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Vase for fruit: decoration or useful utensils (26 photos)


Apples, bananas or avocados are loved by everyone. Fruits are usually served for dessert, and every hostess wants to arrange this action in a decent way.

Fruit bowl: three in one

Fruit bowl (as the name implies) is a special dish used as a container for fruits or vegetables and serving them on the table. It is normal, on a leg or with several tiers. Then this is a shelf for fruit. In this case, it performs several functions:

  • saves space on the table;
  • allows you to serve dessert in the most convenient way;
  • serves as a spectacular decor.

A well-chosen fruit vase adorns the interior of the living room, kitchen or dining room, especially if it is created from bright-colored glass. Not only fruits are put into the fruit bowl, but also sweets, small pastries, tartlets, nuts.



What are vases for fruit?

The market today offers such an abundance of materials, forms and styles that it is really difficult to choose the appropriate option. A fruit bowl can be matched to the interior according to the following criteria:

  • harmonizes in color;
  • will be a bright spot in the monochrome interior;
  • complements the available dishes in the room or on the table in style.

Two- or three-tier design is a good example of "dining ergonomics." Tiered structures are often made in the form of partitioned plates, that is, from several compartments on one tier.
Classification is also carried out according to the method of using a fruit vase: for a bar, a holiday table or everyday use.



For everyday use, a fruit vase made of wood, plastic or a sturdy metal model is suitable. Demand such options in homes with children of any age.

A silver fruit bowl or made of the highest quality porcelain with inlaid semiprecious stones underlines the material well-being of the owners, plays a status and image role. She is given a decorative function.



The size of the vase is important. The most compact, with a diameter of no more than ten centimeters, are suitable as a container served individually for everyone (especially if they are children), or for the smallest fruits, nuts or sweets. The most convenient and most convenient is a large vase with a diameter of 25-35 centimeters.

The edges are also different: grooved, strictly smooth or figured. The latter hold the content better than others.

Shelves for fruits are easily assembled and disassembled, so they will not become a burden on storage.





The contents of the fruit vase for candy in the neighborhood does not suggest. But individually this is not excluded, and the material depends on the confectionery itself. If they are wrapped in paper, the vase can be any. For sweets without a wrap, you need a glass with a lid.

In a multi-tiered model, you can lay out candy by type - it is practical and effective.





The most popular materials for fruit baskets are porcelain, glass, crystal, plastic. Enthusiasm for ecology has made popular products made of wood, wickerwork, exotics such as bamboo or rattan. They are selected according to the style of the room in which the vase stands.


For an object such as a fruit bowl, porcelain or other ceramics are among the best and most traditional materials. The main condition is that their color and style be in harmony with the dishes on the table. The status includes a white fruit basket made of hard porcelain. And the old, inherited or acquired at auction, is intended solely for decorative and image purposes.

Cheap ceramic fruit vases are much more practical: you can safely put any fruit or berries, sliced ​​watermelon or melon in them. The material is easy to clean, safe for sanitation and ecology. A bright decor makes them aesthetically attractive, pleasing to the eye.



Tree, vine, rattan

It organically looks in the interiors of country style, eco, minimalism; on the veranda, in a country house, at the cottage or picnic. But the wooden vase is not intended for berries, very ripe and juicy fruits - the juice is absorbed into the vase, after which it can only be thrown away.

In woven models, it is worthwhile to estimate the distance between the rods: it should not be such that small fruits fall out. It is rational to buy models with high enough sides so that the contents do not fall apart.



Glass, Crystal

Gorgeous solemn option. Beautiful glass or crystal fruit vases are a real festive table decoration. Clear glass or crystal will complement any bright fruit. Color glass bowl for fruit from Bohemia looks great on a snow-white tablecloth.

Dishes from inexpensive varieties of crystal can be placed in the living room, so that at any time you can pick a tropical fruit you like and lift your spirits. However, glass is fragile, so its use is excluded or requires increased caution in apartments where there are small children.

Along with the usual regular geometric shapes of the vases, the designers have developed the most bizarre models suitable for different styles, ages and preferences.

Invented unusual vases for fruits in the form of antique amphoras, leaves, animals, wood with twig branches, on which fruits are hung. There are television plates, an insane combination of fruit hemispheres, wall options with round slots for bananas and much more.

It should be noted that due to the size of this object inevitably stands out. The attention of the guests sitting at the table will be attracted to the high design, so it should look decent. Having thought to purchase this useful item, you should immediately find out for what purpose it is being done. Usually the fruit basket is used in the dessert part of the feast.

Remember what color and material from which the tea or coffee set is made, other utensils present on the table. A beautiful fruit vase should be in harmony with them in style and color, and not be beaten out.

For example, a metal vase for fruit or plastic is hardly suitable for a classic porcelain expensive set.

First of all, you should decide on the number of containers for fruit on the table. It is due to its shape and size. On a small round or square in the center put a three-tier vase for fruit or with two levels. An elongated shape requires at least two vases, from different ends, or three if the table is large. So guests do not have to reach for the vending fruit through the entire space, filled with dishes.