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Mixer Aerator - Useful Addition


Increasingly, in a modern kitchen or bathroom, you can see such an interesting addition as an aerator at the end of the mixer tap. What is it and why install this device?

Aerators (sometimes also called water economists or economizers) are special nozzles that mix water with air and form such a stream of water that it has a number of positive properties:

  • The jet becomes soft, that is, if you hit it on your hand or dishes, a large amount of splashing does not occur. The flow of water envelops what it is aimed at.
  • The washing process becomes easier (especially if a rotary aerator is installed) and effective as compared with the option of using a rigid jet that does not pass through the aerator and has the property of “local impact”.
  • The flow of water decreases, but remains strong enough to ensure successful washing (without splashing) of detergents. An aerator for the mixer, as a flow restrictor, allows you to reduce the amount of water consumed when washing dishes, or when washing two or more times, without compromising the convenience of these procedures.
  • The taste of water and its benefits for living organisms depend, inter alia, on the concentration of oxygen dissolved in it and on the degree of chlorine weathering (if chlorinated water is used).



Thus, the nozzle aerator:

  • provides increase of efficiency of a stream of water;
  • improves the quality of the water itself;
  • reduces its consumption.

The designs of most aerators include the following main components:

  • housing;
  • rubber or plastic gasket;
  • one or more filters;
  • various dissecting and reflecting flow plates;
  • extension tube or hinge (necessarily included in the rotary aerator).




If you decide to purchase a mixer with an aerator to save water, then using it you will be able to reduce the flow rate from 15 l / min to 6-7 l / min (and to 1.1 liters per minute if you install a vacuum aerator). In addition, this device has several other advantages:

  • Noise will be reduced when using water, as the water supplied as a mixture with air, does not create a lot of noise.
  • An aerator (including a swivel type), regardless of where it is installed, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, is always easy to maintain and easy to repair.
  • The simplicity of the design makes it possible to understand this device even to a housewife who can disassemble and clean it himself.
  • The aerator performs the function of the simplest coarse filter.
  • Eliminates splashes, improves water quality, saturating it with oxygen and reducing the percentage of chlorine in it.

Those who have small children in the family can purchase nozzles for aerating water, resembling animal figures. These devices can also be oval or rectangular. Already invented and such aerators, which can twist numerous jets of water, either in the form of an elegant fancy spiral, or in the form of an unusual water grate.




If we talk about the inconvenience that can sometimes occur after the installation of the aerator, then, firstly, they are few, and secondly, not everyone who purchased and installed a water economizer may encounter them:

  • It is often necessary to clean the filter grids, and it may be necessary to repair or even replace the device if the water quality in your home is very low. For example, when the centralized water supply system is old, and the pipes in it are covered with a thick layer of rust.
  • Since there will be a decrease in the volume of water entering per unit of time, the bath and large pot will be filled more slowly.
  • Reducing the flow rate of a fluid in a pipe that is suitable for a mixer can, in cases where a gas column with automatic electronic ignition is used to heat water, to situations where, with very low water pressure in the system, sometimes the heating equipment does not start automatically.



In conclusion, a few more words should be said about vacuum aerators. The fact that they have a special vacuum valve allows these devices to save more water, reducing its consumption, due to the preliminary compression of the fluid before it is fed to the spray grid. So for those who don’t like it when the water from the tap flows at great speed and without restriction of the flow, even when you need to wash a couple of teaspoons, we advise you to purchase such an aerator for the mixer.