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How to make a ceiling of plywood with your own hands? (30 pictures)


The ceiling in the house is one of the main places where the eyes go when viewed. Materials for finishing the ceiling a lot. All of them differ in convenience of installation, the price, durability and appearance. Popular is the ceiling finish plywood. Due to the availability and smoothness of the surface, this material is valued by customers.

Features and varieties

Plywood is a material made from the finest veneer sheets. Sheets are glued to each other so that the fibers in symmetrical planes coincide.



Masters who choose plywood sheets for their homes, mark the pleasant smell of wood in the premises after their finishing.

Finishing the ceiling with plywood, you can get many more positive results, namely, to reduce the height of the ceiling, to diversify the decor, to find mezzanines.



Advantages and disadvantages

The ceiling filler plywood has several advantages over other materials:

  • characterized by sound and thermal insulation properties;
  • plywood structure consisting of multiple layers gives mechanical strength;
  • some varieties are made of quality material and well impregnated with certain substances to increase moisture resistance;
  • textured appearance provides similarity with wood, which adds eccentricity in the interior;
  • low weight, which affects the ease of installation of plywood;
  • surface smoothness contributes to a variety of ways to sheathe the ceiling;
  • cost

As for the environmental safety of this material, it depends on the adhesive compositions used in the production. In the case of the use of natural albumin casein glue complex, the characteristics of the base do not change, and the resistance to moisture does not increase.

When using glue based on bekelite, plywood becomes durable, moisture-resistant, resists aggressive media and retains flexibility. But at the same time talking about environmental cleanliness is no longer worth it.

The ceiling can be made of plywood by anyone with extras and tools. Before you start working with the material, you need to align the ceiling.

There are several technologies how to sheathe the ceiling with plywood. You can use glue to attach directly to the surface of the coating or to make a batten and fix plywood on it. In the situation with glue, plywood is used for the ceilings of small rooms where temperature changes do not occur. The method is different execution speed. But it is worth putting more effort to compress the material.



Crate location

When using sheathing attachment should hem the sheets to the sheathing. First you should decide on the location of the batten. Installation of plywood requires the presence of such tools and accessories:

  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • perforator;
  • scissors for metal
  • bars




Ceiling sheeting plywood begins with the location of crate bars. Installation steps for crates:

  1. find the middle of the ceiling;
  2. mark up the sheathing, taking into account the fastening of a pair of sheets on one part of the bar;
  3. fasten crate bars, checking their horizontal position.

Solid sheets are located in the central part of the ceiling. Cut sheets should be installed on the edge parts. Between the bars to observe the length of 0.5-0.6 m to avoid bending when fixing on the crate.

Fasten the crate can be nails, dowels or screws. Ceilings made of wood involve the use of nails. On the ceiling of concrete, you must first make the notches for screws and dowels.

With the appearance of vertical irregularities of small size, you can put plywood pieces under the bar.



Plywood to the ceiling is fixed on the crates. This stage is characterized by simplicity and accuracy of execution. Installation scheme of plywood sheets:
take a sheet and lift it to the crate;

  1. the edge of the sheet is set longitudinally on the central strip of the bar;
  2. align the surface to other parts of the batten;
  3. when using screws, fix the sheet, keeping a distance of 2 cm;
  4. do the same with the following sheet sheets;
  5. Sheets placed at the edges of the ceiling must be cut and fixed using a similar method;
  6. in places of joints of sheets with a ceiling and walls, you can use baguettes that are attached with glue.

When fixing sheets near the walls, it is required to leave a gap (2-3 mm), which is necessary for the processes of increasing the basis due to temperature differences and humidity fluctuations.

Do-it-yourself plywood ceiling requires screwing in screws at the edges of the sheet with a certain interval of length. In order not to split the sheet, the screw is screwed in increments of 1-1.5 cm from the edges.

Seam processing involves several methods. The seams of the ceiling in the cottage, made of plywood, can be hidden under small lath elements. After that apply varnish or paint.



Types of finishes

How to trim the ceiling - the owners themselves decide. If laminated plywood sheets were used for the ceiling, then final finishing is not necessary. When using paint or varnish, the property of breathing plywood is lost. The ceiling in a wooden house can be covered with wallpaper polymer panels.




If, after all, a painting method is chosen, then a water-emulsion type is used, which is distinguished by air permeability and fast drying. Sometimes the question arises: how to paint the ceiling of plywood to make the interior unusual. In such a situation, relief and textured types of colorful materials or the creation of a painting come to the rescue.



Before painting for the ceiling, you must use a water-repellent mixture to protect the plywood from excessive moisture. You can use a different finishing material - varnish, glossy or matte. Such compositions as the stains are not used due to the unpredictability of the result.



Finishing the ceiling with plywood in a wooden house or other room saves money and simplifies installation. This material is suitable for many interiors, creating comfort and harmony.