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Modern effigy in the garden - a stylish element of landscape design with the function of the harvest guard (22 photos)


Scarecrow (scarecrow) is exhibited in the gardens / gardens and is intended to scare away birds, pecking crop. Most often, the product visually resembles a person and is constructed from old clothes stuffed with hay or grass. Sometimes, to enhance the repellent effect on the stuffed animal, for the garden and backyard, there are pinwheels or some noisy devices.



In English, the word "scarecrow" sounds like "scarecrow", which literally means - "scare the crows". In the Middle Ages in Britain, boys played the role of scarecrows - they walked around the fields and dragged bags full of stones. Seeing flocks of birds, the children waved their hands and threw stones at the crow. After the plague at the beginning of the 14th century, the population of Great Britain declined significantly and there were few children. To protect the harvest, landowners had to make stuffed animals: bags were packed with straw and heads made of pumpkin or turnips were attached to them. These constructions were tied to sticks, installed in the fields and repelled flocks of birds.



It is believed that birds are afraid of certain items / things:

  • noisy and harsh sounds that mean danger to birds. This factor can be important for country birds, as urban dwellers, as a rule, are already accustomed to loud sounds;
  • brilliant objects that in motion with bright highlights scare the birds, who do not understand what to expect from the object, so old computer disks are quite suitable for decorating scarecrows;
  • strips of polyethylene or magnetic tapes attached directly to the tree. Such a method can be effective, since during a strong wind the ribbons unusually rustle, and they are located in close proximity to tree branches;
  • there was an opinion that things of blue color also frighten off feathered. This is due to the fact that blue shades are rarely found in nature, and birds avoid the locations of objects with a similar color.

To enhance the repellent effect, it is desirable to make a scarecrow on the garden, turning from gusts of wind. Or, periodically, it should be rearranged on the area of ​​the garden. You can still periodically change the wardrobe scarecrow (clothes, remove / attach shiny CDs, empty tin cans).

How to make an ordinary stuffed animal?

When creating a traditional stuffed animal, you can use all the methods and objects that frighten the birds. First you need to decide on things that are unnecessary in the economy.



Useful materials: old blouses / shirts, pants / pants (preferably blue), hat or cap, mittens, canvas or cloth bag to simulate the head. For the construction of the stuffed animal you will also need: a two-meter pole and a meter crossbar, straw / dry grass for stuffing the body and head, pins and thread with a needle, twine, a marker. It will be great if there are unnecessary CDs, cans, tape.



Assembly stages scarecrow

  1. The frame of the future effigy is formed: a long pole at the height of about 160-170 cm beats the crossbar, which serves as shoulders / arms.
  2. We build our head: straw / grass is stuffed into a cloth bag, and a ball is drawn up with the help of special stitches.
  3. The head is placed on the upper part of the pole and firmly fixed - attached to a stick. A face is drawn on the bag with the help of markers. It is undesirable to use felt-tip pens as the lines will quickly burn out in the sun or “flow” in the rain.
  4. A straw is created from the straw and is fixed on the bag with the help of pins.
  5. A blouse / shirt is worn on the structure and packed with straw / grass. Not only the body of a scarecrow fits tightly, but also its sleeves. The edges of the clothes are stitched or fastened with pins so that the filler remains in the clothes.
  6. Mittens / gloves are also stuffed with grass and sewn to the sleeves or worn on the ends of the cross bar.
  7. Discs and cans are attached to gloves. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that objects can freely rotate and touch each other (to create glare and sound effect).
  8. Trousers are put on a pole and sewn to a shirt near a belt. Then the pants are also filled with grass or straw, and it is necessary to fill mainly the upper part of the pants. The filler is slightly fixed in the upper part of the clothes, and the bottom of the pants should develop freely from gusts of wind - this will create the illusion of movement of the stuffed animal.
  9. A hat is fixed on the head. In a pinch, you can simply snap an inflated balloon, which will swing from the wind.

Effigy is set among fruit trees. The pole digs into the ground to a depth sufficient to prevent the structure from falling, and at the same time it can be clearly seen in the garden.



How to make a custom stuffed animal

It is not necessary that the effigy be decorated in the traditional humanoid form. You can make notes of creativity and collect the scarecrow, for example, in the form of a bird. At the same time, the properties that repel birds will be preserved, and the product will acquire a non-standard and interesting look.




Workflow order

  1. A square flap with a side of 50-55 cm is cut out of polyester. A hole for a stick is cut in the center of the piece of fabric, and the edges of the material are cut into ribbons approximately 5 cm long.
  2. The crossbar is nailed to a pole at a height of about 135-140 cm. The fabric is folded diagonally and put on a pole so that the long side of the triangles lies on the crossbar.
  3. The edges of the fabric above the ribbons are stitched, and the triangular bag is packed with nitron. Bunches of flax (tow) are sewn to the fabric near the crossbar to imitate bird wings. And the longer the skein, the easier it will develop in the wind.
  4. The black stocking is stuffed with nitron. This kind of head is worn on a stick and firmly attached. Mugs in the shape of eyes are cut out of foam plastic and glued to the head. In the center of the circle-eye marker black points-pupils are drawn.
  5. In the same way, a foam-like beak is cut and glued to the head. On the top of the head is also fixed a bundle of tow in the form of a perch.
  6. Shorts are sewn to the bag-body and stuffed with nitron. Striped golfiki also stuffed with nitron and sewn to the edges of the shorts. The paws are cut out of the foam and sewn to the socks of golf.
  7. At the bottom of the bag-body, a bundle of rods is tied to the pole - a bird will visually “sit” on it.
  8. Tins are attached to the twigs. The construction digs into the ground near the garden or in the garden.

In the creation of stuffed animals there are no standards that should definitely be implemented. Today, such constructions perform not only a function of scaring off birds. Effigy may well be a decorative element of landscape design. And the mind of a scarecrow can give some family notes or embody the image of a favorite cartoon character in a stuffed animal. The whole family can take part in the creation of the scarecrow with their own hands for the garden.