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Crafts from wire: simple ideas for home and garden (24 photos)


Often ingenious inventions and artistic masterpieces are created from the most ordinary, familiar and simple objects. It seems that this is inconceivably difficult, and sometimes even impossible, but it is worth trying once to make crafts with wire with your own hands and never stop. It's amazing what wonderful things you can create from ordinary wire.

First turns

If you decide to try making wire crafts, you need to arm yourself with patience and some tools. Nothing complicated or expensive is required. Most likely, everything you need can be found in the toolbox of the father or spouse:

  • Pliers round - tongs with round ends. There are cylindrical, allowing you to make coils of the same diameter, and tapering - each turn is less than the previous one.
  • Wire cutting pliers. They need to be selected depending on the diameter of the wire that you plan to use.
  • Thin copper wire. For beginners, suitable wire diameter of 0.4 - 0.6 mm.
  • You may also need beads, beads, decorative stones, thin soft wire for braiding, silicone glue.



Where to start?

To get started, try the simplest crafts. It may be the contours of animals: cats, dogs, horses, fish, frogs; or any other items: stars, bells, lanterns, Christmas trees. They can be made a whole garland of these figures, which will wonderfully decorate the interior of the children's room. A child of 4-5 years can participate in the creation of such simple structures made of soft copper wire.



Bright chenille

Simple, but bright and interesting are obtained crafts from blue-wire. An interesting fact: the blue wire was originally intended for cleaning the pipes, but the needlewomen quickly realized that amazing things could be made from it. Since then, chenille crafts have been loved by adults and children for its soft, fluffy base, for simplicity and flexibility in work, and bright beautiful products as a result.



Wire and beads

A little more experience and skill will require crafts from beads and wire. Working with two different materials is worth starting small. Small fish with colorful scales of beads, butterflies with colored wings, various key rings, pendants and jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, and many more simple handicrafts can be created from such simple at first glance items.



One of the most popular bead and wire crafts is various trees. The simplest of them is the tree of life, or how else it is called the "money tree." For its manufacture will need:

  • Copper or aluminum wire. Its diameter depends on the desired size of the finished crafts.
  • Beads and beads. The size of their hole should correspond to the diameter of the wire - it is not too loose on it, but without effort.
  • Pliers, nippers, file (small file, for leveling wire cuts) and silicone glue, which can be covered with a drop to cut, so that they do not pick up and scratch.

There is no single rule for creating the tree of life. It can be made of aluminum wire or copper, placed in a circle or square. The number of branches and curls is limited only by your imagination and creative vision.




Another fashionable trend is the bonsai tree. To create it you will need quite a lot of consumables: a large number of beads of one or three colors, copper wire of different diameters, paper tape, brown paint, furniture lacquer, alabaster and a flower pot or a suitable stone size, tool. Also useful is some experience in the manufacture of handicrafts from wire and a phased photo or video workshop.



Crafts from scrap materials

You can make interesting and simple crafts from improvised unexpected materials. For example, from old kapron tights. For crafts from nylon and wire will need:

  • wire, not very soft, which will keep its shape well;
  • nylon panty hoses, better light;
  • paints;
  • nylon thread;
  • silicone glue, glitter, rhinestones and beads.

The frame created from the wire is covered with capron, fixed with threads, if necessary it is painted in the desired color and decorated with sparkles, rhinestones or beads.



Crafts from caprone are the most delicate flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and birds. You can do them together with the child - the process of coloring and decoration can be completely entrusted to your little creator.



Colored wire

Crafts made from colored wire is a wonderful activity for children. Working with colors develops creativity, color perception of the world, imagination and fantasy. You can create flowers, various insects, animals, figurines and silhouettes of objects that can serve as interior decoration from colored wire without using paints and additional materials.

How to make your own hands a good gift or a work of art? You can try to make crafts from wire and thread - a rather complicated type of needlework, called “ganutell”. This product is made of spirally wound wire and threads stretched on it. Once it was very popular in Malta and today is experiencing its second birth.