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Wall mural above the bed: traveling before bed (23 photos)


If you have the phrase “photo wallpaper” appear before the eyes of white trunks of birch trees on a gray-blue background of glossy paper, then these associations are hopelessly outdated. Today's wallpapers absolutely do not resemble sad pictures of the 80s, and moreover they are a fashion trend of interior design. Their appearance has changed so much that those who were skeptical about the acquisition are surprised at the variety of pictures and bright colors. Realistic images of animals, enlarged macro photography of flowers and plants, gorgeous landscapes and reproductions of paintings by great artists are only a part of the possibilities that photo wallpapers give. Choose your theme!



Flower theme

A variety of flora, incredible color combinations from pastel shades to bright flashes of colors make the flower theme especially popular. Such trends of modern design are fully reflected in the design of the bedrooms. Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom above the bed according to statistics, selects every third buyer. The choice is due to a wide range in which you can easily choose a photo for any interior and color range.



Delicate photo wallpapers with vintage flowerpots filled with blooming bouquets, surprisingly realistic buds with drops of dew in the macro technique, landscapes with flowering steppe poppies - in black and white or sepia will fit into the classic bedroom style. Round carved headboard or a soft sofa will harmoniously complement any of the above paintings.



Industrial theme

Making a bedroom with wallpaper mural in a not very compatible with leisure, urban, industrial theme is a good idea. It fits well into any style thanks to modern photo printing quality and a variety of images. First of all, these are such areas as high-tech and loft.

What could be more calm and peaceful? This is the perfect solution - stylish wallpaper above the bed with views of flowering fields, cereals, strawberry fields and autumn forest.

Panoramic monochrome wallpapers increase visually the bedroom space: transparent forest in the fog, dandelion air caps and other images with a visually distant horizon. A bedroom in laconic styles will suit them, where the main focus will be not on the furniture, but on the photo-picture located on the wall.

This landscape combines three components: buildings, nature and sky. Printing art has turned them into stunning beauty and realism of the arch on the sea beach, cobbled Italian streets that go beyond the horizon, and windows open to meet the ocean breeze. With their help, you can transform the room beyond recognition, without investing a lot of money in repairs or completely change the style, without wasting time and effort.



3D wallpaper

New word in design. I want to touch such photo wallpapers with my hands, because my eyes are very difficult to trust. They seem to be embossed, with convex details and hollows — drops of water on the frosted glass are about to roll down, flower buds bloom, and the waterfall sounds noisy, scattering a bright rainbow around the spray. Similar wallpapers in the bedroom above the bed are recommended by designers for small or asymmetrical rooms. They work wonders! When properly positioned and illuminated, they increase the space by adding precious meters and correct irregular angles and shapes. Any images that have optical effects can be attributed to this group of photo wallpapers. To fall asleep and wake up on the shore of a forest lake, a winter garden or a sea lagoon is a great feeling, giving a positive charge for the whole day.

In the children's bedroom photo wallpaper chooses a little owner. Parents only correct his choice, trying not to turn the room for sleeping and resting a child into a bright playground. The popularity of such a choice can be judged by the increasing assortment every year. Manufacturers offer:

  • stylish graffiti;
  • funny cartoon themes: magic fairies, cool cars and rainbow ponies;
  • favorite fairy-tale characters: Spiderman, Fix, and the cat from Prostokvashino;
  • cute photos of raccoons, puppies, kittens and other representatives of the animal world;
  • maps showing where the pirates' treasures are hidden;
  • landscapes that look like a portal to a fairy tale.

All this splendor can be stuck on a free wall or above the bed. The remaining pieces of furniture and interior are selected in the same themes and shades as the wallpaper or remain neutral, giving place to a central figure.

The most budgetary wallpaper - paper. They are printed on thick paper on industrial digital printers (plotters). Large areas are printed on paper strips or squares. Their advantages: a large variety of topics, low price, ease of gluing and removal, the ability to order individual drawings and photographs. Minuses: you need the most even surface, as the insufficient thickness of the base will not allow to hide defects.

Stick the wallpaper over the bed should be according to the instructions on the packaging and wallpaper type (paper or vinyl). Some manufacturers apply the necessary glue to the wallpaper, but if not, then the consultants in the store will select what they need. Then, before starting the installation, the wallpapers are checked for quality and completeness (when there are several stripes or squares). There should be no printing defects - the difference in coloring, stripes and undyed fragments are not allowed.

The possibilities of interior design can be limited only by the imagination of the buyer. Stylish wallpaper over the bed today admire their originality.