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Blue wallpapers: features of use in the interior (28 photos)


Blue color is considered one of the most romantic and attractive. Today, it is increasingly used by professional designers and creative natures. Blue wallpapers in the interior create a sensual, pleasant setting that attracts everyone’s attention. The canvases look stylish, but at the same time comfortable, bringing the illusion of marine purity and freshness. The most popular shades of color are cornflower, celestial, aquamarine and some others.




Advantages and disadvantages

Blue wallpapers have a number of important advantages:

  • cool color is associated with purity, fresh sea waves, summer sky and snow drifts;
  • a room with blue wallpaper eliminates the feeling of tiredness, relaxes and soothes, so the finish is often used in the interior of the bedroom;
  • shades of color visually increase and illuminate the space, so they are suitable for small darkened rooms;
  • Blue blends well with bright pieces of furniture and additional accessories;
  • heavenly tones cool and refresh the rooms perfectly, if their windows face the south side.



Along with the advantages, this attractive color has some disadvantages:

  • with excessive use of blue (wallpaper, furniture, textiles) a person will feel tension, so it is very important to observe the measure in all;
  • Blue wallpapers for walls are not suitable for rooms located on the north side, since they will look cold and too gloomy.

Knowledge of the pros and cons will help to correctly form the interior of any home.



Combination options with different shades

Many people do not know with what tones the heavenly or cornflower blue shade looks best. Depending on the color with which blue is applied, a special atmosphere is created in the room. The most successful and spectacular shades include:

  • White. The combination of colors - the embodiment of freshness and purity, so it is best suited for the kitchen and bathroom. In the bedroom, a blue and white interior will help you relax and tune in to complete rest; in the nursery - soothe active baby; in the work area - activates mental activity. You can pick up the canvas with a pattern made in white. In this case, the wallpaper will be the main focus of the interior. To give originality to the design, the white color is replaced by beige, coffee, cream, turquoise.
  • Gray. At first glance, the gray-blue wallpaper in the interior looks too uncomfortable and cool, however, during the summer heat the room will be filled with pleasant coolness. Especially like the blue-gray design for people who love comfort and harmony. In a similar design, any conversation, rest or workflow is carried out easily and naturally.
  • Red. Designers do not recommend to combine the blue wallpaper in the interior with a lot of bright colors. As accents, red, orange and other colors will look attractive and spectacular. For this, saturated inserts are created on the surface of the walls, lamps and curtains are selected. So, wallpaper in blue tones with red curtains will fill the room with energy, dynamism and warmth that cannot be achieved using a calm palette.
  • Green. Both shades are natural, so regardless of the proportions, they always look harmonious. A light blue shade is best combined with pale green, pistachio and light green tones, dark - with herbal and olive tones.
  • Yellow. Shades of orange and yellow combined with blue tones are associated with a warm summer beach, so the interior will not look exactly boring and dull. The unique atmosphere of lightness and cleanliness causes only the most pleasant emotions.
  • Beige. Pale blue wallpapers with beige stripes or patterns bring romance and tenderness to the room. In the interior of the living room, such a combination creates a mysterious air situation, in the bedroom it sets up a romantic mood. Paper wallpaper in the nursery successfully complemented by bright accessories.

The combination of pale and bright colors with blue is well suited for zoning space. The room is divided into two or more functional parts. If each of them is made in different colors, it turns out a unique design, harmonious and bright.




Application in the interior

Styling rooms should think through after choosing a paper wallpaper. They may differ shades and decor. As a result, each room acquires its own special atmosphere. Blue wallpapers for walls are suitable for use in the hall, bedroom, nursery, in the kitchen, in the hallway. Consider the features of the choice of suitable paintings for each of them.

Living room

The setting should be relaxing, conducive to proper rest and easy communication. Blue color refers to cold, so in the living room it must be diluted with stripes or beige or white flowers. If the room is small, give preference to a light blue palette. In spacious rooms, saturated shades are appropriate.

As for the style of decoration, for the living room with blue paper wallpapers, the best directions will be classic, minimalism, country. Cloths are glued in the recreation area - near the fireplace or a comfortable sofa. It combines well the color of the living room with bright accents in the form of yellow stripes on the curtains and cushions.





Experts recommend selecting monochrome canvas with a pattern of brown or white. Blue wallpaper in the bedroom relieve fatigue, contribute to proper rest. The best will be gentle light colors that are not annoying and do not cause tension. If the paper wallpaper is plain, you can revive them with white bed linen or curtains.


Both pale and bright shades of blue will do. Light colors visually increase the space, so it is advisable to use them in the nursery with a small area. Correctly selected palette contributes to the full development of the baby. In order not to overdo it with rich colors, it is better to divide the space into 2 zones: a game and a place to sleep. The first is permissible to make out with the help of bright colors in the interior. Striped paper canvases look originally, the decor in the form of flowers. Blue-pink wallpaper is an interesting solution for girls.







Shades of blue are considered traditional for the bathroom. Competently combining them with bright colors, you can create incredibly attractive interiors that will never lose their relevance. For long-term operation, it is recommended to pick up vinyl wallpaper that is resistant to moisture and wear.

Calm gentle shades will relax and take away fatigue, saturated - have the opposite effect.





Blue wallpaper with polka dots or with an interesting pattern refreshes and enhances this small darkened room. Reinforces the effect of white ceiling trim. Attention should be paid to practical options for canvases made on vinyl or non-woven base.




Wallpapers of heavenly color will fill every house with light, air and freshness. Almost everyone likes blue tones, so they are used to decorate different rooms. You can experiment with paintings with ease by combining different colors, patterns and textures.