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Home projector: "big" cinema in a "small" house


Most buyers have absolutely no idea how to choose a home theater projector. Reading a review or rating in a journal is not enough, as well as listening to the recommendations of friends. In the end, because of carelessness and the lack of a rational approach, such a delicate device is acquired, in fact, the first one that came across.

The choice of issues

A wide range of this or that product more than once could play a cruel joke with its potential buyer. The projector for home use costs a lot of money, and is endowed with an incredible number of functions, as well as its special characteristics.

A home theater projector is a stand-alone device whose task is to project information from a source outside the system. A computer or laptop, a VCR, a player, a portable video camera, and an ordinary tuner can act as a carrier of information, as well as its main translator.

If a person does not understand such delicate technical devices at all, it will be useless to read the review of home theater projectors. As a rule, even the highest quality and meticulously compiled rating is a collection of “dry” terms and information presented in a concentrated form.

It is better to begin your acquaintance with the study of basic classifications. There are several global types of technical device data.

Handheld devices

The weight of such devices does not exceed 400 grams. Ideal for active people who, due to circumstances, are forced to work with information flows, and sometimes deliver the necessary data through special devices. Due to the miniature forms and mobility of the device itself, its functionality is rather poor. It is rather a “working” tool for a student activist or business traveler, but not a good multimedia projector for a home theater.

Selecting a projector is not an easy process, but at the same time a very exciting event. One trip to the store or consultation with a competent specialist is equal to a full lecture. If the consultant is not lucky which projector to choose for home viewing, you can figure it out yourself.

Most, planning to create a home theater, first of all, think about how to make the video system as progressive and modern as possible, but not expensive in terms of money.

Distracted by the question of money, it does not occur to everyone to analyze the sources of information, from which information will ultimately come. The choice of the projector must also be based on these features. Most models allow you to work with USB flash drives. In some devices there are card readers. They display the image directly from the "classic" memory cards.

Among the latest innovations worth noting models with already built-in DVD-players. If the device is also equipped with surround sound speakers, then we can already speak about integrated systems for home theater.


Most of the devices for image broadcasting function on an Ethernet network. As a rule, every year the ranking of the best projectors is headed by those devices that can freely receive data on the local network and broadcast content in high quality.

Wireless led projectors or models in full hd format, which allow connecting to a source of information via WiFi, are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially useful during the presentation of business projects or during educational events.

BluRay and HD are broadcast sources. They are distinguished by a special high definition signals. Full hd full devices are devices that have an expansion matrix of 1920 by 1080. They also head the "top" of universal models for entertainment and work.

Modern laser projectors for home theater or progressive analogs of full hd always have a traditional set of functionality. List of required qualities:

  • Existence of the convenient interface, the screen menu, and also the remote control;
  • Inversion of a picture in various planes (the instructions usually explain in detail how to make the image vertical or horizontal);
  • Convenient system for adjusting all key parameters (sound, light, sharpness, contrast, clarity);
  • Tincture color palette;
  • Progressive 3d projector allows you to work with 3D content;
  • Ability to correct distortion on the screen;
  • Economy mode (how to make the luminous flux less to increase the service life of the device, described in the instructions).

In fact, any home laser projectors should include similar functionality. It is much more difficult to study the various highlights of the led projectors, or to clarify the additional functionality of full hd models. In the process of buying it is necessary to relate all the pros and cons of a particular model and give preference to the most optimal variant.

Not everyone knows how to choose one or another new device for home theater. However, the study of additional functionality can help in this difficult matter. The following functional qualities are inherent in not every model, but it is necessary to know about their existence:

  • Lens replacement with different tricks;
  • Interactive board (allows you to make a spectacular working presentation, and enrich the film during home viewing of the film);
  • Auto-tuning or auto-correction of the image (often accompanies the technology of full hd format);
  • The projection of the image on the unbleached wall (how to make a real movie festival on an unprepared canvas, the producers tell with particular love, making this chip central in their advertising campaigns);
  • Picture-in-Picture;
  • Curtain function;
  • Laser pointer;
  • Security Systems

This is not a complete list of exclusive functional add-ons. Choosing led projectors or models of a different type, first of all, pay attention to those functions that really come in handy during operation. For example, a laser pointer will be needed for active students and people whose professional activities are closely related to the development and demonstration of various complex diagrams, diagrams, and graphs.

A special criterion that should be taken into account when choosing projectors for home use is the noise level that a working device generates. Usually the rating for quality and comfort is headed by the most silent models. This indicator depends on the type of design of the device and the power of ventilation devices, supplemented by the model.