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Banquette: beauty and convenience in the hallway (23 photos)


The theater begins with a hanger, and the house from the hallway. Accessories will determine the extent to which it will be beautiful and comfortable for owners and guests. One of these cute little things (hallway stool) is not found in every home, but where it is, it is indispensable.

What is a bench?

Structurally, this is a small bench with a hard or soft seat. In French, the word means "small bench." Earlier, and even now, such furniture was set up at invited parties for guests wishing to take a break between waltz tours.



The modernized shop has found wider use in the hallways. Non-serious dimensions do not cancel its conformity with the general style of the room. The constraint of most small apartments led to giving it more functionality. Now the stools in the hallway look impressive and perform several duties.

Modern stools look different. This is determined by the size and style of the hallway, the purpose for which the furniture was purchased.


A classic stool in the hallway is constructed in the form of a bench with a soft seat, usually with legs. No other practical use, except for a seat, she does not perform. But only owners of spacious apartments and strict followers of traditions can afford such luxury. Practical people will not appreciate such squandering. For them, there are other, multifunctional furniture options.



With backrest

Benches with a back in the hallway should be purchased for several reasons. It is convenient to lean on the back during pereobuvaniya, which is especially important for families with children, people with disabilities or the elderly.

The practical advantage is that the backrest protects wallpaper from abrasion, and a more resistant wall covering with such a stool is less dirty.




A bench in the form of a sofa, that is, with a back and a folding seat, solves several problems at once:

  • comfortable seating;
  • storage of many things;
  • aesthetic decoration.

In terms of the items packed under the seat, it completely replaces the whole chest, which you will not notice in this form. However, even small sofas in the hallway can be supplied by the owners of a spacious room.

With shelf

Those who do not want to overload the apartment with massive things will like the stool in the hallway with the shelf. It looks minimalistic and functions a little: as a place for temporary storage, for example, gloves or guest bags. Such design often have forged stools.



With a cabinet

Solid option used for medium or large hallways. In them, a banquette with a pedestal can become an element of space zoning. A significant amount allows you to organize the internal arrangement of sections according to the wishes and needs of the owner: from small segments to separation with a box for shoes of large dimensions.

With stand for phone

The classic telephone today seems anachronistic: mobile devices have practically supplanted it. However, on the banquettes with a shelf for the phone it was not reflected too. First of all, classic-style models are in demand by those who still use fixed phones. Secondly, the corner structure, which is familiar and safe for the phone, is an attribute of some styles, for example, retro. Thirdly, a mobile phone will quietly be placed on such a shelf along with chargers, headphones, and other accessories. It is in the corridor that the socket often turns out to be unoccupied and from it you can charge the phone.



With shoebox

If folded shoes on the floor are annoying, you need a shoe holder in the hallway. However, keeping it clean, especially in winter and in the rain, is not easy. This minus neutralizes the stool for shoes in the hallway with doors: behind them it is easy to hide the contents. Keeping shoes closed is also beneficial because it is protected from the sun, dust, and damage.

A banquet in the hall with shelves for shoes is indispensable for fans of this piece of clothing who want to boast of a collection.

With a box

The bench in the hallway with a box has a design that allows you to perform several functions:

  • Rationally used significant space under the seat. Solid depth makes it possible to place a coat hanger over it.
  • Ergonomics: small items are always in place; everything is well viewed, so do not have to spend time searching for them.
  • Aesthetics: in the closed sections put the necessary, but not very beautiful-looking things.
  • You can purchase a long model and store in it oversized things that are difficult to find another place.

On the open shelves of such stools in the interior of the hallway exhibit decorative items.




For elongated small rooms will fit a narrow stool in the hallway. A full locker will not, however, small things and shoes in it really place. It is not always possible to create a back, because it takes the volume, but the armrests will make the use of such furniture much more convenient.


The bench is a furniture of daily intensive use, therefore it is made of durable, practical, easy-to-care materials.


Modern models are made of wood, metal, plastic, even rattan, so you can choose a design-level product or a simpler model, in accordance with financial capabilities and preferences.




The most common and affordable option of chipboard or similar materials. They are durable, beautiful, eco-friendly. Even the veneered model will fit into the wenge hallway. This material is chosen for traditional, conservative premises. It is always unusual to see a Provence style bench in the hallway of a country house or apartment of a similar design. Most often this is the merit of the original upholstery, which is selected under the background of the general interior and accessories.

Special care requires rattan products, so they are little used for storage, for example, shoes or umbrellas. However, for other things such a bench in the hallway with shelves fits perfectly as environmentally safe and simply beautiful.




A white or bright model is placed in the light, airy hallways. Or decorated as hi-tech, techno, minimalism. Often made with a shelf for shoes.




The soft stool in the hallway has a back and a seat with different filling. The most durable, durable and at the same time comfortable option - spring design. The most popular and affordable foam rubber. Polyurethane foam is widespread, latex is used for the premium segment.


The bench in the hallway with a seat is made in two basic versions:

  • Furniture fabrics are classics of velvet, velor, tapestry, jacquard and more modern flock or chenille. They are selected under the background of the interior, and the density is determined by the loads. Fabric upholstery is easy to do yourself.
  • Leather - natural or artificial. The first type goes to expensive models, the second is more budget, but it will serve less. Leather upholstery is not suitable for any style (for example, in minimalism, hi-tech or ampire its use is excluded). However, forged banquettes with a leather seat look stylish, impressive, even brutal.



What to consider when choosing?

Before buying or ordering, be sure to accurately determine the dimensions, future functionality, upholstery material. For example, it should be understood that a white bench or another bright tone looks amazing, but it will require increased care due to its increased marcos. The least traumatic soft semicircular design, so it is chosen by families with small children.




If you want a stylish stool in the hallway, it is better to contact a professional so that an expensive customized model does not turn out to be tasteless.