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Gold wallpapers: features of use in different rooms (34 photos)


Increasingly, the owners of apartments and country houses are trying to bring into the interior of the house unusual notes that emphasize the elegance and luxury of design. Wallpaper with gold, iridescent under the sunlight, is an ideal solution for obtaining a similar effect. However, not everyone will agree with the relevance of gold shades in home interiors. It is believed that the excessive use of this color makes the design challenging and tasteless.




Features of the use of gold wallpaper

Since ancient times, the color of the precious metal symbolizes prosperity, wealth, luxury. In order for the interior to give an attractive appearance and emphasize the exquisite taste of the owner of the dwelling, it is important to follow several rules:

  • The most important condition in the formation of the interior - compliance with the measures. Golden refers to a warm color scheme, therefore, leads to a visual reduction of space. An overabundance of golden hues is hard for our eyes, especially in the presence of glares from the sun or electric lighting. Experts recommend combining it with other tones in a 1: 3 ratio.
  • If you know that your own sense of style can let you down, it is better to entrust the formation of the interior in gold color to professional designers. It is important to make one big or several minor accents. So, if the golden wallpaper is glued throughout the room, then most of the additional accessories are selected in more soothing colors.
  • Strict adherence to one style direction. If the canvases on the walls are decorated with classical monograms or are full of patterns, oriental pillows or lamps in the Art Nouveau style will look out of place.
  • A game with different shades of gold. Subdued tones with signs of antiquity fit the classical direction, bright and brilliant - to the modernist style.

Gold-colored wallpapers will never look tasteless when used properly in the interior.




The use of golden tones requires careful selection of additional shades. By itself, this precious color creates an expressive accent, others only emphasize it and serve to create a general background. The most winning combinations in the home interior include:

  • Pastel palette. This design looks elegant and soft, but at the same time luxurious. The white-gold or beige-gold interior fits well in any room, regardless of style. This option is suitable for use on all walls in the room.
  • Warm tones. To create a pleasant sunny atmosphere in the room, it is enough to use wallpaper of yellow color with golden divorces or pictures. The tandem of these shades looks great in the nursery, bedroom, as well as in the kitchen.
  • Blue accents. The interior is spectacular and unusual. Relevant for classic style and rooms with lots of antique furniture and accessories. Golden-blue wallpapers are associated with marine themes, they bring lightness and freshness to the room.
  • Chocolate and brown shades. The combination is suitable for austere and traditional interiors. So that the tandem does not look too gloomy and gloomy, it is diluted with light furniture and textiles.
  • Green patterns. Gold wallpaper in the interior with a green pattern will please the eye and cheer up. It is better to stick them in the room that is most visited in the house. Often the paintings are used in the classical style, but experiments are permissible. Thus, the geometric pattern is relevant for modern areas, the image of floral and vegetable motifs - for Provence.
  • Bright palette. Today, wallpaper with gold in the interior is increasingly combined with red, cherry, pink, purple and other rich colors. The result is expressive interiors. Use them with caution. In the bedroom, the contrasting tandem does not allow you to tune in to a quiet relaxing holiday.
  • White wallpaper with gold - the perfect solution for small spaces. This combination visually expands the space, filling it with light.
  • The black-and-gold interior is a bold combination in which sunny colors should play a secondary role. Otherwise, the design becomes overloaded and tasteless.

Often, additional shades are used on wallpaper, as well as in textiles, furniture, accessories. The main advantage of golden canvases is an excellent combination with light and dark pieces of furniture of any direction.




Suitable styles

Shades and texture of gold completely depends on the chosen stylistic direction. Consider their main features:

  • Classic. Use canvases decorated with thematic patterns. It is better if they are located on a dark background.
  • Hi-tech, minimalism. Choose one-color gold wallpaper for the walls.
  • Modern Monochrome canvases are best suited, expressed texture of products is welcome.
  • Oriental theme. Use wallpaper with a gold pattern.
  • Art Deco. Relevant coverage, decorated with clean strict ornament.

Observance of all the subtleties of a particular style is a guarantee of creating an interior for a dream. It is recommended to select the wallpaper to the already well thought out and formed design.




Application in the interior

Wallpaper made in gold tones can be used in any room. Everywhere, where they appear, spring sunny atmosphere and comfort reigns.

Living room

This room is intended for friendly gatherings, guest reception, and festive events. Golden wallpaper in the living room will be particularly appropriate, since they create a solemn aristocratic atmosphere. Selection of furniture should be carried out, following your own taste preferences. Refinement and ease will bring objects painted in pastel, dairy, beige shades. Brown, coffee, black tones, on the contrary, add severity to the interior.







To get a room for sleeping mystery and chic, it is worth glueing the walls with golden wallpaper. This color makes the room modern and cozy; it carries a person to a different era, filled with elegance and luxury.

Gold wallpaper in the bedroom is often purchased for the design of the sleeping area. Popular are traditional ornaments and floral patterns with a pronounced texture. To make the room brighter, gold shades are located around the perimeter. Often used gold in children's bedrooms for a full zoning space.




Proper selection of colors and patterns will make any room attractive. Wall-paper organically looks in classical interiors, and also in styles Provence, Art Deco, Baroque. Designers recommend using light colors in the bedrooms, as well as striped wallpaper.


Glossy linen - not the best solution for the kitchen space. If you want to give the room a shine, use matte wallpaper that will give the room depth and volume.

Gold trim in the kitchen is quite rare. She creates an aristocratic festive atmosphere. When forming the interior, it is important to follow a few rules:

  • acceptable use of monochrome and patterned canvases;
  • furniture is selected aged or modern, any form is acceptable;
  • Do not use dark headsets.




Entrance hall

Entrance to the room is of great importance because it sees everyone who crosses the threshold of the home. It is by the appearance of the entrance hall that the visitor will judge the taste and preferences of the host.

For the visual expansion of space, you must use white with gold wallpaper. Pleasant colors attract attention and place accents well.





It is worth noting that in the bathroom this color is used very rarely. Golden shades are able to make the room elegant and stylish. The only thing to remember is that they do not look very attractive in spacious rooms.

To create a spectacular interior, it is necessary to add gilding to the plumbing, then the room will play with all colors.