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The ceiling in the Khrushchev: design options (24 photos)


Houses like "Khrushchev" are a budget option for housing. They differ in their features, which include the small size of the rooms and, of course, low ceilings. The second problem can be solved using good material and the option of finishing the ceiling.

Cheap ways to finish

Due to the small vertical dimensions of the premises, many types of finishes are not recommended. For example, complex suspended and tension structures take up a lot of usable space, as beams are mounted on the ceiling. You can make a simple stretch ceiling in Khrushchev, which occupies about 5 cm of usable area. Due to the color scheme and the original design techniques, the room will not seem too small.



Ceiling trim can be budget. To inexpensive options include:

  • painting or whitewashing;
  • wallpapering;
  • ceiling tile.

These building materials will help to accurately arrange the ceiling in Khrushchev, without taking away useful centimeters. To understand which ceilings are better, pay attention to each finishing option.

Preferring this option of finishing the ceiling in the kitchen or in another room, it is necessary to objectively evaluate the appearance of the original surface. If there are any defects, it is worthwhile to work to eliminate them, which may entail considerable financial costs. Despite this, for small apartments this method of finishing is the best solution. The benefits also include ecological repair.

Compared with the whitewashing of the ceiling, its coloring slightly expands the possibilities of design, as it becomes possible to paint the surface in any color.




As well as in the previous ceiling design method, its initial state is of no small importance. For example, provided a perfectly flat surface in the living room Khrushchev wallpaper can be glued immediately after priming. If there are significant defects, then not to do without leveling the ceiling.

The advantages of this method of finishing the ceilings in the living room should include accessibility and a large selection of materials. If desired, the work can be carried out independently. On sale there are wallpapers of various textures that can be painted in any colors.

With this material option, you can repair the ceiling with minimal cash outlay. Once the tile was considered popular, many at least in one room had such ceilings.

The popularity of this method of finishing the ceiling in the living room lies in a large variety of tile options. On sale there are products with large and small patterns, with different shades and textures.

The disadvantages of this finish are:

  • Geometrical pattern;
  • The conspicuous borders of tiles. In other words, the ceiling does not look like a solid coating, so an inaccurate look can be created. The exception is the use of seamless tiles.



If the preference is given to a ceiling tile, then its choice should be approached with maximum responsibility. It is not recommended to buy cheap material, as over time it may turn yellow under the influence of sunlight.

Despite the cheapness and variety of tiles, it is quite difficult to find the original version for facing the ceiling in the living room. As for seamless products, they are more expensive.



Other ceiling design options

Alignment of any ceiling is a very expensive business, so many stop at the hinged structures or choose stretch ceilings in the Khrushchev. Of course, they look gorgeous, but they are relatively expensive. In addition, many frames of these ceilings steal several useful centimeters.

Choosing the best finishing option for your ceiling, you should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each modern version.

Should I make suspended ceilings in Khrushchev?

In the case of uneven slabs, it would be better to install a suspended ceiling. Khrushchev almost always requires alignment of ceilings in the repair process, so why spend money on these works? Such designs look modern and neat, and they are much cheaper than ordinary plaster.



Of course, when installing suspended ceilings there are losses in height, but they may differ, depending on such features:

  • When installing a single-level structure in the bathroom in Khrushchev, this figure is 3 cm;
  • If you intend to arrange the kitchens with the installation of built-in lights - 5 cm;
  • If there is a need to hide communication - 15 cm.

As a finishing material can be used PVC panels, cloths for stretching the ceiling and drywall. Each of these materials has its own characteristics.



Spotlights can be used as lighting devices. Prefer better to glossy material that visually increases the height of the ceiling. Also advantages are in such moments:

  • Durability;
  • Simplicity of the device;
  • Ease of care;
  • Low cost.

PVC panels are an excellent choice for facing the ceiling in the utility room, but for living rooms this material is best not to use. When choosing panels, it is necessary to take into account that their greatest length is 3 meters. If the area of ​​the room is larger, then it will be necessary to merge individual elements, which will be very noticeable.



Plasterboard ceiling

This material is very rarely used for the purpose of leveling the ceiling, since this option is an expensive and inconvenient way. Ultimately, the same result is achieved as with plaster, only the loss in height will be greater.

Drywall is considered the best option to create a multi-level ceiling, only this design Khrushchev ceiling would be impractical because the height of the rooms is small.

Two-level ceilings in Khrushchev visually reduce the room, they seem to hide the space. If you decide to install a suspended structure on the ceiling, you can make a low barrier around the perimeter of the room. It is convenient to place point lighting in it. In the center of the ceiling it would be nice to look stretched canvas above the level of the barrier. Such a surface design looks nice and neat. In addition, the area of ​​the room visually increases.



Stretch ceiling

If you want to make a perfectly flat ceiling of the hall in Khrushchev, you should pay attention to this finishing option. It is impossible to stretch the canvas without certain skills, besides, special equipment is involved.

  • For the purpose of visual expansion of space, it is worth choosing glossy or mirror material.
  • The undoubted advantages include not only aesthetics, but also good noise insulation.
  • Residents of the upper floors may not be afraid of roof leaks, as the canvas is capable of holding up to 100 liters of water without loss of appearance. After the ceiling was repaired in Khrushchev with the elimination of water, this material takes its original form.



Despite the advantages, you may encounter the following disadvantages:

  • Canvases used for tensioning the ceiling of living rooms are very sensitive to mechanical damage. Since the houses do not have a high ceiling height, the risk of such damage during the delivery of furniture or during the rearrangement increases. In the event of an accidental cut or puncture, you will have to tension the new ceiling in the bedroom in the Khrushchev;
  • Thermal loads have a negative effect on the surface, therefore difficulties arise in the selection of lighting devices. Due to the close proximity of the chandelier with an incandescent lamp, the canvas may melt. Chandeliers on a large suspension are not very convenient for Khrushchev for the same basic reason described above.

Choosing one or another material for cladding the ceiling in Khrushchev, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons of each option. With the right approach to this issue, a small apartment will become visually taller and more spacious.