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Provence doors: characteristic features, use in the interior (23 photos)


Provence is the personification of grace, simplicity and elegance. The style originated in the southern province of France, which has long been famous for its picturesque landscapes, ancient traditions and rural comfort. This direction is fanned by rustic color, romantic charm of peace and tranquility. Provence interior doors are made of natural wood, painted in pleasant soothing shades, decorated with floral ornaments. The use of such models requires an appropriate design of the entire interior.




Product Features

By production materials of a natural origin are used. Most models are made from natural wood without the addition of plastic and metal. The latter is often used for the manufacture of pens. More economical options are created from MDF. Natural motifs, miniature windows, clear straight lines and floral ornaments will be a suitable decor.




Wooden doors, decorated in the style of Provence, have the following features:

  • Traditional forms of designs.
  • In most cases, inserts from various materials are not used. The exceptions are wooden models with windows of mosaic glass.
  • Calm color palette, dominated by beige, gray, white and other colors. The main condition for the door in the style of Provence is the use of warm cheerful colors: pale blue, purple, pale peach, lemon. All these colors symbolize the main colors of the landscapes of the French province.
  • The minimum number of protruding parts on the surface of products.
  • In the role of the main decoration of the canvas are panels and frames.
  • Separate elements of products must be symmetrical.
  • The use of smooth surfaces and gloss is unacceptable, since Provence is characterized by a spectacular underscore of the severity of the wood texture.
  • Metal elements are not used. This rule does not apply to locks, eyelets and handles.

Doors may be new or old after restoration. Today, manufacturers are increasingly using the method of artificial aging. This gives the product a unique charm and originality.



By design, interior doors in Provence style are not only swing, but also sliding. The latter are suitable for modern interiors. Connoisseurs of the classics prefer single or double-wing models with a hinged design.

Products designed in the style of Provence, is the embodiment of beauty of grace, which harmoniously combined with simplicity and some rudeness.




Design registration of models

The style direction is based on the features of architecture, nature and interiors characteristic of the southern French province. Provence is associated with the warm summer sun, blue sky, azure sea waves, endless fields of fragrant lavender and meadows with lush grass. Interior doors in this direction are easily recognizable by several design elements:

  • White color. This decision is considered traditional, since it is this neutral color in combination with pastel shades that forms the basis of the style. White door canvases are decorated with intricate carvings, it is permissible to use decoupage technique. Old-fashioned products, bringing notes of vintage, coziness and antiquity to the room, are very popular.
  • The painting. It helps to quickly change the appearance of the door, to give it a new and attractive. Suitable for the pictures will be the traditional Provence stylistics of lavender bouquets, picturesque Mediterranean species, olive branches. When buying a product to order, you can pre-discuss your wishes with the master. Specialists are able to age a new model, make a painting that will harmoniously fit into the interior of the home.
  • The use of dark oak. This is quite a bold and new decision. The tree has an original pleasant texture, which does not require special tinting. Models with glass inserts, as a rule, color light compositions. Windows can be transparent or matte. Interestingly looking decorative items that have geometric shapes.

Today, increasingly, consumers prefer doors-compartment in the style of Provence. Such models are easy to use, equipped with ergonomic handles and save space in the room.




Use in the interior

Many people decide to paint the door in the style of Provence. Often, such a design is used for interior models. They look attractive and elegant, refresh and decorate the home. Canvases with and without windows are an excellent solution. If necessary, the arrangement in this direction only one room in the house can be used in the interior door for the wardrobe in the style of Provence. In this case, the input design should be more restrained. The design of the whole room will change completely, but there will be no sharp contrast with other rooms.




If Provence in the interior is used for the interior of the whole house, then in this case one cannot do without an appropriate door for the design. The result will be a harmonious, thoughtful design that will not get bored with time. Consider which designs are selected for different rooms:

  • Living room. A variety of door models are suitable: hinged, sliding, with one or two doors. Handles must be glass or forged. The right design will be in harmony with the interior of the room. The style allows for rather coarse and at the same time elegant combinations of glass, metal and wood.
  • Kitchen. White doors will be the best option. It looks interesting products in which the texture of the material is clearly visible. An excellent decor will be bunches of greenery, small bunches of dried flowers and fragrant herbs. It is acceptable to use murals, in particular plant and flower ornaments.
  • Bedroom. This room is designed for a relaxing stay and a good sleep. It is for this reason that all design elements should be calm and peaceful. Suitable shades will be pale yellow, beige, lemon, light purple. Doors of pine in the style of Provence have the original texture, which will bring the comfort and warmth of the hearth into the room. If the bedroom belongs to a child, use cheerful bright colors: purple, blue, olive.

When choosing a suitable model, the room furnishing is always taken into account. Otherwise, it will not be possible to create a pleasant harmonious interior.



Methods of aging doors at home

Pre-costs to clean the canvas from the old layer of coloring composition. Further, all actions are performed according to the plan:

  • Chips and cracks are filled with putty, which additionally levels the surface.
  • Further, impregnation is used to ensure durability and reliability of wood.
  • Toning makes natural material more saturated and bright.
  • The decor. If desired, you can use decorations in the form of painting, decoupage, beams of real plants.
  • Pick glass or forged handles.

The main principle of Provence style is the harmonious combination of each item in the room. This allows you to instantly go back to a cozy corner in the south of France. It is not so difficult to create a romantic atmosphere in the style of Provence with your own hands. At the same time, it is important to treat thoughtfully the key elements and not to overdo it with the characteristic stylistic features when arranging the room.