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Blue tile: interesting ideas for every taste (29 photos)


Blue color causes only positive emotions, so designers like to use this tone as an auxiliary tool in the formation of complex interior compositions. Blue tiles are most often used to decorate walls or floors in a bathroom. However, the creative approach involves bold experiments and unusual combinations in other locations.

Color characteristic

In order to favorably emphasize blue tiles with all the facets of a thoughtful interior, it is important to know about the properties of this palette. Heavenly colors fall into the category of short wave colors. Simply put, a room in blue tones allows a person to rest and relax.



The use of a gentle palette is recommended to hot-tempered and nervous people who are prone to emotional outbursts, are prone to stress and negative influence from outside. Some experts advise hypertensive patients to arrange the premises in the apartment in blue, as it contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

Ceramic blue or blue tile is suitable for both spacious and small rooms. The main condition is high-quality lighting. Natural light sources are welcome.



The choice of material for lining

Blue tiles for a bathroom or kitchen can be completely different. It's amazing how the material is able to completely change the color, transform the style of finishing. Consider the most popular options.

Tile or ceramics

Tiled or ceramic wall blue tiles are the most popular in the interior of modern apartments. The material allows modern manufacturers to experiment with shades and sizes, imitate various textures, decorate products with patterns, ornaments, create absolutely stunning effects on the canvas.







Mosaic - the immortal classic is good at all times in any color. It is used as a decor of the room, and also used as a sophisticated rich finish in the bathroom, ennobles the spacious toilet, makes it more elegant than a hammam or sauna.

The correct combination of gray-white and blue tones allows you to decorate the ceiling, creating the most incredible patterns and compositions. A classic that will never lose its relevance is an imitation of the sky.

The mosaic is good because with the help of a minimum number of elements, you can create a very effective decor. For example, designers recommend decorating a bath, making an apron in the kitchen in this way. Sophisticated finishing material is useful for refining a niche, arch, with its help it is easy to make a bright edging for a mirror or table top.



Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain tile differs in the increased strength characteristics. It can withstand high loads, is not afraid of mechanical damage, exposure to chemicals, temperature changes. Manufacturers most often pamper their customers with a floor covering with a rough surface.

The shade of such a solid material for finishing is preferably calm. Floor covering for the kitchen and bathroom with a pronounced anti-slip effect is the most organically looked in a gray-blue or white and blue colors.

It is found glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware. In terms of durability and performance, these types of finishes are almost the same. The difference is noticeable only from an aesthetic position.



Recently, in the interior can be found porcelain, imitating laminate or large elements that copy one or another natural texture (stone, wood). Blue tiles with pronounced cream and gray tints with an extraordinary texture and unusual presentation will perfectly fit into the concept of the hi-tech and modern stylistic direction.

Silver or pearl overlaps of blue linen look intriguing and exude a futuristic charm. Floor tiles will make the toilet look like a real space cabin for intergalactic travel. Original accessories will allow to reinforce the cosmic atmosphere, giving this location a special charm.




Glass tile is a noble, attractive, elegant and rich material. However, this type of finish is very delicate and fragile, rather difficult in terms of styling and caring for decorative surfaces.

Glass, especially light blue or white-turquoise, gives the room excessive coldness, therefore fragile installations are recommended to be “warmed” with the right color combinations, as well as using cozy stylish accessories.

Blue tiles for the kitchen and bathroom are usually made in the form of colored glass. Recently, manufacturers offer unusual options with photo printing on glass canvas.

An apron in a glass kitchen is rather impractical, so if any processes are constantly performed on the work surface, it is better to refrain from using such a finish. Blue tones of glass tiles will be much more appropriate in the bathroom. In addition, glass fits well with the classic attributes of the bathroom.



How to lay the tile blue in the bathroom?

There are several ways of laying blue tiles, each of which will allow you to have a different impact on the interior and the nuances of the layout in the room. Experts identify several recommendations:

  1. Toilet and bathroom can be laid out completely with tiles of the same color from the ceiling to the floor. Better to give preference to a light turquoise finish. Neutral base can be well combined with any fixtures and accessories;
  2. Experimenting with the colors of the blue palette, you can try the vertical decoration of the walls. For example, to delimit zones, using several different shades. If the bathroom ideally smooth "verticals" can not be formed, the toilet can be issued quite easily. In this case, you can choose not only the classic white-blue solution, but also to choose more non-standard combinations. Good on a blue background will look chocolate or lemon shade;
  3. A large bathroom can be zoned, demarcating the area with shower, sink, toilet and working part (where the washing machine and dryer are located);
  4. Does not lose its relevance "belt". At one height have a specific type of tile, horizontally separating the planes of the walls. This design adorns not only the toilet and bathroom. Sometimes the "belt" can be seen in the hallway or on the balcony. Kitchen interior, as a rule, in this way does not complement, since there is already too little free space, and furniture and equipment make it difficult to form clear lines and thoughtful geometry.

Blue color in large quantities can be used in a limited number of interior compositions. Usually a blue or white-blue tile acts as auxiliary accents in the room.



Color solutions for the kitchen

Blue kitchen is an unpopular decision. You don't always want to work with a cold shade. However, the right color combinations and here will solve all the problems.



The union of green and yellow is often personified with a floral theme. These are bells and cornflowers in the meadow, delicate framed hyacinths of leaves, exotic algae balancing in the ocean. Any such combination can be beaten in the interior. For example, in a green-blue kitchen place the pot with hyacinths.



Whatever the final decision, the blue palette for finishing the room will be pleasantly surprised by its positive impact on the person. Coming up with new interesting design concepts, it is worth remembering that the combination of colors, textures and design techniques should provide comfort and harmony in the house.