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House pediment: facing with modern materials (21 photos)


The pediment is the front of the front wall of the house from the base of the roof to its final top point (ridge). In shape, it may be different (triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular) depending on the configuration of the building itself.



The gable house can rightly be considered one of the most important components in the construction, requiring competent calculation and design. The gable is not only an aesthetic function, but also protective, serving as the basis for the truss system, so it must be solid.

The design of the house may include various options for arranging the gable, including the presence of an attic and windows. Constructional features here will largely depend on the technology of the building structure.

Why sheathe pediment?

The fact is that the height of the gable is directly proportional to the height of the space formed in the attic as an additional space of the room. Often this allows you to equip additional rooms.

The main function here is the barrier function, since a properly created pediment prevents the roof from wearing out and protects it from moisture ingress. As a defense of the gable itself, there is a visor, which is carried beyond its limits by tens of centimeters.

Another equally important function of the skin - aesthetic. Indeed, in the raw version, the unsettled roof is not a very pleasant sight, especially since this is, in fact, the most visible part of the house.

In order to enhance the waterproofing properties of the gable, they carry out additional insulation and vapor barrier. To do this, finish the surface lay a special film on the inside. If necessary, you can arrange special gaps for better ventilation and to prevent condensation on the top floor of the building.



Plating material

According to the technology of work, the device of gables can be made with the lining of the wall pillars or the solid wall itself.

The lining of the gable of the house involves the use of various types of materials: moisture-resistant plywood, drywall for painting, polymer panels, corrugated board and even colored polycarbonate. But nevertheless the natural wood and a vinyl siding enjoy unchanged popularity.

There are several highlights that significantly affect the choice of material for gable trim:

  • The construction of the building. This parameter determines the logical question: how to sheathe the front of the house? For example, there are options for finishing from a special brick, but this method has many features and is relevant only with careful planning of the load on the walls.
  • Wind loads: it is necessary to take into account the features of the climate when choosing cladding material.
  • Frame material: sometimes additional preparatory work may be required.
  • The presence of additional elements: if the gable presupposes the arrangement of the structure with the presence of windows, here you will need to make special work on the crate, the device hydro, thermal insulation and ventilation.

Thus, it is necessary to carefully analyze the entire building structure and the frame, in particular, in order to choose the most suitable option for how to trim the gable.



Currently, there are many beautiful photos on the Internet that demonstrate how to make a gable.

Siding is a versatile, practical option for trimming pediments of various configurations. With such material it is optimal to sheathe not only the surface of the roofs of a brick or lumber house, but also of any other structure, including the dacha.

The gable of the frame house will be arranged a little more complicated than the classical wall, but the principle of operation remains the same.



When covering the front of the house with siding, first of all, it is necessary to make a drawing project. Then calculate the required amount of material. You also need to take care of the acquisition of appropriate components. Well if all the materials will be from the same manufacturer.