openings in the housing.
  • Top cabinets with doors like "accordion". Their advantages and disadvantages are similar to those of the similar corner corner cabinets described earlier, but the doors with glass from the wall cabinets look more beautiful and appropriate than those of similar floor constructions.
  • The hinged case of angular type supplied with a concave door. It is in many ways similar to the similar floor option. Advantages: when installed above the sink does not cause inconvenience during washing dishes. Disadvantage: it is difficult to adjust the concave façade so that it fits snugly to the cabinet body.
  • Suspended top cabinets type. The principle of adjoining the component parts of them is the same as that of the lower corner cabinet. Disadvantages: “A” - it is necessary to seal the gaps between the corner wall cabinet and the cabinet next to it, located with the help of connecting strips, which must necessarily correspond to the color of the facade; "B" - it is not advisable to place drying in such a cabinet, since it is difficult to access some parts of the internal space.

A few more varieties of cabinets for the kitchen - cupboards and sideboards.



The buffet used to be called a very small room, located next to the kitchen where food was stored, but today the buffet is a cupboard for beautiful dishes, for example:

  • wine glasses with high thin legs;
  • table china;
  • crystal.

His design, as a rule, suggests that in such a cabinet there should be glass doors that allow you to admire the contents.

As for the sideboard, it is, in fact, the same cupboard, but often having, besides the kitchenware sections, drawers for storing table linen as well.

This kind of wardrobes, like a coupe, can be part of the interior, not just a hallway or bedroom. Coupe, especially the built-in type, can be successfully used in the kitchen. What to place in it depends only on the imagination of the owners, since nothing prevents to build many shelves in it, and to make its doors with glass, if you want to see what is stored in such a closet compartment.

When choosing wall or floor cabinets for your kitchen, take into account the fact that their color can affect the mood, and even the appetite of those who are in this room. Warm colors (such as orange, yellow or red) stimulate the appetite, gray and cold, on the contrary, can suppress it. For a small kitchen, it is better to select light-colored furniture with a lemon, pink or cream shade, and the presence of modular constructions with glass in such a room will only add light and increase it visually.