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Sofa in loft style: industrial comfort (26 photos)


The most original of the interior styles is deservedly considered loft. He is young, but has many fans.

How did the loft appear?

To understand which sofas can claim to belong to a style, let's look at the essence of style.



Loft appeared in the middle of the last century as a response to the insanely high cost of renting apartments in megalopolises. Entrepreneurial Americans began to rent empty lofts and attic spaces. Soon the turn reached the abandoned workshops and the whole factories. There was no talk of any kind of repair, so the fee was negligible. The premises were chosen by artists, poets, and other bohemian personalities indifferent to the lack of comfort.



What are the signs identified?

A classic loft is a spacious room without partitions and high flows. To make rational use of such opportunities, owners often create a second level, to which a staircase made of metal or wood leads.

Furniture is allowed a minimum: no cabinets, ottomans or dressing tables. Only vital things like a dining table, sofa, bed. They can be very variegated: antique, antique, until the 80s of the last century. Peeling varnish, frayed edges, faded upholstery, or the absence of individual parts is considered a big plus.




Modern loft exists in several varieties. The choice depends on the size and location of the room, tastes, financial condition of the owners. There are four kinds in total:

  • Bohemian: a sofa or bed is mined from grandmother's chest or antique shops, from attics or flea markets, they can have a worn upholstery or flaky frame;
  • industrial: minimalism modification - a one-color leather sofa, a rectangular bed;
  • glamorous: new luxurious furniture from classic or baroque, colors in pastel colors, but not traditional gray-white, but, for example, purple-gray;
  • Scandinavian: white or other ascetic furnishings with high-tech elements.

Fans of style who do not accept second-hand furniture can easily find new sofas in the loft style or other things that match his spirit.




The traditional loft is the basic white, gray, black, and brown and beige. That was the range of industrial premises. As accents monochrome interior allowed blue, red or their derivatives (eg, purple, burgundy).

The versatility is unequivocally prohibited, the color gamut is limited at the same time by two or three in harmony with each other or in contrasting colors.

Loft style sofa

Required piece of furniture, despite all the restrictions on the number of items in the interior. There are no walls in the loft and the sofa, as the most dimensional object, is the main element of zoning a large space.



What should be?

Loft-style sofas have several characteristic features:

  • always large, solid;
  • are straight, angular, semicircular, modular;
  • have upholstery in leather or leatherette, textiles, suede;
  • necessarily monochromatic.

The armrests, frame and upholstery can be faded or aged, and the leather sofa is worn, it is considered even more stylish. Decor in the form of curls, carving, shiny fittings is excluded.



Black and white classic

Among the sofas of this style, a special place in black or white.

Black sofa in the loft style - a recognized attribute of elegance, status. Immediately it becomes a bright center of any space, especially against the background of whitewashed brick walls. Practical in care and durable leather sofa from natural or artificial material. Some fans prefer their skin to be aged, worn, considering it a complete match in style.

If this is not possible, black textile is chosen as an option. Allowed is not new, but always quality.

A lot of fans at the white sofa. It is chosen by less extravagant people who also appreciate elegance and comfort. White skin, natural or artificial, even the fabric looks great in any interior.



Where to put?

The deployment is free and depends on the type of premises. If this is a classic loft without partitions or a huge living room in the apartment, the same impressive sofa is placed in the center or used as an element of space zoning.

In other cases, it may be smaller in size and take up space near the wall.

The loft-style sofa is often equipped with wheels, which makes it mobile and makes it easy to change the location in the room.

A supplement can be a floor carpet of felt, felt, wool or other natural fibers.



Loft Bed

Necessary for any home item in the loft is different from the usual.

What should be?

The bed should have a simple laconic form, wooden or metal frame. In a classic loft it is a metal with wrought iron elements, a tall headboard and a footboard in the form of rods.

Glamorous or Scandinavian directions allow wooden execution with the same high headboard.

The décor in both variants is a monotone dark veil.