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Loft-style ceiling: simple, stylish and very brutal (29 photos)


Unpainted beams, metal pipes, brickwork, concrete - we used to hide everything on the ceiling under drywall and tension fabric, but it turns out these elements can fit in nicely in the interior and even decorate it.



Loft style came up in the US. In the past century, many Americans began to buy buildings of former manufactories and factories and re-equip them for residential premises. In the huge workshops with high ceilings, in which the machines used to stand, it was difficult to make a classic interior, and the new owners left everything as it was. They did not hide beams, pipes and wires on the ceiling, did not stick the brickwork with wallpaper.

At first it seemed wild, but then many appreciated this style, and it became popular both in the United States and in Europe. If you like the loft style, you can, with some effort, make the whole apartment in it. Particular attention in this project should be paid to the ceiling, because if you make the walls in a loft style, and leave foam tiles on the ceiling, the interior will seem unfinished.



Important details

The loft-style ceiling must meet several simple requirements. The surface of the ceiling should be trimmed to a minimum. If it is made of metal, wood or concrete, leave it in its original form. The tree can be impregnated with a special agent for parasites and coated with colorless varnish. The special chic of this interior is a gray concrete ceiling. The more roughness and small uneven holes, the better.



Loft-like style suggests the presence of huge open spaces without walls. This can be achieved if the ceiling is properly decorated. With the help of different coatings the space in the apartment can be zoned. For example, leave the concrete above the living room, stretch ceilings in a loft style above the bed, and continue the brickwork above the kitchen set and table, which will rise from the wall.

However, remember, these are just wishes. If the concrete ceiling will oppress you, whitewash it or sew it with clapboard. You should be comfortable in the apartment, so too aggressive a loft can be a little softened.

Before you begin repairs, it is worth assessing, and will you be comfortable in a room in this style. The fact is that the design of the ceiling in the loft style is ideally performed in very calm colors. The color palette of this style includes:

  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • white;
  • metal;
  • brick.

If you are not ready to be in such a gloomy interior, but you like the very idea of ​​a loft, add bright details to the interior. Part of the ceiling can be painted in a bright color or make a large monophonic pattern on it. Bright accents can be in the whole interior: textiles, furniture, bright images on the walls.



Ceiling design ideas

To decorate the ceiling in the style of a loft:

  • lining;
  • water paint;
  • tension canvas;
  • metal;
  • rough plaster.

Today, almost any company can order stretch ceilings in the style of a loft. This is the option when the concrete screed looks so ugly that you do not want to leave it in this form in the interior. It is necessary to order a tension canvas, which in color will imitate a metal or concrete screed. You can take a frosted canvas or with a little gloss. Then the room will be even more like a factory room.



The ceiling in the whole apartment or only in the kitchen can be sheathed clapboard. Depending on preferences, it is coated with varnish or white paint. To make a ceiling with a "story", each board can be aged with sandpaper. The wooden ceiling will seem higher if the boards are not put close, but through a short distance. So there will be even more air in the room.

Under the clapboard you can put long beams, painted in a contrasting color. Beams in the ceiling style loft should not merge with the surface. The better they stand out, the room seems more spacious. This technique is often used to design kitchens and bedrooms.

Here, too, everything is individual. If the ceiling is too low in the room, there is no need to make beams that visually lower it down by another 10-15 cm. In this case, it will be enough to whitewash the ceiling, emphasizing the uneven surface texture, and in the loft style to make the walls and the floor.



Making the ceiling yourself

Ideally, professional designers should be engaged in creating the interior, but if there is no possibility to pay for their services, you can make a loft ceiling with your own hands. To create an interesting interior, it will be enough to get rid of the old coating on the ceiling. Just take a spatula and get rid of whitewash, wallpaper, foam tiles and other coatings. It is necessary to clean the surface until bare concrete is visible.




It may be that the concrete ceiling would be imperfect. Then with the help of finishing materials will need to make it more presentable. Seal holes that are too large and cover it with cement plaster. No need to make it perfect - the more strokes, the more interesting the ceiling will turn out. If there is no time to do all these works, order gray stretch ceilings.

If you want to decorate the kitchen in the style of a loft, shut off the ceiling beams. Not everyone knows how to make them, and many go after them to the hardware store. In fact, the beams can be made of ordinary drywall. It is necessary to build an aluminum frame, and sheathe it with sheets of drywall. Then GKL paint so that the surface was like a tree. You can also choose black or gray paint. Beams of this color are also found in industrial premises.




Sheathing clapboard ceiling also takes a lot of time. First prepare the tree. His need to sand and varnished. To achieve the effect of antiquity, the boards can be covered with dark paint, and then lighter and it is good to walk on them with coarse sandpaper. Then it will seem that this ceiling is several decades old and has been painted more than once.



The style of the loft is characterized by the use of other wooden structures. If there is a brickwork on the ceiling, it can be painted and a large wooden lattice painted in the same color can be attached over the entire area. On any beams and ceilings, you can additionally place interior items: lamps, curtains, paintings and much more. Then it will be not just a separate loft-style ceiling, but a complex artistic space.



If the concrete ceiling seems too boring, and there is no time to decorate it, you can go the simple way. Hang a metal mesh covered with a shiny metallic under it. The same grid can close the pipe, make it a lamp. In short, absolutely any material that seems boring and uninteresting can easily fit into the interior of a loft and decorate it.



Loft style only at first glance seems boring and ascetic, but if you choose the right colors and materials, dilute gray and black with bright colors, in a room with such a ceiling will be as comfortable as in the interior in the style of Provence or any other. A big plus of this style is that the simplest projects can be created even without special training. Try, invent, combine different materials and the loft style, invented many years ago across the ocean, will transform your apartment.