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What does a modern children's room look like for a girl? (51 pictures)


Many parents believe that the children's room for the girl should be decorated in pink and decorated with starched ruches. This is a delusion, because the interior of the children's room for a girl should be functional, simple and correspond to the age and hobbies of your child. The main thing is that in the interior there are no colors and objects that will not irritate and oppress the child.







Regardless of the style in which parents choose, a child should have for their child:

  • functional;
  • light;
  • well ventilated;
  • warm;
  • have several semantic zones.

The layout of a child’s room for a girl can be any — it all depends on her area, location relative to parts of the world and other factors. It is important that regardless of the age in the room there is a zone for sleeping, games, creativity and intellectual work, a diverse storage system.

Making a children's room for a girl of 2-3 years old is the most difficult task for parents. At this age, the child is just beginning to learn the world and learns to perform new actions and operations for themselves. On the way he should not have any obstacles and dangerous objects. Furniture for the children's room for a girl of this age should not have sharp corners, and the height of the table and chairs should correspond to the small height of the child.






The colors for the children's room of a girl at that age should not be too bright and saturated, otherwise they will irritate the child, and he will sleep restlessly and often get annoyed for no apparent reason. Pink children's room - not the best idea. For interior decoration fit warm warm colors:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • creamy;
  • coffee.

The room for a small child should already be divided into zones, each of which is illuminated separately. Zoning space teaches the child to order. From an early age she will know where the toys, clothes and bedding should be.

Children's room for a girl of five years and older can be decorated in different ways - it all depends on the preferences of the child. All children's rooms for children of this age have one thing in common - their hostesses are already preparing for school or starting to go to it, therefore the design of a children's room for such a girl to be more thoughtful. A five-year-old child should have a comfortable, spacious table in the room at which he will draw, sculpt and do tasks from studios involved in preparing children for school. The children's room for the girl of 7 years becomes the real study. There must necessarily appear a spacious desk, on which to the left you need to put a lamp with a movable lampshade. The child will need a rotating chair, which is regulated by the height of the seat. Also in the children's room of a child of school age should be shelves for books and boxes, which can be folded albums, notebooks and stationery.




Toys also have a place in the nursery, but they should be a bit. Big teddy bears, a rocking horse, toy carriages - all this is better for someone to give and not to leave in the children's growing up daughter.

At the age of 10-12 years, a girl begins a transitional age, so the nursery becomes a real fortress for her, where she feels free and independent. If at this age the daughter wants to carry out a rearrangement in the room or asks to repaint the walls in a different color, you should not forbid her anything. Better to agree or try to find a compromise. The children's room of a teenager may look original, but the main thing is for your daughter to be comfortable in her. The design can be any, but the room must have a table with a computer and good internet, a comfortable bed, a full-length mirror and a dressing table, where the girl will bring beauty. It is desirable that in the room of a teenager there was enough free space for sports and dancing.






In all cases, the room must be zoned, and each of the zones is well lit. Zoning is especially important when sisters live in a room. For example, a children's room for three girls of different ages can be divided into several parts. Each of the sisters should have a private space where there will be a bed and a table, as well as the room should have a common area where you can put a TV or boxes with toys. Room design options for several children a huge amount. Do not forget about practical interior solutions. For example, a double bed will fit perfectly into a small children's room for two girls.




The wallpaper in the nursery for girls in the first place should be environmentally friendly and harmless. For wall decoration, you can use the following types of wallpaper:

  • paper;
  • liquid;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • eco-wallpaper

Best of all the walls in the nursery to make paper wallpaper. They breathe and do not emit harmful substances, and even the most demanding mother will like the number of ornaments and colors. These wallpapers are cheap, but quickly become useless. Repair in the children's room for girls is likely to become frequent in your home - they will grow, and this means that tastes and preferences will constantly change, so for rooms in which children live up to 10-12 years old, paper wallpaper is just a godsend. .

The design of the children's room for two girls can be done with the help of liquid wallpaper. They are absolutely harmless, easy to apply and hide all the irregularities of the wall. Such wallpaper has a drawback - not rich colors. If your child likes calm, pastel shades, then liquid wallpaper for his nursery will fit perfectly.

Today, eco-wallpapers that are made of fabric, cork, bamboo and other natural materials are becoming more and more popular. This coating is ideal for a room where a child spends a lot of time. They are expensive and can not please the buyer with a rich color palette, so these wallpapers are more suitable for the room of an already adult girl who likes the chosen calm color, and she will not tear them or paint them with pencils.






