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Wood splitter - an indispensable thing in a private house


In order to melt a brick oven, titanium, fireplace or grill, we need firewood. For roasting two batches of kebabs, you can chop wood with an ax, but for the heating of the stove during the whole winter you just won't have enough power. To solve this problem and invented wood splitters. First appeared industrial, which is used in enterprises for the procurement of firewood on a large scale. Today it is possible to purchase a wood splitter for the house, with the help of which it will be possible to prepare firewood for all household needs without much physical effort.

Wood splitter is a machine that can split logs into firewood of the required size. Work with him is fast. In 3 hours you will be able to harvest as much firewood as you would with an ax if they were pricked all week for 4 hours a day.

Using a wood splitter saves time and physical strength and in a short time to perform a huge amount of work. Today there are a huge number of firewood models on the market, which are universal, so the buyer can choose the right option for him. To work on a wood splitter, you do not need to have special skills - a person who does not have special physical training can easily cope with this job.

Wood splitters are classified according to various criteria. So according to the way the bookmarks log they are:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • mixed

In a horizontal log splitter, the log is put in a chute and sawn in length. In some models, the knife moves towards the log, in others - the log itself. In the vertical log is laid on top, and the knife begins to put pressure on him. This wood splitter is compact, so if we don’t want a bulky design in the courtyard, then we choose just such a device. In mixed models, firewood is laid on the side and on top. Such devices are used in woodworking factories, so if you choose a wood splitter to give or a private house, buy horizontal or vertical.

How do wood splitters work?

According to the principle of operation, wood splitters are of several types:

  • hydraulic;
  • mechanical;
  • screw;
  • rack

Mechanical spring wood splitter has a simple design, and therefore it is quite simple to use. They put it on the ground or on a strong floor, place a log under the splitting cone, lift it with the handle, and then press the pedal, and the blade splits the tree. This wood splitter is driven only by human action, which enhances the spring.

A kind of mechanical gear is a splitter. The principle of its operation is simple: the rotational motions are transformed into translational, and the cleaver breaks logs into small firewood. Wood splitter with gearbox is also called rack and pinion. Rack splitter also has a simple design. If desired, such a rack chopper can be made with your own hands - in the open access there is enough video and photo materials that tell you step by step how to make this device.

Wood splitters also vary by engine type. Depending on what they do, wood splitters are:

  • electrical;
  • petrol;
  • on tractor tractor.

Electric wood splitter is ideal for domestic use. Naturally, for it to work, there must be electricity in the house or on the plot. Drovokol - the device is very powerful, so that did not knock out traffic jams, your wiring must be designed for such loads.

If you chop firewood on the street, be sure to place it on a rubberized mat. If it rains and the wood splitter gets wet, it can close when turned on. Work with any electrical appliances requires compliance with safety requirements. Today, the use of household wood splitters on electric engines is popular because it is very convenient.



Wood splitters of the latter type are connected to the tractor and operate from its engine. Characteristics of wood splitters of this type differ significantly from all others. With the help of these devices, you can cut thousands of cubic meters of wood into firewood for a short period. These wood splitters are used by large industrial enterprises that use or sell firewood in large quantities.



Today, manufacturers represent wood splitters of various types, which differ in the way of laying a log, the principle of operation, the type of engine and other characteristics. Drovokol - a thing in the household is very necessary, but if you do not have the opportunity to buy it, you can make a log splitter with your own hands - there is a detailed description of each model on the Internet. True, a home-made wood splitter is only suitable for domestic purposes, enterprises need to buy devices made by reliable manufacturers.