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Bedroom design in lilac colors: tips, recommendations, color combinations (32 photos)


The bedroom in lilac tones does not cause anyone surprise. Of course, this is not so familiar and versatile option as white or beige, but much more classic than yellow or dark blue. With proper design the interior will look soft and interesting. The main thing - with the mind and imagination to approach the issue.



General tips

Lilac bedroom interior requires some work. And before embarking on it, you should learn the basic rules by which colors work in design:

  • Light shades make the room visually larger, adding to it both heights and widths. Moreover, in a bright environment, a person feels pacified, his mood improves and it is more difficult for him to get depressed.
  • Dark shades, on the contrary, make the room visually smaller. The ceiling in the bedroom will appear lower, the walls closer to the observer. In addition, it is very difficult to maintain balance and to make sure that a heavy oppressive mood does not prevail in the room. Only a game with accents and accessories along with impeccable taste can make the dark lilac bedroom seem gloomy.
  • Cold and warm shades in the same room do not mix well, conflict with each other and create dissonance. Immaculate taste is needed to reconcile them.
  • The combination of colors requires accuracy. Lilac gets on well with the majority, but only under certain conditions.




Recommendations for working with the room

Lilac bedroom will look completely different, depending on how it uses shades of lilac color. Moreover, what will look perfect in a narrow dark bedroom in a spacious and bright bedroom in the bedroom will look losing.



Too spacious rooms usually look too big, booming and empty. To make them cozier, you need to visually make them smaller. Lilac wallpaper in the bedroom can help with this - if you choose for them a warm, not too bright and not too light shade, the room will look smaller.

  • if it is extended upwards, you can paint the ceiling in lilac color, the same as wallpaper, and make the floor lighter - then the room will seem less high;
  • if, on the contrary, it has a low ceiling, the floor should be painted in a dark shade, and the ceiling should be left light - then the room will seem higher and a bit narrower, which will give it comfort.



Too small rooms usually look too cramped, compressed and also uncomfortable. To fix this, you need to visually expand the room. This can be done using light, cold, light shades, because of which it will seem that the walls have moved apart a little.

  • if the room is extended upwards, you need to paint the ceiling in a dark shade of lilac color in the interior, and leave everything else light - then it will look lower and roomier;
  • if the room, on the contrary, has a low ceiling, you need to paint the floor in a dark shade, and in the light everything else - then the room will seem taller and lighter.




Too elongated rooms also look too cramped and usually resemble a pencil case. Being in them is unpleasant, but the design of the bedroom in lilac colors can be done in such a way that the disadvantage will be compensated. To do this, make the most bright and attracts the attention of the most distant wall. You can use the wallpaper, just a bright shade or any accessories that would be appropriate in the lilac bedroom.

  • if the room is high, it does not change anything - it is not necessary to make it lower, because the trick with the far wall will look good enough;
  • if the room has a low ceiling, it means that it should be painted in a light shade so that it appears higher.

Most of the possibilities for working with the interior leaves the bedroom without visible flaws. In it you can turn around with might and main, creating a bedroom interior in lilac tones just the way you want to see it.



Color combinations

In addition to the tricks, because of which the bedroom in lilac color will look good, whatever the original characteristics of the room, there are also tricks with flowers.

The bedroom design in lilac tones completely allows the use of other colors - reasonable and balanced, of course. Before you choose a combination for the bedroom, you need to make sure that the colors match each other and display exactly what the bedroom owner wants.




Pale lilac goes well with:

  • beige - a gentle, soft combination that is perfect for the bedroom of a dreamy young girl (soft toys look good in it, a fluffy bedspread on the bed, a soft blanket);
  • yellow is a fun, bright combination for the bedroom, in which the impression is left that there are sun glares on the selected accessories;
  • sky blue - the blue bedroom will seem a bit cold, spacious and airy;
  • Violet - a combination reminiscent of the sky almost more than a blue bedroom, especially if you include elements that imitate stars in the interior;
  • golden - a combination reminiscent of luxury and brilliance, softer than with yellow, but also sunny, well suited to the classical style;
  • apricot or carrot - a cheerful combination for the bedroom, which is suitable for the bedroom of a lively girl or a cheerful boy;
  • Mint - a fresh, pleasant combination, especially if you include a mint a little.




With rich lilac blend well:

  • mother of pearl - a dreamy combination, well suited for the style of Provence, especially if you choose the right accessories (for example, lace, bows, bedspread);
  • dark purple, almost black - you need to use it carefully, but the accents highlighted by it will look just amazing;
  • green - a contrast, bright and attractive combination for the bedroom;
  • pale yellow - the combination of lilac with it will be soft, pleasant, especially if the wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom is done with a pattern.




Very bright, almost purple, lilac color goes well:

  • brown of most shades - the main thing is that it coincides with the main lilac in warm-cold;
  • beige is another gentle combination, since this color softens the saturation of lilac;
  • bright red or yellow - a very contrasting option that may look magical, but before using which you should still think, would it not be better to just look at the lilac curtains in the bedroom?
  • light lilac - related colors are always well combined, in any style.




White color is universal. The white-lilac bedroom can be made with any shade of lilac and it will look magically in any style. The main thing - do not use too much white. A bedroom with white furniture is normal. The bedroom with the white bedspread is also. A lilac bedroom with modern white curtains is also good.



To create a lilac interior that will look attractive is a snap. You need only a little artistic taste and patience.