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Wool carpets: a practical and beautiful way to decorate a room (24 photos)


Today there are a huge number of varieties of carpets. The models differ from each other in the materials used, the length of the pile and the pattern, but natural carpets made of Iranian, Turkish, Belgian and Moldavian wool are very popular. Let's see why natural wool carpets after several centuries remain in demand, what are their advantages and disadvantages, what are the criteria for the cost of products, and how to properly care for floor carpets.



Beautiful design of any interior

Carpets made of natural wool help to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in any room. They are of natural origin, and therefore, harm to health will not bring. To date, all products can be divided into the following groups:

  • According to the method of manufacture: distinguish between machine-made products and handmade woolen carpets. The first ones, by the way, cost much less, while they are not inferior to similar handicrafts in beauty and elegance.
  • By the number of colors: plain carpets and models with complex patterns and ornaments.
  • In size: based on your own requirements, you can purchase a bedside model or a product that covers the entire floor of a bedroom or living room.
  • According to the form: today on the counters of specialized stores you can see round, square, rectangular and oval wool carpets.
  • By the number of materials: woolen cloths with the addition of cotton, silk and viscose and synthetic fibers are now found almost everywhere.
  • For the length of the pile: depending on the functional load carpets can be lint-free, as well as with long and short woolen threads.

Like any other product for the home, modern camel or sheep wool carpets have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are the following points:

  • Wool is a natural material that is pleasant to touch.
  • If the coating is well cared for, it can last for several decades without loss of aesthetic appeal.
  • The elasticity of the fibers helps the products to be durable and durable. Dear Iranian carpets are passed down from generation to generation.
  • The widest range of models. In today's market, you can find rectangular, square, oval and round wool carpets. The great variety of colors and ornaments allows you to choose the right fit for any interior and room. In modern design, monochrome models are often used. Particularly impressive in the living room is a white wool carpet. If you want to buy a floor covering with an intricate Oriental ornament, Iranian camel wool carpet will be the best solution for your office or fireplace area.
  • If the floor is cold, high-quality Belgian wool rugs will save those who like to walk around the house barefoot from using hated slippers.
  • The canvas is able to breathe, which helps to improve the microclimate of the room.
  • Fleece carpets (camel - no exception!) Do not burn in the fire. They slowly smolder without emitting harmful substances into the air. This property can not boast of their synthetic counterparts.




  • The use of natural material in the interior is contraindicated in allergies. A great solution can be Chinese wool carpets with the addition of synthetic fibers.
  • Material of natural origin attracts moths to oneself, and ignored stain of water spilled on the carpet can cause the formation of mold.
  • Most wool products tend to accumulate static electricity.
  • Since the coatings are afraid of moisture, it is advisable to carry out dry cleaning of wool carpets at home.
  • Natural materials, that is, wool of sheep or camels, are very expensive compared to synthetic analogues.

Perhaps you have already noticed that carpets of the same size stand differently? This is due to the following points:

  • The quality of the material used. Camel wool is not as valued as, for example, New Zealand sheep wool. But do not forget that the fleece carpets come in different qualities. For example, Iranian carpets are different from the Chinese and Moldovan counterparts durability and durability, which naturally affects the price of the product.
  • Mode of production. Wool carpets are cheaper than hand-made products.
  • The height of the pile. The higher the nap, the more expensive the model.
  • The quality of dyes. In the manufacture of products can be used dyes of different quality and origin. For example, Belgian wool carpets are renowned around the world for using natural substances that dye threads in the desired color. Moldovan wool carpets are not always of excellent quality, as a result, the products quickly fade in the sun, and when water gets in, the paint "floats".
  • Manufacturer country. Iranian carpets are among the most expensive. Cheaper analogues are made in China, Moldova, Russia and other countries.
  • Size of coverage. The larger the product, the more expensive you will pay for it.
  • The shape of the carpet. The price will be higher if the carpet is oval or round.



How to clean the wool carpet?

It has already been said that cleaning a woolen carpet does not imply a large amount of moisture, so in order for the product you bought to last as long as possible, follow certain rules.



Vacuum the carpet. Dirt eats into the natural pile, which can only be removed with a good vacuum cleaner. Some devices have a large number of modes: after cleaning you can get the effect of knocking out. Iranian carpets can only be cleaned with a simple brush.

Use a different spray foam to clean a small area of ​​the carpet. Refresh the carpet color will help a special powder. After vacuuming, evenly distribute the absorbent composition over the entire surface and clean again.




For intensive cleansing, use only high quality products. Capital cleaning involves the use of a spraying-extraction method. The carpet is processed under pressure with a solution of hot water and cleaning agent. After softening the stubborn dirt, water is removed by strong vacuum suction.



At least once a year, send the product to dry cleaning. Special devices and tools at the disposal of companies help to quickly remove persistent pollution, which is extremely difficult to remove in domestic conditions.




Carpet made of natural wool has many advantages. Firstly, it gives the design a luxury and a feeling of comfort. Secondly, it is a pleasure to walk on such a product. Thirdly, it is a great way to solve the problem of cold floors.



I must say that the carpet of sheep wool is not cheap, but with proper care it is ready to serve you for more than a dozen years. In order for the carpet to keep its beautiful appearance for a long time, do a dry cleaning using modern tools. By the way, it’s not bad to use the old old-fashioned way at least once a year - take the carpet out onto the street and knock it out carefully.