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Wooden wallpaper - the original solution for the house (21 photos)


The modern building materials market is constantly being updated, which cannot but please connoisseurs of original interiors. Along with the synthetic economical options, products with a natural base are becoming more common. Wooden wall paper is an attractive decorative material. Its naturalness and environmental safety have a beneficial effect on the microclimate of the room. That is why this type of wallpaper is so well suited for use in the living room, bedroom, children's room.

Wood wallpapers are thin planks with a width of 10-20 cm. During installation, they are connected using a tongue and groove system. The technology of their creation was developed relatively recently. Its positive properties have earned the approval of the manufacturers of similar products. The latest techniques allow the use in the manufacture of canvases of different wood species, which gives them an original texture, unique colors and patterns.



In most cases, wooden wallpaper are made of spruce and pine. Such products are particularly vulnerable to the effects of high humidity and temperature indicators. In the process of heating the material emits resin, so it is not recommended to use it when making saunas and baths.



The most resistant to water and temperature changes wallpaper made of larch. The material does not emit resin, and the price is practically no different from spruce and pine analogs.

One of the most expensive options for wall decoration are panels made of African wood called abash. The material does not heat up and does not emit any substances.

Depending on the quality and appearance of the product are divided into several categories:

  • extra - the canvas has no defects and knots;
  • "A" - a small number of knots on the surface is permissible;
  • "B" - the front side has a high content of knots.

For any category, black knots are unacceptable. This disadvantage may appear on the surface during installation.



Product advantages

Any wallpaper with wood base has many advantages that will appeal to lovers of aesthetically attractive interiors and connoisseurs of naturalness:

  • Environmental Safety. Natural material does not emit toxins and other substances hazardous to the human body. He pleases the eye and does not get bored with time. In a room with such a finish will always reign a pleasant comfortable microclimate.
  • The integrity of the finished surface. The principle of connecting plates allows you to make the floor and the flow completely flat and smooth. Wooden wallpaper of veneer glued to the surface, so the quality of work depends on the accuracy of the wizard.
  • A variety of models. The appearance of products is formed depending on the type of wood. In addition to cost-effective options of spruce and pine, coatings made of linden, aspen, birch are popular. Depending on the treatment, the wallpaper becomes dark or light shades. Natural drawing, stamping, patterns serve as a natural decor. When creating a unique interior, you can purchase products to order, tailored to individual requirements. Wood wall decoration changes the appearance when using different types of laying: horizontal, vertical, diagonal.
  • Improved insulation performance. Even the thinnest cork and veneer sheets improve heat and sound insulation. These properties are enhanced by the installation of thick panels. When using the latter option, an air gap is created between the wall and the finish. There you can also hide electrical wiring and other communications.

The presence of numerous advantages led to the use of wooden wallpaper as a finishing material.




Along with significant advantages, there are wood coatings and some drawbacks. You should get acquainted with them even before purchasing products:

  • The complexity of installation. Thin models of veneer or cork can be glued on their own, after having studied the video and articles on this subject. Installing heavy panels requires special skills. They are mounted on the crate, so many people have to resort to professional help.
  • Cost Products with these advantages, can not boast cheap. All natural has a high price. Wallpapers for interior, which are characterized by high quality, will cost a tidy sum.
  • Lifetime. Products are durable - this is their significant advantage. Many people make repairs every couple of years, so in this case you should not buy expensive wallpaper. Replacing the panels or changing the type of finish is much more difficult than usual.

It is important to bear in mind that when installing panels, the area of ​​the room will decrease due to the sheathing and the thickness of the plates. Before buying wallpaper made of wood, you should carefully examine all the pros and cons of your decision.




Application in the interior

For sticking on the walls, as a rule, light products of white and beige tones are used. Only one wall is trimmed to correctly place accents in the room. In the latter case, the wallpaper should be darker than other walls. Panels can be used in any residential premises.


An ideal place to install will be a wall behind a berth or opposite it. Registration can occupy the entire width of the wall or a small area, serving as a panel.

The original solution will be wallpapering, which imitate a mosaic of wooden elements. This gives the room decoration a special attraction and dynamism.




Natural wood coverings are suitable for any design style: classic, country, hi-tech, loft, minimalism and others. The color scheme of the decoration should be combined with curtains, bedspread and other elements of the decoration of the room.

Living room

Wallpapers are mounted on any free wall that is well lit. Product design can be varied: imitation of logs, tree bark, aged boards, images of trees and flowering branches. The panels are also used for the ceiling, which brings harmony and comfort to the room.





Natural wood coatings look good in the kitchen space and in the dining area. Experts recommend the use of non-woven cover, replacing the usual aprons.

Wooden wallpaper in the interior are used more and more each year. Natural products look attractive, harmoniously combined with various design styles, bring coziness and comfort. Information about the advantages and disadvantages will help to decide on the purchase of wallpaper.