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Illumination in the bathroom - the finishing touch of the interior (26 photos)


Bathroom has several functions. It not only brings itself into order, but also relaxes in the peaceful atmosphere of a warm bath after a busy day, so for each goal it is desirable to create an appropriate atmosphere and atmosphere.

Often, in search of comfort and harmony, expensive finishing materials and plumbing are purchased. And rarely due attention is paid to insignificant, at first glance, lighting. However, it is the light that is able to shade the play of textures, to emphasize or visually change the geometry of the room.



Lighting selection criteria

In fact, it is easy to create the right light in the bathroom, but it is advisable to determine the location of the fixtures during the renovation of the room.

Bathroom luminaires can be divided into several types:

  • according to the level of location in the room: floor, ceiling, wall;
  • by location relative to the surface: built-in, open;
  • according to the functionality of the installation area: above the door, near the mirror, in the locker;
  • on the type of lamp used: halogen, LED, incandescent, fluorescent;
  • from the purpose of lighting: working, directional / special, decorative.

The main types of location of lamps

A bathroom of any size needs proper lighting, even with traditional rectangular / square shapes. Selection of the working area near the mirror is considered mandatory. If the room has large dimensions or different levels / podiums, then the lighting is emphasized.

Central light source

The most popular location of the lamp in a small room is in the center of the ceiling. This option can be considered a classic for compact baths. Although if the bath is closed not with a transparent glass door, but with a flowery thick curtain, then there may not be enough light in the bath zone, therefore it is advisable to install two lamps, one directly above the bath. For larger rooms, the central chandelier is a real designer decoration. In such cases, it is very important to observe a uniform style of the room and the lamp.

The installation of spot lighting, which harmonizes perfectly with modern systems of suspended ceilings, is in great demand. A similar lighting option spreads the light around the perimeter of the room without highlighting any zones. In addition, the installation of a significant number of lamps solves the problem of their power and size.



A very common installation of small lamps with halogen bulbs, which are just miniature. Such lamps are of two types: recessed and open. For suspended structures using recessed lights and, very importantly, for the arrangement of the ceilings with this you can use any material. Light from such lamps is clearly directed to the floor. Sometimes this does not justify a similar type of lighting, so it is more efficient to install lamps with an adjustable angle of rotation of the lamp. Feature of the device designs - used conductive strings and tires. Such lamps can be installed both on the ceiling and on the walls, and clean without prejudice to the interior of the room. The uniqueness of these lamps - all sorts of visual combinations of shades and zones are created, the textures of furniture and surface finish are emphasized. Lamps with a guided beam may draw attention to individual furnishings or highlight interior details (interesting wall decorations).

Since most surfaces in the bathroom have a glossy appearance, the lamps in the lamps are characterized by a slight shine (power less than 5 watts). The most effective of all such lighting looks in wide areas where the bathroom is in the center and you can luxuriously emphasize the boundaries of the site for making water treatments or beautifully highlight the contours of plumbing. It is the LED floor lighting in the bathroom that will perfectly highlight the steps or visually “lift” the pedestal of the bath.



Wall lighting

Such sconces / lamps harmoniously combine decorative and lighting functions. Most often they are installed in the work area near the mirror, following some rules:

  • the light source should be bright enough, but not striking the eyes. The best option is diffused light from lamps with frosted glass / plastic lampshades (light color). White shade is preferable, as lampshades of other colors can give an unexpected tone to reflection. Lamp models are selected with lampshades pointing down;
  • A mirror with light in the bathroom can have various options for the location of lamps. The most acceptable furniture models in which the lamps are installed symmetrically on the sides. Such solutions evenly distribute the lighting and eliminate unnecessary light transitions;
  • for large mirrors, uniform illumination is created by installing luminaires parallel to the upper edge of the glass sheet;
  • Medium bathroom mirror with light is selected with lamps mounted around the perimeter of the product;
  • There are several options for fixing lamps: to the wall, to the surface of the mirror, to the base / frame. Lights above the bathroom mirror are usually made up of several individual lamps. Luminaires can be with or without lamp shades.

The bathroom is a zone of high humidity and there are increased requirements for lighting devices. Fixtures are installed with a certain level of protection against moisture (IP24), and appliances near the bath should be low-voltage - up to 12 V. At a distance of less than 60 cm from the bath / shower cabin it is undesirable to install lamps and sockets.



Lighting Assignments

Thanks to the visual zoning of the room, it is possible to create in the bathroom islands of relaxation, relaxation or a calm, cozy atmosphere.

Work areas

To illuminate the working area use lamps of any type (the choice depends on the type of lamp), in which the spectrum of light is close to the natural.



Fancy visual zoning can be achieved by installing a separate lamp near each plumbing item. Separate backlighting is also appropriate for niche embedded lighting.

Creatively and airy looks mirror with led-backlit, if the tape is attached to the back side of the glass cloth, around the perimeter of the base. To install the power supply base, mirror cloth set at a distance of at least 5 cm from the wall.



When lighting the ceiling, LED lamps are placed behind the ceiling plinth (it does not matter - aluminum or plastic). Such a diode lighting in the bathroom is planned at the stage of repairing the premises, since the distance from the plinth to the ceiling should be at least 5 cm. To ensure safety, it is recommended to lay the tape, which is completely sealed.



When arranging lighting in the bathroom should focus on creating a comfortable and safe environment. Lamps should preferably be selected to harmoniously maintain the style of the room. If indoors the main focus is on finishing materials (glossy and mirror surfaces), the lamps are selected soft forms that do not compete with the finish. And, conversely, in the bathrooms of soft pastel colors, you can install colorful unusual lamps.