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What should be the perfect bed for a boy? (26 pictures)


When arranging a room for a child from three years old, special attention should be paid to creating a comfortable zone for sleeping and good rest. Properly executed design will help the baby to develop and explore the world. Colorful models cheer up, help to dream and come up with scenes for exciting games. The modern bed for a boy has a huge variety of configurations, colors, thematic design. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to choose the right piece of furniture, then it is worth exploring possible options in more detail.



Features of children's furniture for sleep

Choosing children's beds for boys, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Material. The most popular pieces of wood furniture, because they have environmental safety, do not cause allergies and look great. Less preferred is the use of forged items. In second place are chipboard and MDF. Be sure to study the quality certificates when choosing a bed for children, made from the last two materials.
  • Reliability. The mass of the whole structure must be such that the baby cannot overturn it. A suitable weight will be the key to maximum product stability and operational safety.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Many children suffer from allergy symptoms, so the design as a whole and each of its elements must comply with the requirements of hypoallergenicity. The use of toxic materials, varnishes and paints harmful to the child's body is unacceptable. When buying a bed for boys pick mattresses with natural fillers.
  • Security. Models with sides are suitable for children under 5 years old. Reliable fastening of accessories and the absence of sharp corners will not allow the child to get hurt.
  • Manufacturer. Famous brands that have earned a good reputation in the market carefully control their products at every stage of creation. This gives the buyer a guarantee that children's beds from 3 years old will be of high quality, durable and attractive.

These features are important to consider when buying furniture for the decoration of a child's room. They will help evaluate the product and make the right choice.

Many modern manufacturers produce children's beds, which are characterized by an interesting appearance, high levels of comfort, original design. Even the best products have pros and cons, which must be met by potential buyers. The main advantages of furniture include:

  • Unusual beds attract attention due to the bright coloring and the presence of interesting additions: wheels, wings and others. The bed house is equipped with a special frame and a canopy, the bed in the form of a car is complemented by headlights and bumpers.
  • All materials used in the production process are of high quality, environmental safety and reliability.
  • Products with drawers and shelves help keep bedding, toys and other things.
  • The cost of furniture is different. Simple models are inexpensive, and higher price tags are typical for the most complex structures with lighting and additional elements.



Teenage beds for boys have some disadvantages:

  • the original design of the bed complicates the design of the room, since all the attributes of the decor should be a single ensemble;
  • The cost of bunk beds, as well as models with an unusual appearance is much higher than standard furniture items.

First of all, such products are divided into:

  • Classic. The usual options that may have inserts of different colors.
  • Unusual. These models differ in a variety of forms, therefore they deserve more detailed consideration.



Bed in the form of cars

Today you can purchase a two-tiered bus, a racing car, and a truck. Children's beds-machines for boys differ in size, color, design, so everything depends on the preferences of consumers. Many of them are equipped with luminous lights, compartments for storing things and toys. Original cars are often very realistic in repeating the appearance of animated cars or real cars.

The bed-car for the boy is made out in black, red, blue colors.



Bed in the form of a ship

All students love adventures, stories about sea travel and pirates, so this topic does not lose its relevance. Bed-ship for a boy is an excellent solution for arranging the whole room in pirate, sea, adventure styles.

Beds in the form of a ship are painted in green, beige, blue, and brown tones. Shelves and drawers for clothes, clothes and toys are often located under the bed.



Bed in the form of an airplane

Similar to previous models and bed-plane. Little future pilots will be able to dream of conquering heaven. Such products are complemented by two wings, which increase their practicality and offer tremendous opportunities for the development of imagination.

Loft bed

The model is sure to appeal to all lovers of adventure. The attic for a boy is performed in the form of a cozy chalet or a comfortable hut, there are also more traditional options. Unusual design products will be a real decoration for the bedroom. When buying, please note that children's loft beds for boys are only suitable for spacious rooms, where there is enough space to organize several zones.

A practical solution for small rooms will be transforming beds (2 in 1), which can turn into other pieces of furniture. Some models are transformed from the closet to the bed, the bed can hide in a special catwalk that serves as a play area during the daytime.

These beds help to maintain free space in the room and provide the child with a comfortable place for a healthy sleep. These models look stylish and modern, and even a schoolboy can handle the transformation mechanism.



Roll-out models

An unusual solution for the nursery will be the use of a retractable bed. Practical furniture saves space during the day and provides a good rest at night. The design feature of the model is the presence of two lodges. One of them extends, creating a second bed. This option is suitable for families with two children.

There is a division by the number of floors:

  • A single-story product is a regular single bed for one child.
  • Bunk models consist of a pair of floors. Suitable for use in small rooms for two boys. Levels can be placed differently: one above the other, perpendicular or with offset. Often, children's bunk beds for boys are complemented by built-in pieces of furniture: cabinets, shelves, side tables. A two-level bed with a table or with drawers for storing linen will be a functional addition to any room.

A bed is selected for a teenager boy in accordance with the needs, size and design of the room.

Bed-house, children's sofas and transformers should be in harmony with the style that prevails in the nursery.


The style is good for small children who do not yet have their own preferences. Furniture items are selected sturdy, durable. Over time, the interior is easy to change with the help of some elements. It is not bad combined with the given direction a bed chair in warm pastel tones. To create a classic interior suitable items beige, olive, pale orange flowers. A white bed will also be a good option. Calm shades will have a comfortable rest.


Creating a modern interior will be successful if the canons of style are a bit diluted. Bunk beds made of simple materials without decor will look harmoniously. In this case, it is important to place bright accents in the setting: drawings, pillows, frames. The room is still childish, and this must be emphasized. Original looks the same pattern on the bedspread and curtains.

An abundance of toys is not typical for the modern style, so you should take care of the place to store them.

The basic principle of minimalism is freedom of expression. Talk to the boy, find out what he wants to see in his room and help to make this happen. Adolescents always have a lot of hobbies that are reflected in his personal space - these are various types of sports attributes, musical instruments, game consoles.