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Features and advantages of roller blinds (25 photos)


Blinds on the windows - a win-win for every home. Rolled curtains in the interior give more space, emphasize the design features and give the house a modern look.

Ordinary tulle curtains are a thing of the past, along with carpets on the walls and other outdated decor. They were replaced by roller cassette curtains, which do not let the light in and give the room a refined and stylish look. To get maximum benefit, you need to know how to choose roller blinds, their main advantages and disadvantages.





The mechanism is very simple. It is durable and thin fabric, which is twisted onto a roll on a special rod and mounted on brackets. Below is a weighting agent that helps accelerate the unwinding and stiffen the structure. They are divided into roller blinds with electric and mechanism with a spring or chain.

There are many types of fabrics for such designs. They are united by ease and strength. Fabrics can be perforated, translucent, black opaque, reflective and of any other color and quality. The design can be chosen to your taste, based on the purpose and degree of natural lighting.

When mounted on the opening allow you to adjust the degree of illumination of the room during the day and at night. To do this, it is enough to raise or lower them to a certain level.




Main types

In order for the chosen construction option to fully satisfy the needs, it is necessary to understand the main types, materials and designs of such curtains.

Roll blinds can be controlled using the following mechanisms:

  • electronic drive;
  • light chain;
  • spring.

You can also select translucent and opaque roller blinds. The choice of shades, patterns and ornaments is limitless. You can buy curtains in yellow, white, red, cream, blue and other bright and soothing shades. The main thing is that the color and texture fit into the overall design of the room.



By design, you can select the closed and open roller blinds. Their features:

  1. Rolled curtains of the closed type. In addition to the roll, which is wound on the shaft, this design also has a box that covers this roll. The sides of the structure are guides, so it looks completely closed and does not transmit light.
  2. Open type A simple and reliable system in which windows are attached to a building or to a window opening. Such curtains are used more often because of their low cost and simpler management.



According to the type of material they can be divided into the following types:

  • Day Night. Day-night blinds allow you to adjust the degree of natural lighting. Such roller blinds on plastic windows solve the problem of over-lighting the room, and also provide additional protection from wind and cold in the winter season.
  • Translucent. Able to skip and diffuse sunlight, creating a unique homely atmosphere. Can be perforated or made from a thin fabric. In this case, it is appropriate to use roller blinds and tulle. Translucent designs are used for decorative purposes.
  • Blackout Blackout blinds are made of opaque fabric. Such curtains are used for roof windows, for home cinema, bedroom or children's room.
  • Dimaut. Such cassette roller blinds only partially transmit light, retaining heat. Installed such blinds in the nursery, bedroom, office space and winter gardens. It can be rolled curtains with photo printing or plain designs.

A separate item can be distinguished roller blinds. They can be aluminum, PVC or acrylic. To protect the windows, aluminum-based blinds are used to protect the windows from prying eyes and intruders. Choosing cassette roller blinds for a gazebo or attic, you can purchase original products made of translucent material. Outdoor curtains for gazebos are resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical damage and the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena.




Advantages and disadvantages

Cassette roller blinds have several advantages over other ways of window decoration. These include:

  • Versatility and ease of operation. A wide range of models allows the use of roller blinds on the balcony door, windows of residential and office space, gazebos, windows and doorways.
  • Fixation at any level. Cassette roller blinds can be fixed at any level to provide the necessary level of illumination of the room. For example, if you omit the design, it blocks sunlight, but leaves enough light for the plants on the windowsill.
  • A wide selection of designs and models. An opportunity to order rolled curtains with the electric drive or manual control. You can purchase roller blinds with photo printing, thick or pleated fabric, with corporate symbols or roller blinds made of bamboo. They can be white, red, black, yellow or any other color.
  • Ease of care. It is very easy to wash such constructions. To do this, just wipe them with a damp cloth. When heavily soiled, it is necessary to know how to wash the roller blinds. To do this, you can use a soap solution or take them to dry cleaning.
  • Combination and tulle. Pleated blinds or translucent types are perfectly combined with tulle or traditional curtains. The most commonly used tulle and roller blinds in the kitchen, in the children's room or bedroom.
  • Protection of furniture and other interior items. Double roller blinds or other dense structures protect furniture, walls and other interior items from burning out when exposed to direct sunlight.




Despite the obvious advantages, such designs have several disadvantages:

  • Bamboo roller blinds or other thick types of such structures are difficult to use with old non-plastic windows. There may be a problem with opening the vents.
  • Velcro curtains or with a mechanism on the cord may occasionally break.
  • Rolled curtains with a pattern, drapery, tulle or with the use of thick fabrics are not suitable when placing the room in the classical style.

To get rid of almost all the flaws is quite simple - you need to choose a reliable manufacturer company and a certain type of construction.



Care features

When buying it is important not only what designs, company and colors you choose, but how you will take care of them. Features how to wash roller blinds depend on their material.

Bamboo roller blinds do not need to be washed like ordinary curtains or tulle. It is enough to wipe the dust or use a vacuum cleaner. It is not necessary to wash them often in order not to reduce their dirt-repellent properties.




Stains on the surface can be washed with soap suds. If the roller blinds with photo printing or from other complex material are very dirty, you can dry-clean them.