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Tile hog: interesting and modern ideas for your interior (24 photos)


This ceramic product has received such a funny name for its characteristic technological openings on the back side, although in other countries it is known as the “metro”. The finishing tile imitating brickwork has unexpectedly become widespread not only in the cladding of facades of buildings and metro stations, but also in the interior works of houses and apartments. A neat canvas of perfectly flat brickwork attracts the eye and at the same time retreats to the background, allowing you to solo other pieces of interior, so the ceramic tile “pig” of neutral or pastel colors is usually used - white, gray, beige. Although fans of the original situation can opt for red, yellow or black tiles. Having balanced bright tones with quieter ones, you can get an interesting interior, eloquently speaking about the taste and character of the owner.




What is a hog-type tile?

This tile is produced in different sizes. Typical are:

  • 7.5 x 15 cm;
  • 10x20 cm;
  • 15x30 cm

In addition to the various colors available tile hog glossy, matte, semi-matte. Popular option with a facet for the effect of volume. An interesting effect is produced by tiles that imitate natural materials - wood, natural stone, glass.




Often monochromatic tile is diluted with color inserts - individual tiles with thematic drawings. Tile manufacturers are trying to please fans of different styles and trends in interior fashion. Cleverly selected design will emphasize the chosen style and color scheme of the room.

Laying tiles hog

The technology of laying this tile is not much different from the usual:

  • building level mark laying;
  • tile adhesive is applied to the wall and tile;
  • to align the seams using crosses;
  • remove them after hardening;
  • rub the seams with epoxy grout. It dries quickly, so that the excess is immediately removed with a rag.

Epoxy grout for a hog tile is great for rooms with high humidity - bathroom or kitchen. It is moisture resistant and does not darken. You can choose a grout to match the tile or in a contrasting color.

The layout of the pig hog varied. Traditionally, it is laid in a scramble like a brick. You can lay horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Unusually looks curly styling "labyrinth". To do this, part of the tile is cut to form squares. When laying a small square is placed in the center, framing rectangular tiles of standard size, turned in different directions.



When making high and narrow places, this type of installation is uneconomical, as it will have to be cut a lot. Such places will be more interesting to look at the combined method of laying, when the horizontal rows alternate vertical. It looks interesting tile laid Christmas tree like parquet flooring. You can combine different ways of laying and color tiles, creating ornaments. An experienced designer is able to create a tile-brick, if not a work of art, then a real interior decoration.

It is necessary to acquire a tile with a reserve, since a part will inevitably break or unevenly cut.




Tile hog in the interior of the bathroom

This tile is traditionally used to decorate the bathroom. There are several well-established finishing options:

  • Tiles spread all the walls to the ceiling. Usually choose natural light colors. This option is equally well suited for eco-style, minimalism and high-tech.
  • The tiles are placed only around the bath; the rest of the walls are painted with paint several colors darker or contrasting. This is a classic finish.
  • Tile lay walls from the floor and to the level of the eyes. Above use paint or waterproof wallpaper.

Monochrome tiles for a bath for a bathroom can be easily combined with color. You can use light and dark shades of the same color. The standard solution, which is always modern and looks good - the transition from a dark bottom to a bright top through the curb. The tile for a border usually has an ornament or drawing. Green tile hog in this decision looks stylish and restrained. In addition to the green range, blue, lilac, pastel yellow, and light brown are popular. For the bathroom in the style of hi-tech pick black and white or gray palette. Fans of more ambitious color combinations can recommend bright shades to be diluted with neutral, for example, red beige, yellow gray.

If the apartment has a separate bathroom, and the toilet has minimal dimensions, it is advisable to select a light-colored tile for it. A curb or infrequent patches of ornamental tiles are appropriate.




Tile hog in the kitchen

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen as familiar and comfortable as in the bathroom. Fully wall tiles in the kitchen are usually not laid out, leaving room for alternative paint or wallpaper. This gives the room more comfort. But for a kitchen apron, this tile fits perfectly. By selecting different colors and textures, it is possible to ensure that the decoration of the tile with a small pig will be the best solution for a kitchen in any style.




To design a loft-style apartment, using this tile will be the best solution. Recall that this style is characterized by the absence of any partitions. The exception is the toilet and shower. The rest of the space, if necessary, is zoned by furniture, stairs, or a change of finishing material, so the loft-style kitchen does not differ in its individual design from the entire apartment.

Visually, the kitchen of this style is usually separated by an island or a bar. For their finishing tile imitating brickwork will be the best style solution.

A kitchen apron from a hog tile will also be a good choice.

The size, color and texture of tiles for kitchen design in the loft style should be selected, focusing on the design of the entire apartment. This style is characterized by the absence of small details and a minimum of decorations. The decor is simple, with a touch of brutality. According to the spirit of style, tile is chosen. White cracked tiles that imitate cracked whitewash on brickwork look great. In the course of imitation of natural stone, concrete blocks, wood darkened from the time.




Interior Ideas

In addition to the style of loft tile hog organically looks in other styles. We outline several ready-made ideas for using this tile in various design solutions:

  • Art Deco - light tiles of noble shades complement good-quality plumbing and vintage accessories. A symmetrical ornament is appropriate.
  • Scandinavian - a white or light tile of a cold-ticked piglet, side by side with elegant wallpaper with a small plant pattern. Accessories and jewelry remind manual forge or joinery work. Wood furniture painted with white paint, preserving the texture.
  • Classic - give preference to tile with a high chamfer. Any discreet shades are appropriate. Textiles should ideally blend in colors and texture with tiles. A few decorations should be carefully selected. Glossy tiles in this style will perfectly harmonize with the marble tabletop.
  • Provence - try the chaotic combination of pastel shades of beige, purple and gray for a kitchen apron. Tiles can be combined with wallpaper of delicate floral motifs. Suitable linen textile coarse or cotton to match the wallpaper.

Tile hog can be used not only in the bathroom and kitchen. She trim the fireplace area, the openings of the walls or individual fragments of the wall in the industrial style. It will be appropriate in the country - in the design of the barbecue area, pool or bath stove.