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Chalk board: the original "accessory" in a modern interior (26 photos)


Slate in the interior is an original solution for large rooms and compact rooms, the design of which requires attractive accents. Functional, extraordinary, affordable in terms of price policy, easy to maintain - all these advantages make such a spectacular attribute more and more popular and in demand.



Functional capacity

An ordinary chalk board can take its rightful place not only in the classroom or the student audience, but also in modern apartments. At the same time, it is mistaken to assume that this is just a decorative element.



To the delight of children

Chalk board without frame - a great addition to the nursery. This functional décor will delight children of all ages. Reusable "canvas" young talents can use for drawing, for homework, to create their personal records.

Creation of chalk boards in the nursery should be extremely creative and unusual. Slate cloth is often placed in a frame to give it more "elegance." A double-sided magnetic slate board will also become an area where a child can store favorite magnets. The main thing is that the school board in a child does not cause negative emotions.

No matter how strange it may sound, but kitchen drawing boards are simply necessary. It is worth adding such an attribute and after a while the hostess will not be able to imagine how she used to cope without similar surfaces in the kitchen.



Black wall board is needed for such processes:

  • Record a new recipe (there is no need to rush around with a notebook or gadget around the kitchen, because the whole recipe is painted on the wall);
  • Important notes for the whole family (you can not stick the stickers on the refrigerator, pointing out to households what and where they are, what and when they need to buy);
  • Detailed menu (housewives can pre-write on the wall a list of goodies prepared for the arrival of all family members).

Educational measures can also be carried out using a drawing board. Moms can leave on the blackboard eloquent inscriptions indicating to other household members about their direct duties: taking out the garbage, washing dishes and other important household processes.



For work and leisure

Chalk boards for the home can be located in the office, and even in the bedroom. In any of the rooms they will play their important role.

In the course of the work, the chalk board will become some kind of “eternal” notebook, where you can write down your thoughts, record ideas on the surface of the canvas, record urgent information and suddenly arrive. Important data is, if possible, transferred to paper or stored electronically. Empty reflections and unnecessary information are simply deleted.

Unique decor

Even a small wallboard will be able to qualitatively change the situation in any room: in the kitchen, in the corridor, in the children's room, or even in the toilet. However, a large chalk board looks particularly impressive, where residents of an apartment can create their own “masterpieces” with their own hands.

Surprisingly, each new picture will transform the room beyond recognition. Even if there are no talented artists among the household, simple patterns, abstraction, plain ornaments or figured elements are no worse than large-scale and realistic images.

The traditional shape is a rectangle or square. The most popular material is wood. The simplest and most demanded model is a wall chalkboard for children.

When the finished chalk board is selected in the interior, it is important to consider the dimensions first of all, relating to the area of ​​the room itself, as well as the presence of other objects in the room. It is not necessary to place the board on the wall. The bright element can be entered into the dimensions of the cabinet door, thereby giving the furniture an extravagant look and enhance the functional potential.



If the standard chalk boards in the interior can be called classic, then the finish with the help of a specific slate looks much more progressive and modern. Feature - the painting composition fits well completely on any surface, from the raw wall in the corridor to the new kitchen door.

Slate chalk boards can be created in any size and shape, adapting to the individual characteristics of each room. In fact, the drying paint forms a rough layer on which to paint.

By the way, such static chalk boards for the house can be transformed into a panel for photos. If you are tired of drawing and the board itself is no longer relevant, you can put photos on a black canvas. Such installations are complemented by 3D stickers, various applications and other interesting decorative elements.



Wildest fantasies

For creative experiments, a worn-out fridge is also suitable. After the magical transformation, it will look spectacular, not only in the kitchen.

Many owners of small apartments, trying to fit in the kitchen more furniture, often have a bulky refrigerator in the hallway, hallway or even the living room. Now it’s not just a storehouse for products, but also a drawing board: a children's area for creativity and a completely necessary “housework”.

Magnetic Chalk Board for children has another important advantage. This bright attribute of a modern interior can be got for ridiculous money. In addition, there are several ways to add zest to the interior:

  1. Purchase the finished product in the store. The board magnetic and slate is usually selected taking into account parameters of the room;
  2. With the help of stickers with slate texture, any surfaces and objects in the house are independently processed. Through the film, you can change the cabinet door or a small part of the wall;
  3. To paint the prepared surface with slate paint. The coloring composition is convenient in work, so for children it is possible to paint most of the free wall, transforming it into a “eternal” canvas for young artists.

Each option is convenient and attractive in its own way. Because what the person ultimately chooses will determine the mood and color of the room where the new catchy decor will be located.



About the disadvantages

Before the magnetic chalkboard becomes the center of aesthetic attraction in the room, it is necessary to recall some inconveniences associated with this type of decor. In general, there are several key flaws:

  • The dark surface gives darkness to the room (it is important to correctly beat the black canvas in the interior);
  • During active operation, the aesthetic canvas is covered with scratches from crayons;
  • The rough surface is sometimes difficult to clean from a single pattern to apply a new ornament. Whitish spots sometimes cannot be removed even with a wet rag;

The slate is a true dust generator. In the children's room and in the kitchen, such an attribute will be particularly cunning and will add to the work hostess. Do not forget about the crayons, traces of which can be found anywhere. If there are small children in the house, they will happily spread whitish dust throughout the house.