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Design living room 2019: functional features (23 photos)


Every family wants to be in a comfortable atmosphere created by a thoughtful design decision. First of all it concerns the living room, which is the common space of all living in a house or apartment. It serves for joint pastime, where each person can relax as much as possible, gain positive emotions, where you can receive friends and close acquaintances.

Every year, trends in finishing materials, their color shades, as well as the texture of textiles and furniture design are changing rapidly. If you are planning to renovate the living room and make it modern, then you should take into account all the directions dictated by the design of the living room 2019.



General trends of modern design

Designers this year are not inclined to recommend radical changes in the style decision of the living room. As before, the unshakable rule is the observance of individuality, maximum comfort and coziness, as well as spatial freedom.

Today the actual walls are with brickwork, painted in different tones with natural odorless paints. Particularly impressive is the combination of brick walls with fragments of wood cladding.



In the color scheme of the walls, pastel shades and white are still popular. It serves as an ideal backdrop for decoration. Light shades of the walls visually increase the space and give it a special lightness.

In the living room with snow-white shades of the walls, you can use the emphasis on one bright object, for example, a chair. This technique will give the interior a zest and revive it.

For wall cladding, the design of the living room of 2019 uses many types of modern wallpaper. Vinyl, fabric, bamboo, non-woven, fiberglass-based and photo wallpaper are popular.



Previously, in the era of a shortage, photo wallpapers were used to divert attention from the meager furnishings of the room and there was no particular choice in the images, now the popularity of photo wallpapers makes a new round. Today, fashion plots can be chosen for any style of living room in a harmonious combination with pieces of furniture. A huge selection of such wallpapers allows you to do this. With proper selection, they look spectacular in both large and small rooms.



With the help of photo wallpapers usually focus on one wall, from which all the pieces of furniture and various accessories are placed. Popular are images of natural and urban landscapes, flowers, unusual patterns created by nature.

Vinyl, non-woven and fiberglass-based wallpaper for large living rooms can be selected with a pattern. It is recommended to stick them on the walls with selected fragments.



But the main focus of the interior design of the living room in 2019 is still on the plain wallpaper. They give plenty of imagination for the designer filling the living room space and are ideal for small rooms, visually increasing them.

With proper selection of colors and textures of wallpaper, as well as their proper location on the walls, you can visually enlarge the space, raise the ceiling and zone the living room.

This year, with low ceilings, it is necessary to abandon the chandeliers of a complex multi-tiered construction. They overload the living room space.

The interior of 2019 offers simple stylish pendant lights for the ceiling. For local lighting in this case, choose lamps in the same style.

Point lights built into a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard are widely used. In this case, you can do without hanging chandeliers. A multi-level ceiling design with an elegantly shaped pendant chandelier can only be allowed in the case of a high living room ceiling level.

The ceiling is white this year. Popular are also shades of gray. These colors help to visually increase the space and raise the level of the ceiling.

To give the living room an attractive look, the light shades of the walls and the ceiling should be beaten with bright accessories made of materials reflecting the soft glow of the lamps. For this you can use products made of copper or brass, for example, candlesticks, flowerpots with gilding, etc.



If the room is decorated in shades of gray, then any interior items made of metal should have opaque shades of silver without a challenging chrome finish. It looks good combination of items from brass, copper or silver-plated surface with wooden interior elements.