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Set with a bar: new features of a small kitchen (24 photos)


The kitchen set with a bar counter has gained unprecedented popularity due to western trends - this is not only an original, but also a very practical component of the interior. It creates an additional working area, successfully combines the modules and, if necessary, becomes a convenient alternative to the overall dining table.



At the base of the rack you can place drawers, shelves, auxiliary cabinets, and the upper level can become an elegant container for glasses. Modern studios with a bar counter acquire the appropriate zoning: the design under consideration divides the guest and kitchen areas, and in a regular apartment it separates the dining room and the work area. Today there is a wide variety of forms and technical solutions, the main of which will be discussed further.

The bar counter is mounted near the wall, not connecting with the headset. This is a convenient solution for a room with a non-standard form, when it is necessary to “elevate” the disproportionate dimensions of the kitchen. Location options:

  • as a rule, the stand is adjoined to the wall by a butt, the dining area is concentrated around it;
  • as a continuation of the window sill, the long side is directly adjacent to the window, and the heating battery hides from below. Slopes can be converted into bar niches, nail shelves for accessories;
  • the basis for the rack can serve as the part of the wall that is not recommended to be demolished when combining the room and balcony - then an elegant table is formed on the combined territory.



Wall models usually do not fit into rooms equipped with corner sets. It is necessary to take into account the actual methods of decorating the adjacent wall:

  • the easiest way is to install a mirror that helps to advantageously beat and expand the space;
  • it is permissible to "build up" the upper part, as a result of which a kind of through shelves are formed;
  • The highlighted niche will look beautiful next to it, for example, you can put bottles of the original shape into it;
  • as decorations you can use painting, paintings, photo collages.

Advantages of the combined rack

In practice, it continues to worktop, usually corner sets with a bar counter of this type are installed in small kitchens. The low construction is decorated using the same techniques as the functional area - using the same colors, textures, finishing materials, decorating and furniture, and a kitchen apron.

Angular variations help balance long and elongated spaces, bringing their shape closer to the traditional square.

The delights of separate kitchen islands

They decided to equip spacious work areas that can boast a vast space, as well as studio apartments. It is easiest to design a design when the bases are consoles. There is a more dimensional option: in this case, the lower part may look like open or closed shelves, cabinet, drawers, and at the top - an oblong table top, which serves simultaneously as a working and dining surface. A miniature refrigerator can be a good addition at the bottom, and at the height of the free space you can take the hangers for glasses and wine glasses.



Ergonomic two-tier racks

The perfect solution for corner layouts or spacious kitchens. Here, one part of the rack is a regular (i.e. low) dining or cutting table, and the second is a high surface. This option will be appreciated by families with small children or elderly grandparents who are not comfortable using standard bar stools.

If in the apartment the living room and kitchen are located in the same room, the low surface is placed exactly on the first side. So the rack acts as a practical element of zoning.



Overview of key materials

It is worth paying attention to the headset with a bar - in this case, a single list of materials, colors and textures will be used, and homeowners will not have to independently select and combine them with each other. The elite design deviates from the principles of economy: cheap sources are not sufficiently wear-resistant. Manufacturers offer the following options:

  • Laminated wood boards, presented in rich colors. You can experiment and choose shades that contrast with the rest of the kitchen furniture set;
  • Wood - a classic material, usually decorated with mosaics, tiles, carvings, mirrors. In a small room with an angular arrangement of the headset, a laconic stand of a strict form looks luxurious;
  • Corian is similar in appearance to marble, but much cheaper. It has a rich color palette;
  • Drywall is also an economical option that can be performed in any form. The material does not tolerate an abundance of moisture;
  • plastic - ideal for interior design in a modern style, harmoniously fits into such areas as high-tech and minimalism;
  • The artificial and natural stone attracts with a large operational resource and high resistance to mechanical stress. Users are pleased and wide price spread;
  • glass - from it produce bold and unusual models, giving the room a note of airiness, lightness, ease;
  • metal - often complemented by modernist forged elements.




Accessories are integral components of a harmonious interior.

The key additions to the design of the corner kitchen with stand are special chairs, the height of which varies between 110-125 cm. Miniature rooms are equipped with products on one leg, spacious platforms can be equipped with furniture on several supports.

If the room is too crowded and there is no possibility to put separate chairs, you can fasten retractable seats to the bottom of the tabletop. Mandatory element of high furniture are footstools, at will, you can choose products upholstered in soft textiles. The most comfortable are chairs with adjustable seat height and stand.




An important detail of the design is the backlight, it can be presented in the following variations:

  • LED strip framing the tabletop bottom;
  • LEDs or lamps that adorn the outer surface of the base;
  • built-in lights located around the perimeter of the rack;
  • lamps on long cords, hung from the top in a row or in a chaotic manner.

The bar tube is a functional addition, which also has a style load: it is often decorated with glass hangers. It will fit only in rooms with high ceilings. As a rule, it is metal, in the classic interior you can find wooden bar tubes.




When choosing accessories and arranging the stand area, it is important to observe the measure: the base should be narrow so that the occupants do not rest on it with their knees, and the general congestion with parts should be avoided.




Kitchen set with a bar counter is not only very convenient, it creates the atmosphere of a street establishment. Separate tabletop is traditionally associated with a place for drinking beverages, and it will be appropriate to arrange it in an appropriate style: using a shaker, juicer, glass holder, yarn plate, blender, ice bucket. These accessories will provide the fashionable kitchen with a special touch, as well as they will definitely be needed when organizing a cocktail party.