Phone in the nursery for girls also fit perfectly. The main advantage of this coating is that any image can be applied to it. For girls of four or five years, you can buy wallpaper, which depicts the characters of your favorite cartoons or fabulous castles of incredible beauty. Teenage girls may like wallpapers with abstractions, photos of capitals of the world or urban buildings. Wall murals are great to wash, so they are well suited for the room of a child of any age. For the nursery, you can choose the wallpaper of the same shade, and you can combine several colors.

The ceiling in the nursery can:

  • whiten;
  • paste wallpaper;
  • to paint;
  • decorate with ceiling tiles;
  • make outboard.

Painting the ceiling with acrylic or lime will cost the least. This option is only suitable if the ceiling in the nursery for girls is perfectly smooth and has no cracks. Minor flaws can be hidden with wallpaper, tile and suspended ceiling. Choosing the latter, you need to consider that he can make the room lower by 7-10 centimeters. In modern-style children's rooms, multi-level ceilings are often made. These designs are painted in several colors and decorated with spotlights. The ceiling in the form of a starry sky will appeal, perhaps, to every girl. The ceiling can be made in the shape of a flower or painted in all the colors of the rainbow - also stylish and original.




Furniture and curtains in the nursery

Curtains in the nursery for the girl, too, need to choose deliberately. First of all, they should be sewn from natural fabric and be easy to maintain. Be sure to in the nursery should be shadow curtains, for example, made of cotton or flax. The design of curtains for the children's room should match in style with furniture, wallpaper, carpets and pillows. Curtains with a floral or geometric print will fit into the children's room, and in low rooms in a vertical strip. Tulle in the nursery for the girl, too, it is desirable to hang. It should be creamy or milky, then even in winter the children's room will be filled with warm, sunshine. Shadow curtains in the nursery should be light or neutral tones. If the interior is made in restrained shades, then the curtains can be bright. But it’s better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​hanging dark curtains in the child’s room. Dark gamma adversely affects the psyche of the child.

The choice of furniture for the nursery depends on the age of the child, but there is a minimum that must always be present in the room. In the nursery there must be a large bed with an orthopedic mattress or a comfortable sofa. For a child under five, it is better to buy a bed that has a high side. It is desirable that the bed and sofa have additional storage systems - there it will be possible to remove toys and some of the baby’s things.






The wardrobe in the nursery for the girl is also chosen depending on the age of the child. The baby should have a low cabinet, from which she can take things on her own. For an adult daughter's room, you need to order a spacious wardrobe, which will have drawers, shelves and rods for hangers with clothes. The cabinet should be easy to open the door and have a large mirror. Take care of buying a table and chair for your child. For a little daughter you need a low table and a small chair on which she will sit comfortably. For the schoolgirl you need to find a table with adjustable height of the table top and a soft chair with a fixed backrest.




If you have not chosen the design of the children's room for a teenager girl, consider the popular interior styles. Today, children's rooms are made in the style of:

  • Provence;
  • modern;
  • high tech;
  • classical;
  • minimalism.

Modern design in modern style will appeal to both children and their parents. Furniture that does not have sharp corners will fit here, and all the lines are smooth and rounded. This style is characterized by the use of natural materials and natural shades: green, herbal, turquoise. To the interior was not too boring, you can add bright colors. In such an interior may appear elements of the decor of yellow, blue and blue colors.

A universal option, how to arrange a children's room for a girl, will be a project in a classic style. The room is decorated in pastel colors, for her chosen bulk wooden furniture, decorated with carvings. The chandelier in the nursery for a girl can be massive and wrought, with crystal decorations. It is hung in the center of the ceiling, but be sure to add additional sources of lighting. In this interior there can be all sorts of draperies with floral patterns, and on the walls - mirrors and photos in carved wooden frames. This is the room of the real princess.






The design of a small children's room for a girl can be done in the style of minimalism. There will be only multifunctional furniture and no extra decorative items, everything you need. To prevent the room from being too boring, you can hang a colored glass chandelier on the ceiling, and on the floor special children's carpets will look good in a room for girls with a bright geometric pattern. Minimalism - the style is very strict, and if your daughter wants, you can decorate the room with decorative objects of other styles.

High-tech style will appeal to adolescents aged 13-14 years and older. It assumes the severity of the lines, the minimum amount of furniture with increased functionality and the presence of only modern electronics. Boys will like this style more, but teenage girls who are interested in the exact sciences and astronomy will appreciate it. The perfect opposite of high-tech is Provence style. It is characterized by decorating surfaces in warm and pastel colors, using bright yellow, green, red and purple, a large number of textiles and decorative objects, only natural materials. In such a child's girl will be cozy and comfortable.