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The decor of the front door in the modern hallway: interesting ideas (20 photos)


The entrance area is a full-fledged “calling card” of the dwelling, therefore it is important to pay attention not only to the quality of the web from the point of view of resistance to cracking, but also to take care of the aesthetic refinement of the structure. Modern decor of the entrance door can be made with his own hand with the involvement of materials such as paint, veneer panels, leather imitation.

Trends in the arrangement of doorways

The front door is a durable acquisition, and its external performance must meet the practical and stylistic requirements of the owners. Often apartments are equipped with two structures, between which a distance equal to the thickness of the walls is laid. Here the decor of the entrance door is not of fundamental importance, and the canvas, which is internal in this pair, is made out as a usual interior one.



If you want the design to merge with neighboring walls, you should give preference to a constructivist or minimalist interior in the hallway. In this case, the door is painted the same way as other vertical surfaces.

If the entrance hall is limited in size or when too little sunlight gets into it, you can create a "light trap": attach a full-scale mirror to the door panel. If this is not possible, even a narrow mirror strip on the door is sufficient - if it is located opposite the window, it will create a visual effect of the presence of an additional light opening.



The possibility of using coloring compositions

This is the easiest way to transform the door with your own hands, because thanks to the extensive palette of manufacturers you can choose a shade that will harmoniously fit into any style of the room. If the desired shade is not in the assortment, it is easy to mix in a certain proportion the color and base mass - the desired color range will be formed.

Nitro paint

The specificity of the composition is such that it is better to apply it in the open air: a strong odor, as well as the release of harmful fumes during the entire drying period, make this paint a potentially dangerous during finishing work. But after the surface is completely dry, the threat disappears, resulting in a very resistant to fading and mechanical stress surface. The main working tool in this case is the spray gun.

If you can not fully ventilate the apartment and dry the structure, you can trim the front door from the inside with a self-adhesive film. This material is actively used in many areas due to the fact that it helps to decorate almost all types of surfaces in a short time. The key advantage of the film is the presence of a sticky layer on one side, covered with special paper. Carefully removing the last, you can easily fix the material on the laminate, metal, paint, wood.

In order to properly perform the decor of the entrance door, you should take care of the preparation of the canvas. It is necessary to thoroughly clean it, in the process eliminating any irregularities and bumps. If chips and cracks are observed, they are recommended to be filled with mastic. Before direct sticking, degrease the surface and remove dust from it.

For lining the front door inside and outside, decorative lining is often used - thin wooden strips that can be fixed on a canvas of various materials. Special adhesive composition is responsible for the reliability of installation, moreover, wood needs special treatment both before and after decorating its entrance group.

To preserve the structure and the natural aesthetics of the tree, it is desirable to cover it with water-repellent agents, in particular, with a stain. It will protect the material from the effects of negative external factors and destruction, emphasize its natural color. Top should be applied gloss, semi-matte or matte varnish (in accordance with the interior styling and personal preferences).

An interesting alternative could be the introduction of factory-formed MDF overlays. They are mounted on a frame (if they are decorated with slopes) or simply on glue, have an extensive color range, have a “expensive” appearance.



Common examples of modern veneer

For the decoration of the entrance area are actively used such facing materials as veneer, plastic, PVC, stone, eco-veneer, laminate. Most of the presented types are fixed on the surface under the influence of warm air from a powerful household or building hair dryer. To preserve the integrity of the coating, you need to act promptly and very carefully, so usually specialized specialists are involved in such work. When embedded in the composition of decorative stone armed with special adhesives.



Masking Defects with Upholstery

This technique is gradually becoming a thing of the past, losing its relevance, but it still remains a convenient possibility of updating and additional warming of the door leaf (under dermantine, you can hide high-quality insulation).

Original methods of combining the front door with the interior hallway

In the core market, products of manufacturers offering wall decoration panels and coverings for the entrance panel, made in a single stylistic concept, are presented. Such a similar decor may look like an imitation of natural texture, for example, wet sand, bark, or as a large contrasting ornament. This solution contributes to the creation of an active, original composition in the hallway.



The decor of the entrance door, made in the form of an achromatic or colored glass panel, is highly demanded. This component is fixed on the door panel, it becomes the central accent in the hallway interior. Doors look attractive, decorated with rhinestones, colored enamel inserts, sidebars of veneer - their choice is determined by the accompanying details of the situation. Doors with small windows are also relevant, but they are installed only if there is a safe space between the public landing and the apartment itself.