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Shponirovanny doors are both modern, and durable (20 photos)


The use of such a good finishing material, like veneer, is again in trend. Forty years ago, most of the wooden doors, ceilings, walls, were aimed to sew with plastic, nowadays plastic is mainly found in public places, in offices, and not the most prestigious ones. The use of wood and its imitation is again becoming popular in the manufacture of floors and doors, and other interior items.



Today, much more often than before, you can see doors made with the use of veneer and with a basis of solid pine.

What is veneer?

Some believe that such a coating only looks like wood and is not natural, while others confuse veneered doors with doors made of laminated chipboard, stating that there is not much difference between them.



When a product (for example, a chipboard) is veneered, a thin sheet of veneer is glued to it from one or both sides. Veneer can be both single-layer and double-layer.

In addition, experts classify veneer and, depending on the direction of the cut, while calling it:

  • radial;
  • semiradial;
  • tangential;
  • tangential-end.

In each of the four cases, the veneer has a special pattern of annual rings, which can be either almost parallel stripes, or in the form of cones and curved lines.



The most commonly used in the production of veneer for doors are walnut and cherry, oak, beech, solid pine, which is explained both by the beauty of the resulting type of finish and the affordability of the price of the source material. Today you can buy not only veneered oak doors, bleached, but also veneer doors in wenge color or maple veneered doors, white veneered doors, but veneers can also be made from trees of more exotic and expensive species.



The reasons for the popularity of white oak in the interior

Oak materials have always symbolized strength and durability, so they, as well as any variations thereof (both textured and colored), continue to be popular.

As a variant of the color scheme of this breed of wood, bleached oak turned out to be especially popular today. There are many interior solutions based on its application. For example, a laminate of bleached oak color can be combined with almost any decor.



Designers of elite interiors successfully promote the color "bleached oak", as the basis of many color compositions, especially in the presence of spacious rooms, high ceilings, large windows.

Well, for small rooms, bleached oak is just a godsend, as in this case the light surface of the furniture, floor, doors with a subtle pattern, which usually has oak texture, can expand the space, making it more friendly and warm.



Which door is better: veneered or PVC?

The answer to the question which doors are better depends a lot on where these interior doors are used. For example, it is possible, of course, to install veneered bathroom doors instead of PVC doors, but only if they are covered with waterproof varnish. In other cases, veneered interior doors of wood look more appropriate.

What are interior veneered doors?

The frame of interior doors, in cases where they require high strength, may not be from the commonly used solid pine, but, for example, from natural oak, or metal veneered doors can be used as high-strength veneered doors.

Beautifully look at the door in the interior, having an insert with glass. The real "aristocrats" among the entrance structures are veneered doors with stained glass inserts. Doors with glass open up completely new possibilities when performing zoning space. The external attractiveness of such interior doors in combination with their presentability makes it easy to fit such door designs with glass into many modern stylistic solutions.