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Balloon decoration: festive design or the embodiment of romance (28 photos)


If, according to the well-known phrase “theater begins with a hanger,” then the holiday begins with the decoration of the hall. The impression of any celebration will be bright and memorable, if its atmosphere is complemented by the original design. Today it is popular to decorate with balloons. Depending on the chosen composition, with their help you can easily create a feeling of lightness, harmony and overall positive.



Where are the balls coming by the way?

Street design

Each person saw on the street the entrance to a store decorated with balloons, the design of an exhibition or the designation of a venue for an event. Why in these cases, apply for balloons? Because it attracts attention, intrigues and promises a good mood. Balls on the street are always people, laughter of children and a sense of celebration. For such purposes, more often used decorating techniques from:

  • garlands (there are one, two - and multi-color);
  • large (human height and higher) figures of familiar characters;
  • air-rubber forms of flowers and trees.

It is possible to decorate events with original large bundles of balls, as if they are rushing in the air to new targets. At the end of the holiday, such bundles are often dismissed and the balls are gently picked up by the wind.



Balls for interior decoration

Aerodesign of a children's holiday - unlimited imagination and comprehensive opportunities. Everything is here: from the decoration of the walls and tables to the present, a ball in the shape of an animal, a heart, a car or a flower.

A special conversation - decoration wedding balloons. These are inflatable swans, rings and, of course, wedding flowers. Special originals can make a composition for the entire hall from balls of one or two colors, but differing in shape. White, gold, red or pink shades are often chosen for this.

According to another practice, the newlyweds' zone is contrasted with the overall design in red and is used only here, as if highlighting the "heroes" of the celebration. Wedding celebration and balloons are concepts that have long become inseparable.





How to decorate balls in the assembly hall?

Every stage of life is good in its own way. Many of us remember our graduations, as well as the evenings of our children or even grandchildren. Graduation in kindergarten, at school, at the institute, the years fly fast. How great it is when these graduations are carefree and cheerful, children laugh loudly, and around are a lot of light and multi-colored balloons with their festive coloring.




The decoration of the kindergarten is held for the main participants of the event - children, therefore it should be fascinating and perky. Making a room with balloons is fun. And if it is clown, emoticon, bee or indian figures created from balls of various shapes meeting their guests at the entrance with a smile, this is indescribable. Today, such figures are successfully attached to the floor, and in the case of a holiday outside, they sway nicely, as if walking. Inside the hall with balloons it is advisable to separate the areas for food, concerts and mass games. Kindergarten will only benefit from this, and the mood of the child will rise.



School design is also in demand, starting from September 1, a first-grade student and ending with a graduation party. Near the school balloons are often indicated by the entrance, a place for a ruler or a stage of the assembly hall is decorated with a garland. Particularly relevant design solutions for graduation at school. Romantic orientation, severity or sadness - everything can be expressed by conducting the decoration of the hall. School decoration is always a lot of ideas. Balloon decorations come to the rescue, regardless of the financial situation, the size of the room and the subject matter of the script.



Before the designer is always the question: how to make it so comfortable and interesting? The answer is simple: from balloons with your own hands. Using this practice, we invest our soul, which means we warm the hall with sincerity and love. Such services and professionals are provided with a special approach.

Making the last call with balloons is very symbolic: it is the hope for a happy future and the fulfillment of our plans.



What are the balls?

Making a holiday with balloons today begins with their choice: latex or foil. Aero design can provide a combination of both options. The main thing that the design of the hall was stylish.



Ball extravaganza contains:

  • Round or figured varieties;
  • Lincoluna (have two tails);
  • Punch balls;
  • Balls for modeling;
  • Balls in which gifts are packed.

With their help, a whole fountain of emotions and rainbow impressions can be made. The original decoration of the room with balloons with printed pictures (from emoticons to the whole natural landscapes). Today there are options with names, greetings and greetings (for the anniversary or the wedding). Favorite balls of children's holidays have long been small and large figures, as well as inflatable decorating species.

Oval or round rubber variants, foil models with specially designed logos (school number, class, names of pupils and teachers) can be suitable balloons for graduation. In the same style you can hold a class decoration.




In contrast to the design of prom, the wedding is recommended to refer to the balls for modeling: the figures made from them, today it is fashionable to use for contests, quizzes and comic relays.



Nowadays, the holiday decoration with balloons can be carried out by professionals, using new trends in design skills and all the variety of styles available. For example, a room with balloons for a birthday can turn into a fabulous playground or a picturesque forest lawn, on which inflatable birds, teddy bears and horses live. From the garden with balloons you can make the seabed and settle in it inflatable fish. Having fixed such decorations on trees, bushes and glades, you can safely organize plot games, entertain children with thematic scenarios.



Registration by balloons of birthday or other solemn event in advance adjusts guests to positive emotions, gives joy and kindness. Let it be as much as possible in our life!