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Glass in the interior: transparent features (22 photos)


Glass is the only building material that completely transmits light. Under the conditions of urban multi-family development, this quality of glass makes it indispensable and is widely used in interior design. Partitions, doors, furniture are made of glass. Using glass gives space to the room, fills it with air and a sense of grace and elegance.



With the development of hardening technology, glass began to be used even where previously it was unthinkable: the floor in multi-level apartments, fully or partially transparent partitions instead of walls, various pieces of furniture and decorations. At the same time, art glass processing technologies were developed. It became possible to use instead of the usual frosted, colored, carved, stained glass. This feature has further expanded its scope.

Colored glass is produced by adding metal oxides, as well as cadmium, lead or copper, to a hot glass mass. Depending on the desired element and its quantity, the color of the glass and its saturation are obtained.

The color of glass objects is usually selected to the main range of the room or used as a contrast to dilute the severity of the monochrome interior.

Warm shades - yellow, brown - will add notes of softness and comfort, associating with the rays of the setting sun. Cold green gives rigor and purity, warm - will soften these sensations. A vigorous and festive red will energize and boost mood, so it is commonly used in kitchens. Blue and blue as the colors of water look most advantageous in bathrooms. Always at the peak of popularity, black and white are the colors of modernity and minimalism.



Black glass in the interior

Black and white range is the color of elegance and sophistication, they are well combined with other shades, which makes them indispensable in interior design. Various decorative elements are made of such glass. It looks beautiful golden or silver engraving on a black or white surface.

Also, the beauty of black glass noted furniture manufacturers. From it make furniture entirely or only the surface. The saturation of the shade can be easily varied with the help of special additives. Recently, the trendy finish color is black with a smooth transition to gray or white to milky.

Stained glass in the interiors always fascinated eyes and attracted by the play of light. Most often it is used in the windows, getting the original alternative to curtains. The amount of light in this case is not reduced, the sun's rays are scattered, transforming all the objects around. Beautifully stained glass windows on furniture doors, coffee tables, in the design of niches and false windows. An interesting effect will have a stained glass picture, if it is strengthened by a source of light. With the help of special paints, stained glass decorations can be made independently by selecting colors and patterns for the setting.



Glass in the interior of the kitchen

Glass has excellent hygienic qualities: it is easy to clean by any means, chemically inert, environmentally safe. These qualities allow the use of glass products in the kitchen. Doing glass hoods, hobs, oven doors, cabinets, elements of bar counters. Transparent tabletop looks expensive and beautiful.

Glass kitchen furniture will visually enlarge the small kitchen. A variety of glass utensils and accessories will make the kitchen modern and stylish. In the kitchen, it is desirable to use glass with a pattern or artistically processed: frosted, etched or engraved, carved. This treatment gives the interior refinement.




Glass in the bathroom

Bathroom - this is probably the most suitable place for glass, again, thanks to its ability not to absorb dirt. Almost everything is made of glass for the bathroom - doors, walls, sinks, partitions for shower cabins. For partitions and walls it is convenient to use colored or textured glass. There are even entire glass baths. Glass shelves are easy to clean and look weightless. Walls, made in whole or in part of glass blocks, will isolate sounds, but transmit light.



Glass blocks in the design of the apartment

Glass blocks are a fertile building material for decorating an apartment. It is easy to pick up by color and texture, as there is always a large range on offer. It is easy to work with it - it is much stronger than glass sheets. Installation is easy to do independently. Interior partitions made of glass blocks, let through a soft diffused light, but do not let sounds.

The wall can be made of glass blocks partially, having built them into any shape: a ladder, a tower, stripes. By adding spot lighting, you can achieve interesting effects.

Of these, you can even build furniture: a table-cabinet, a bar, vertical walls for countertops. It is easy to turn a nursery into a fairytale castle, replacing one wall with glass blocks with pictures inside.



Glass products in the interior

With the spread of tempered glass, they began to make a wide variety of interior objects out of it, without fear of splinters. Consider the most unconventional and spectacular options:

  • stairs - steps or fences are made of transparent or tinted glass;
  • balconies - the fence of tinted or textured;
  • veranda or gazebo - tinted glass visors to protect against rain and sun;
  • Amstrong ceilings tinted glass;
  • broken glass tables. Broken stained triplex will make the product visually fragile, and the interior is unique.

Broken glass is a new trend in interior design. Until recently, it was considered only as non-decaying garbage and was an environmental problem. So far, the designer’s view, bored without fresh ideas, has not fallen on the next fragments. Under his expert eye, small pieces of various sizes of the same size formed themselves into a mosaic - a super fashionable technology for decorating a home.




Pictures from such a mosaic will make the interior unique, and the work is not so complicated as to not take it on your own. A mosaic panel can decorate the table top, the wall of the room, the facade of the building and even the floor. Multi-colored iridescent glass pieces will always be pleasing to the eye. You can also decorate with a mosaic a vase, a casket, a chest, a mirror frame, a lamp.



Glass decorations in the interior

Probably, there are glass vases in every home. A place where the fragile beauty of nature meets the fragile beauty of glass, giving rise to charm for the eyes and an immortal story for artists. The variety of shapes and colors for a glass vase is amazing, and the vase itself, with its sophisticated shape, is a good gift. The same beautiful and practical gift will be a variety of glassware: plates, jugs, glasses, wine glasses, mugs.



If you are planning to renovate with a change of scenery, think about how to make the future interior light, modern, filled with air. This will help you to glass and its products, striking in their grace, wealth of colors and textures.