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Curbstone in a hall: advantages, available designs and materials (23 photos)


Every house begins with a hallway: guests enter, slip out and ask the owners where to put their shoes. On the floor? On a special shelf? Take advantage of the nightstand? The last option is the easiest and most alluring - a curbstone in the hallway allows you to close the issue with the best place for shoes once and for all.



Advantages and disadvantages

Curbstone for a hall has certain advantages:

  • Compactness - it is small enough to fit even in the smallest room and in the narrowest corner.
  • Conditions suitable for shoes - on high boots, sneakers, shoes are very easy to step on if they are standing directly on the floor. They are not provided with proper dryness, guests and family members constantly stumble about them. Even the narrowest cabinet in the hallway allows you to significantly streamline the space.
  • Large design variability - most hallways look empty and uncomfortable if they are not worth a cupboard, stool or narrow nightstand. In addition, a large number of manufacturers allows you to choose furniture that will be ideally suited for the interior - it is made in the style of "classic" or in the style of "high-tech".
  • Additional functionality - the cabinet can be not just a cabinet in which shoes are stored, but also have additional functions. It can be with a soft seat, on which it is so convenient to take off your shoes after a hard working day, a wall hanger can be attached to it, on which a coat and hat can be identified. The cabinet with drawers provides many secluded places for storing useful things - umbrellas, cosmetics, mobile phones can be put in them. A mirror can be attached to it, looking into which, it will be convenient to preen before an exit, and a backlight can be made above the mirror. There are many useful functions - you can choose a thing that will combine all the necessary.
  • Large variability in prices. No matter how much money was allocated to furnish the hallway, there will surely be a drawer for them. The cheapest of plastic or terribly expensive of wenge wood - everyone will find a suitable price segment.

In addition to the advantages, there is, however, a minus - the bollard, even the smallest, takes place. In the hallway in which two people cannot turn around, it is likely to be inappropriate and will have to invent something else. If space allows, the original stand will be a great solution.




Curbstones are very different, their device is such that there are many options. Even the main groups into which they are divided into several.

The material from which the stand will be made depends on how it will look and how long it will last. So, the dresser-chest in the hallway of wenge will produce a very different impression than the same cabinet made of plastic or chipboard.


The cheapest, easiest and most unpretentious option. It happens the most diverse colors, does not suffer from humidity and temperature changes, well withstand mechanical effects. However, it does not look too attractive and is suitable for making far from all subspecies: for example, a plastic cabinet will seem too fragile and too cheap to make, but for low shelves it is used everywhere.



Chipboard and analogues

Also cheap stuff, also light and also relatively unpretentious. Properly executed, it tolerates moisture and temperature changes well, but is not too resistant to mechanical stress. It needs some care and does not last too long; a cupboard or stool made of chipboard is much smaller than a bollard, for the manufacture of which solid wood was used.




Relatively expensive and heavy material. It is used quite rarely, but a forged hanger with a pedestal made from it can look great. Unpretentious, if properly covered, it is well withstand any effects. There is little opportunity to really damage it - in fact the only option is to place it in a room with high humidity and wait until it starts to rust. Difficult constructions, however, are usually not performed from it - metal doors and metal boxes look, as a rule, not too well.



Solid wood

The price depends on the variety: if it is expensive, like wenge, a pedestal will cost space money. If cheaper, less.

Solid wood looks noble, allows any design features: with shelves, with sitting in the hallway, stool, with a hanger, with a mirror - fits perfectly into the classic design.

However, it may not be the best solution because of some sensitivity. Any solid wood does not react very well to moisture, and if it is placed in an unblown shoe, it can damage it.



The material should be chosen in accordance with its tastes and financial condition - an array of wood, chipboard, metal - for each of them there is its own situation and scope.



Additional tips

In addition to the material and design features, you should also consider:

  • dimensions - before going to the store, you need to measure how much space in the hallway, and how well a bench or cupboard will fit there;
  • the design - the wooden cabinet will not fit into the hi-tech design, and the metal one will look ridiculous in the provenance, therefore it is worthwhile to think over the design immediately;
  • color - white nightstand does not fit into the dark hallway, as well as black will be out of place in light pastel colors.

In the store, you should look to the cabinet has not been damaged, so that it reliably stood on the floor and there were no defects anywhere.



And if the choice is made correctly, it will serve for many years and all this time will delight and bring comfort.