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Bathroom case: types, features, rules of choice (24 photos)


The bathroom case is used relatively infrequently, which is surprising. This is a very functional, aesthetically attractive and accessible to each of us home furnishings.

Special approach to the design of the bathroom

The problem of most modern city apartments, and sometimes houses, lies in their small dimensions. Small area does not always allow to realize all creative ideas and extravagant desires, and in the bathroom it is especially difficult to do. Sometimes this location is so cramped and uncomfortable that even the essentials are difficult to place.



That is why a closet for hygienic accessories and a laundry basket can be placed in the bathroom. It is a pity that many people forget: the bathroom case combines the quality of the wardrobe and allows you to store things, like in a laundry basket, and also has a lot of interesting accessories that are useful in everyday life.

Before considering the species diversity of the lockers and selecting the bathroom furniture, it is worth considering what advantages the pencil case hides. Perhaps the most important advantage of such an attribute is the ability to place a wardrobe even in the tiniest rooms. All that needs to be done before purchasing is to measure the room correctly, so that later new furniture with perfectly matched parameters will take its place in the house.



In addition, it is worth noting a number of other advantages:

  • The cabinet case for a bathroom will become a functional addition, convenient and easy to use. It will allow you to keep on hand all the necessary accessories: from linen and towels to cosmetics and household chemicals;
  • Cabinets-cases in any room can absorb all the household stuff. Thus, it is possible to get rid of litter. The room looks neat, tidy, clean, cleaned in this case is much easier and faster;
  • Bathroom - zone of high humidity. With moisture, water droplets, household chemicals, evaporation in all forms and types have to face not only plumbing and furniture, but all the attributes that can be placed in the room. Furniture sets for the bathroom are made of materials that are not afraid of moisture. Moreover, a modern case with or without a laundry basket is usually designed in such a way that moisture can in no way harm all things that are stored inside;
  • The bathroom case can be a spectacular designer item that will add solidity to the interior of the room. Compact and at the same time, catchy attribute will make even the most boring interior more elegant and complete.

In addition, the floor box for the bathroom may not necessarily be new. One of the latest fashion trends is the alteration of old Soviet furniture in a new way. It is enough to find a good old cabinet, which has retained all its functional qualities, turn on the imagination, arm itself with the necessary devices and resolutely embark on creative experiments.

Types of canisters in the bathroom

At first glance it may seem that the pencil case is a completely simple thing, which looks standard and can not differ in any species diversity except for a color palette and partially materials for manufacturing. In fact, data furniture attributes can be classified into several categories.

By installation

There are corner models and wall. The latter option is good in aesthetic terms, and from a position of comfort. Often the case comes with a mirror, tumbov washstand, a laundry basket and other devices. Thus, one attribute contains a whole set of furniture accessories and valuable storage facilities for the bathroom. A narrow corner case for a bathroom without a basket is usually located in that part of the room where it is impossible to place any other useful device, but you still want to use the area.



By type of installation of furniture accessories

There are floor and wall modifications. The first option is extremely easy to install. Acquired furniture is simply placed in the right place. Hanging bathroom case difficult to install. However, during operation such constructions are more profitable - cleaning the room is a little easier.

In size

Classification of products in size and size is rather relative. As a rule, it is possible to meet a floor cabinet-case for a bathroom with a height of either 1.8 meters or 2 meters. The width is very different: from 300 mm to 1.2 meters.

The case case - a thing multipurpose and useful in all respects. It is much more profitable to purchase a full-fledged model that combines several useful storage compartments at once than to place only one bulky cabinet or an impractical laundry basket.



Traditional materials for creating canisters

Such traditional material as metal in the bathroom is better not to use. No matter how processed all the elements, moisture and time in the "evil" duet will do their work and destroy even the most beautiful metal attributes.

In addition, the use of metal as the base material is completely inappropriate. Such products are too massive, bulky and impractical. They, rather, will resemble the awkward safe from the last century, rather than an elegant addition to the interior. At locations where a wet environment does not act so aggressively, metal is used as a material to create a durable, reliable framework for complex structures.




Another relatively rare guest is corner glass bathroom cabinets. Of course, the design of this kind looks spectacular, and the mounted products are also quite airy, giving the overall interior composition a certain airiness and elegance.

At first glance, it may seem that glass is ideal for a bathroom; indeed, glass surfaces are not afraid of moisture. However, there are plenty of other reasons why the glass bollard or canister of a suspended structure would be out of place.



Chipboard and MDF

Chipboard and MDF - materials that are most often used to create inexpensive, but fairly high-quality furniture. Wenge-colored bathroom drawer - a classic design option for the workspace. Such materials allow you to create relatively light and practical designs for the bathroom.

Of course, only a wardrobe made of moisture-proof analogs of MDF or chipboard is suitable for a bathroom. If we are talking about a hinged structure, even large dimensions of the product will not be able to burden it. Wood surfaces are easy to maintain.

To a massive cabinet did not seem too bulky, a mirror decor will help to ease the model. In addition, an ordinary mirror can enhance the functional potential of the cabinet.

Given the fact that such materials themselves are very cheap, choosing a brand new corner case for the bathroom, it is still necessary to give preference to the more expensive options. This is due to the fact that in budget models, edges are usually insulated with plastic tape. Moisture often falls under the joints. Moisture penetrates deep into the material and gradually destroys the entire woody canvas. In expensive analogues such a problem is not observed. The joints are richly stained with lacquer composition, which is why the wood is not afraid of wood.




Plastic - a popular material for the manufacture of modern furniture with a budget price. However, the price, quality and aesthetics of the product are always interrelated. The best choice is lightweight hanging cabinets. If the size of the furniture will be quite solid, there is a danger that the whole structure is quickly deformed.

In addition, the cheaper a white plastic case with a plastic laundry basket, the faster scratches and chips will appear on it. Many plastic coatings are not at all friendly with household chemicals, so it is not known how the next cleaning will affect the aesthetic qualities of the new canister.

In fairness it should be noted that there are high-quality imported products, where the plastic is simply striking in its appearance and performance characteristics. However, a luxurious white pencil case with a spacious basket or an ornate unusual decor will be worth the money.



How to choose the perfect case for the bathroom?

The case with a laundry basket for the bathroom is the best option in all respects. When thinking about buying new furniture, it is important to understand exactly what stylistic qualities the case should have, the additional furniture should fulfill the additional features, and also not forget about the dimensions and the intended desired color (white, black, silver, bright palette).



Consider the three most important factors:

  • Dimensions and sizes. A wardrobe that is too wide will not fit in the right place, and an overly narrow one will not be as reliable and roomy as it could be. The main purpose of the case is the use of free space to the maximum;
  • The type and format of the installation. Before buying, you should carefully consider your bathroom, analyze the key features of the situation, examine the key situations of both the layout and decoration of the room;
  • Functional potential. The most common mistake of many buyers is the wardrobe, where there are many shelves, which in the future are completely unnecessary. It is better to choose a white wardrobe in a laconic design, where there are three main departments. We are talking about a pull-out laundry basket, we also need several drawers for storing small items and one compartment for storing textiles (clothes, clean towels, bathrobes).

An important role is also played by the appearance of the product. The most versatile option that is appropriate in any setting is a simple white cabinet made from high-quality material. Mirror decor, various patterns, and other original additions enhance the aesthetic qualities. The original decor can be made with your own hands.