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Hozblok for giving: ergonomics of country life (20 photos)


The first thing that makes any land owner after the purchase and paperwork - establishes a temporary building. A temporary woman is needed to store tools, work clothes. Builders can live in it. After the capital dwelling has been built, the temporary house can be altered as a shed for country equipment, tools, a bath, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, an arbor. Many landowners instead of several different buildings on the site prefer to combine all the buildings under the same roof, forming a hozblok. Thus saving materials and space on the site.



During the construction of the facility, its location on the site and the appearance of the house are taken into account. It is desirable that they are in harmony with each other, then the whole cottage will look beautiful.

Farm buildings are very popular among summer residents. They are inexpensive, they are easy to do with your own hands, to be disassembled and re-assembled in another place, you can re-equip the finished building as needed by getting a workshop out of a shelter, a garage from a shed, a bathhouse from a warm house.



Hozblok with woodsheds for giving is useful to anyone who uses a wood-burning stove, barbecue or barbecue.

Utility room can be built from metal, wood, plastic. The choice of materials depends on how they are going to use it later. Part of the building can be left open and subsequently equipped with a veranda or a gazebo with a utility block for the dacha.

The advantages of a two-story building

If there is not enough space on the plot, the outhouse can be made two-story. There can be many options:

  • on the ground floor there is a sauna, and on the second floor there is a guest room;
  • garage on the ground floor and an observation pit in the basement. If the inspection pit is further deepened and concreted, you get the vegetable storehouse necessary for any summer resident;
  • in the basement boiler room, workshop - on the ground.

If the toilet and shower are planned to be placed in the utility block, it is necessary to think out in advance how the sewage drains will be pumped out, since it will be necessary to ensure that the special vehicle travels to the well.

Conveniently angular arrangement of the hozblok: in one part of the building shower and toilet, in the middle part - utility rooms, on the other side - a garage or an open porch.

If you plan to make a bath in the power block, you usually choose a brick or a tree in the form of a bar or log. Also suitable for bath frame structure. Wood, unlike iron or plastic, retains heat much better, so if you use the room during the cold season, you should choose it.

A heater or a stove will be sufficient for heating the hozblock in the winter from a bar or log, an additional layer of insulation up to 100 mm is needed in the frame structure. The warmed hozblok for giving do not spend a lot of electricity, at the expense of the small size they quickly get warm.

Wooden construction looks much more presentable than iron or plastic, retains its microclimate and does not heat up much in the heat.

Farm building of metal have a lot of advantages:

  • low price;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of installation;
  • long service life;
  • not interesting for rodents;
  • not afraid of temperature changes;
  • do not require special care.

Covered with a professional flooring in the tone of the main building, the building fits perfectly into the overall landscape.

The hozblok from metal represents the frame twisted or welded from a metal profile and corners. Exterior finish - profiled. Inside the structure is trimmed with clapboard, plywood, sheets OSB. If necessary, it can be warmed with a layer of mineral wool.

Hozblok from plastic - even more budgetary construction in comparison with metal. Of the minuses - low strength. Plastic construction must be protected from shocks and open flame. Such a structure can be bought ready in the form of a set of parts that are attached to each other. Despite its cheapness, the advantages of a plastic construction are many:

  • easy to assemble;
  • easy to clean;
  • if necessary, the building is easy to move to another place;
  • can be matched by color;
  • does not need painting;
  • There are no costs for the foundation, it is enough to level the surface of the future floor
  • never rust.

Plastic buildings are usually used as inventory storage. It is also convenient to equip them with a toilet and shower, as the plastic is easy to clean and disinfect. It is not rotting due to high humidity. Emerging mold is easy to remove, as it does not eats. Under the living room plastic hozblok is not suitable because of low air permeability. For the winter period, it is better to disassemble such a structure, since plastic in the cold becomes brittle.

Preparatory work

Most often, the owners of suburban areas choose the construction of a frame type. The advantages of frame construction are obvious:

  • all work can be done independently;
  • in the process of work, you will need an ordinary tool that does not require special skills for work: saw, hammer, screwdriver, level;
  • frame construction is cheaper than a structure from a bar or a log;
  • does not heat as much as metal or plastic;
  • if necessary, it can be insulated with any layer of insulation;
  • suitable for permanent residence.

Before starting construction on the site you need to determine the place for the future structure. All country houses should comply with the requirements of SNiP 30-02-97.

After choosing a place you need to determine the size. The size of the building must be calculated on the basis of which premises will be included in it. It is possible to combine a bath with a waiting room, a shower, a toilet, a shed for tools and equipment, an open veranda, a shed. Also, the building can be rectangular or angular. After drawing up the project you need to count the number of building materials.