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Laying the tiles diagonally: useful recommendations (24 photos)


For decoration of various premises in apartments, tile diagonally laid is often used. The reasons for using this technique are many. Advantageously, this method is used to visually enlarge the space and hide various defects on the wall.



Technology laying tiles diagonally requires compliance with certain nuances. When planning this type of installation, it is extremely important to make a qualitative calculation. As a rule, tile consumption will be much less than with the standard method of laying, which will save on material. When solving this issue, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • In the implementation of the markup is not necessary to carry out the main diagonal. This is due to the fact that the corners of the room are not always straight. Corners can get uneven, and tile consumption will be large. Rationally use an isosceles triangle. That is, from the corners will need to postpone segments having the same length.
  • Laying ceramic tiles on a diagonal is required, starting with a full element. This will help make the flooring more attractive.
  • The basis for laying should be of high quality and smooth. If there are a lot of irregularities, you will have to buy more material. If there are any irregularities or roughness, they can be removed with a cement-sand screed. If the defects are minor, then tile adhesive will help.
  • If the room is characterized by a high level of humidity, it is better to use tile glue when laying.



It is extremely important to correctly calculate the tiles laid on a diagonal. For this purpose, mainly two methods are used. The first method is that the base area is divided into tile parameters. The second method is that it will be necessary to calculate the whole number of tiles required for a certain area. It should be noted that there may be trimming. You should additionally add a certain number of tiles.



Laying tiles diagonally is a complex way of lining. The type of finishing can be monophonic or multi-colored, with original inserts. As a rule, colored elements are mounted in the central part of the floor or ceiling. Often used carpet installation method.

How to properly glue tiles diagonally on the floor?

Laying tiles diagonally is a time consuming process. Before you need to correctly carry out the markup. It is also necessary to determine the direction, producing such work as laying tiles on the floor diagonally. All the laying work is divided into the following stages:

  1. On the edge of the first row, you must tighten the kapron thread. It is installed between the dowels, which are hammered into the screeds. The thread is required to tighten the level. If necessary, you can use a laser.
  2. The base of the floor must be cleaned and treated using a deep penetration primer. This will help to significantly increase adhesion. The primer should dry for two hours.
  3. You will need to prepare the adhesive mixture. Mixing is performed according to a specific method. Cooking is necessary in the amount that will be spent within an hour.
  4. From the beginning of work it is necessary to mount the first element. The first tile must be intact. This makes it possible to reduce the number of undercuts. Moreover, the whole tile is much easier to set by level.
  5. Tile will need to press firmly to the base. At the same time it is necessary to tap a little with a rubber hammer. Clay will perform a little on the edges.
  6. With the use of the spirit level we carry out the quality control of laying.
  7. If you want to make an undercut, the grinder is used, equipped with an abrasive wheel.
  8. Between the tiles should be the same seam. To solve this problem will help plastic crosses. Their thickness should be 2-5 millimeters.
  9. Excess adhesive from the veneer material is carefully removed using dry cloth.
  10. After a certain period of time, it will be necessary to remove the crosses with gentle movements. All seams are processed using a grout.




If you decide to cut the tile or tile, it is recommended to use high-quality equipment. In order to perform a high-quality veneer flooring diagonally, you will need materials such as tiles in the right quantity, glue, rubber hammer, spatula, rags, brush, roller, clean water. Laying tiles on the floor diagonally requires the experience of the master.



Features ceiling tiling

The tile on the diagonal is often laid on the ceiling. As a rule, polystyrene tiles are used for the ceiling. This work is also performed in compliance with certain steps:

  1. Implementation of the preparation of the base surface. The ceiling is qualitatively cleaned from whitewashing or plaster. It should be clean and smooth. If there are any defects, they must be puttied.
  2. Determining the center of the ceiling. Markup is performed from the center. The middle of the opposite sides must be connected alternately using a paint cord.
  3. The designation of the diagonal on the base of the ceiling. It should connect the corners. All data lines must be connected in the center of the ceiling.
  4. The distribution of the square in the central part of the ceiling. Its side should be smooth on the side of the smallest wall. Then you need to hold the diagonal, which will intersect with each other at right angles. Along one and the second diagonal need to stick tiles. Then the remaining area is filled.
  5. Fastening the first tiles. If the intersection of the diagonals is carried out at a right angle, then the first tiles should be fixed in the center of the ceiling, along the diagonals held.
  6. Glue removal. The adhesive mass that protrudes between the tiles is removed based on the use of dry cloth. All seams are carefully closed using a spatula.
  7. Fixing ceiling plinth.




How to choose a material and a tool for laying diagonally: the secrets of the wizard

The quality of laying tile material depends largely on the proper selection of materials and tools. A diagonal is a visual deception, which makes it possible to correctly increase the space by veiling its defects. In the process of carrying out this work, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of the measuring tool. You should not use your own eye, as the human factor has not been canceled. The type of measuring tool can be any. The main thing that he was able to do his job properly.




As for the purchase of the facing material, it must be of high quality. It is better to make a purchase from trusted manufacturers. Such materials as tile, ceramic tile, PVC tile, ceramic granite and others are widely used for facing the floor. When choosing a material, pay special attention to the type of tile, operating conditions.



So, for the bathroom it is better to choose a durable material. For the kitchen, as a rule, material of the third grade is used. Before you go to the store, you must correctly calculate the surface area. It is better to make a purchase with a small margin.



The diagonal way of laying is rather complicated. It requires basic facing skills. The drawing should be smooth and located at an angle equal to 45 degrees. If the tile is laid correctly, it will last a long time.