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Steam generators for saunas, hamam and baths: features


With the help of a steam generator, also called a steam generator, almost any room can be turned into an excellent bath with a steam room filled with light and hot steam, and by adjusting its density and temperature, you can create a microclimate corresponding to either the Finnish sauna or the Russian bath or Turkish hammam.

Steam in the bath is not only a pleasant procedure. With its help is carried out:

  • cleansing the surface and pores of human skin from the dirt visible and invisible to the eye;
  • output along with sweat secretions of toxins, slags;
  • recovery, healing of the skin, hair;
  • treatment of throat, lungs.

How is a steam generator better than a furnace?

Russian bath has always been famous for its special light steam, but when it is received, for example, using a conventional wood-burning stove, most of the steam just flies into the pipe.

When special steam generators for baths and saunas, which are closed systems, are used, all the steam they generate remains inside the sauna room. Such units have a fairly simple and understandable design, because Russian craftsmen themselves often construct, for example, a stone stove for a bath with a steam generator of their design, using either an empty gas cylinder or thick-walled metal containers as a water tank.

However, the construction of a massive sauna stove capable of producing good steam is a very troublesome business. It is necessary to make the foundation, build a chimney. And at the same time, everything that was built must strictly comply with the requirements of fire safety guidelines. In general, there are many problems in this case. At the same time, by purchasing an electric steam generator for a Turkish bath or a gas steam generator for a Russian bath, you can get a result quickly: you just need to hang or install such a unit on the floor and figure out how to use the control panel.

Modern steam generators can be:

  • automatically operating devices connected to the water supply system;
  • autonomous installations in which it is necessary in order to ensure their work independently periodically pour water.

It seems that the first type of steam generators is better, but given that the water in the pipelines often contains many impurities, in this case there is a high probability of system clogging and scaling, therefore some people think that it is more expedient to pour guaranteed clean purchased water into the steam generator itself. recruited from the well.

Separation of steam generators depending on the energy source they use

Given the method of heating water, steam generators can be:

  • electric;
  • gas;
  • diesel.

Electric steam generators of European production are often on sale, as gas for European countries is expensive, therefore, for example, a gas steam generator for a hamam is found in a European consumer much less frequently than an electric furnace that heats water to form steam. For the Russian consumer, it is more profitable to purchase, for example, a device using gas or diesel fuel for a sauna with a steam generator, because obtaining a large amount of hot steam requires a lot of electricity, and therefore significant financial costs.

Virtually all steam generators, no matter whether they are used for a hammam or Russian bath, are arranged in a very similar way. They are always equipped with:

  • tank (capacity) for water;
  • unit of primary water preparation;
  • pump that creates the movement of water;
  • steam pump;
  • steam generator;
  • control unit (often based on microprocessors);
  • control sensors and alarms that control the operation of the unit and the safety of its operation.

Review of the most popular models of steam generators

Manufacturer HumiSteam (Denmark)

This gas steam generator, the software for which is developed by Carel, has high efficiency and is easy to maintain. This unit can operate on liquefied gas, and when connecting it to the main gas pipeline. Its operation is allowed for any hardness of water. To control it is equipped with a liquid crystal display. The steam generation capacity during operation can reach up to 3 l / h. Approximate cost of the model: 93 thousand rubles.