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Corner hall - stylish and comfortable interior on a small square (22 photos)


The hallway is correctly called the hallmark of the apartment, because its interior gives the impression of the whole room. Also from this small site is expected a large functionality, because here the owners meet guests, put themselves in order before going out, dress / undress, store things.



Practically every apartment owner dreams of a spacious entrance hall and a wide corridor, but the layout of most houses (Khrushchev's houses) does not indulge with extra meters, and therefore various design tricks are used in the arrangement of the premises.

In a small space is very important to properly organize storage space and create a stylish interior. On a square of modest size, you can embody several different ideas of the arrangement of the hallway. Install the wardrobe in the hallway, and the room will get a strict concise look. If you harmoniously place individual pieces of furniture (chest of drawers, shelves, table), then the room will acquire a classic romantic image.



Corner wardrobe in the hall: a lot of advantages

Mostly hallways do not differ in large areas, so the main task of apartment owners is to furnish the room with such furniture for the hallway, which will store maximum things, and at the same time look stylish and individual. Corner wardrobe in the hallway adequately solves all the problems, as it has a number of advantages:

  • the hallway area is significantly saved, because all the shelves, drawers, and clothes bars are ergonomically located in the closet, and no free space is needed to open the doors;
  • an individual order provides for the creation of such a model of corner furniture, which organically fits into a particular room. The wardrobe can be made in the same style with the whole apartment or, conversely, contrast with the rest of the interior. The choice of the "stuffing" of the cabinet and its rational arrangement will help to take into account the interests of all family members;
  • A cabinet with a mirror is an excellent solution for the visual expansion of space. This comfortable furniture will allow owners to evaluate their appearance before leaving and not to forget any necessary trifle (umbrella, scarf or spare keys);
  • Some furniture models have outdoor open shelves. Thanks to this design, it is easier to collect the necessary things before going out (keys, telephone), and if you put your favorite photos or souvenirs on the shelves, then family comfort will meet everyone from the very beginning;
  • thanks to the opportunity to independently choose the filling of the cabinet, materials, it is very easy to order a model at a reasonable price;
  • objects are easy to find and easy to get, and at the same time, isolation of things from the rest of the living space is ensured (objects are less dusty).

Great idea for a small hallway - built-in wardrobe. Such models in modern style are installed without side walls, bottom and roof. The design consists literally of a door and shelves, which saves money. Capacity increases due to the installation of corner racks from floor to ceiling. Plus models - do not accumulate dust between furniture and walls. The disadvantage is that such cabinets cannot be simply moved, you will need to disassemble the doors, shelves.

Corner wardrobe is a suitable option for fans of non-standard furniture models and interesting lines. These designs fully have the advantages of wardrobes: compactness, aesthetics, versatility.

Sometimes the owners deliberately do not want to install cabinets in the hallway, even if the size of the room allows. Lovers of permutations prefer modular systems consisting of different items (dressers, cabinets, hangers). And this option has its advantages: you can rearrange individual items as desired or add / remove them (depending on the need for furniture).

Corner closet in the small hallway is installed for storing outerwear. Most often, models are produced in small sizes, with a mirror on the door panel. As a rule, such cabinets are available with one or two doors and internal shelves.



Corner chest of drawers in the hallway has a compact size and is made of MDF or chipboard. Available in models with drawers, folding shelves for shoes. If the chest is not wide, then to ensure its safety, it is additionally attached to the wall or floor.

The corner shoebox in the hallway is ideal for a small hallway, where there is little space for installing extra lockers. The depth of some models does not exceed 30 cm. Vertical cabinets are universal for storing high shoes (boots, boots). In modern style, a slim shoe is produced, in which the shelves are arranged in several rows and recline at a specific angle.




The corner stand in the hallway accommodates fewer things than the rectangular one and performs a more decorative function, so when choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to the following things: the ratio of the size of the stand and the floor space, functionality, the interior of the hallway, the purpose of the stand. If there is no mirror cabinet in the hallway, then it is reasonable to install a cabinet with a mirror.

Corner hanger in the hallway is designed for open storage of outerwear, so the aesthetic component is of great importance. Wall and floor models are produced. In a modern style compact swivel models are offered, with shelves, cabinets and hooks.



Many manufacturers take into account the wishes of customers to independently arrange the situation in the corner hallway. To facilitate the selection of items, furniture is available in collections. The design of corner hallways is determined not only by the dimensions of the room, but also by the number of tenants and their stylistic preferences. Options for corner hallways can be very diverse. In order not to force space with unnecessary furniture, it is better to first buy only the necessary items: a hanger / pencil case, a shoebox.

If the corner hallway goes into a small corridor, then you can place a mirror on the front door - this will visually change the geometry of the space. Corner shelves in the hallway will be convenient for storing small items (keys, wallets, notebooks) and perform a mostly decorative function.



Corner walk-in closet in the hallway

This is the best furniture option if the room has a sufficient area. The design is equipped with a variety of storage places, shelves, drawers, rods. Storage systems can be made open / closed or combined. Radial doors will give furniture a non-standard modern style.

General recommendations for the arrangement of the hallway in the apartment

In narrow spaces, it is advisable to install furniture no deeper than 35-40 cm in order not to obstruct the passage along the corridor.



White-colored furniture will visually expand the space, but if there are small children and animals in the family, then it is more rational to install wenge corner hallways.

Corner wardrobe in the hall with a retractable hanger will allow hanging clothes in comfortable conditions.

If the layout allows, then the best option for a small hallway - built-in furniture.




Since there is not enough space in small hallways, each piece of furniture should be multifunctional: a compact shoebox can serve as a chair, corner cabinets with mirrored doors will play the role of a decorative mirror.

Any version of the hallway has the right to life. It is important that the atmosphere introduces order and opportunity to comfortably meet friends, get dressed / undressed. And of course, we must remember that it is she who at the threshold creates the necessary mood and reflects the character of the whole dwelling.