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Original decor for the garden: unusual design solutions (23 photos)


Home decor and garden do not have to buy in the store. Self-made jewelry will not only save the family budget, but also create a unique and unique design of the summer cottage.



When a small vegetable garden has already been laid out in the summer cottage, flowers and fruit trees are blooming, the country house has been tidied up and a bathhouse has been built, and children play in the gazebo in the yard, it is time to decorate the garden plot. Of course, in order to please the territory, you can buy various interesting figures, forged benches or original pots. But to give your summer cottage a unique style, an extraordinary approach is needed. Only the author's ideas, embodied in life with their own hands, can turn dull beds into an extravaganza of creativity and skill.

At any garden you can find flower beds. Usually they are made with boards made of rectangle, rhombus or triangle or old wheels brought from the garage by the head of the family. These "beds" are mostly dull and boring. Another thing - a flower garden. Anything can become the basis and decoration for it.



On the site you can arrange in a chaotic manner the old dishes. Looking at such a composition, it seems that this kitchen utensils were once long forgotten to be brought into the house, and after years it was overgrown with flowers.

Garden tools: a broken car, an old seedling trough, iron buckets, and even an unnecessary watering can can be the basis of a flower garden. If you do not like their appearance, products can be painted in bright colors and the site will sparkle with new colors.

Furniture: a wrought-iron bed, a coffee table and even a chair will make any flower garden original and unique. Guests will long admire this part of the garden and ask you where you bought such an extraordinary decor to give.



We decorate artificial reservoirs

Various fountains and waterfalls look spectacular. If a stream flows through your section, create rapids from stones, thanks to which you can make a cascade of small waterfalls.

The secret of a beautiful roller coaster is bright color lights. At night, the light will play in drops of water, creating an incredible atmosphere of comfort. In the summer heat you will spend a lot of time in the garden, admiring the waterfall created by yourself and the starry sky.

Illumination - a thing, undoubtedly, necessary, but costs money. For decorating waterfalls, you can use the tools at hand. Paint the old jug the same color as the stones and place it near the water. You can gently put a figure of a frog or a lizard next to it, which crawled on to bask on the stones and stayed to live near the streamlet.



The more tree the better

The tree was, is and remains the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-use material. Decorations for the garden and garden are treated with all available means: varnish, primer or paint. Creating a garden decor from a tree, do not forget about antifungal structures. They will prevent the appearance of unpleasant mold on the surface of the product.

Wooden decor for the dacha can be divided into two groups. Products from the first group bear only an aesthetic load, in the second case a functional component is also added.

For example, lawns, flower beds, flower beds, waterfalls and alpine slides are created only to please the eyes of the owners of the garden and their guests. Gazebos, metal and wood bridges across the pond, benches and fences are actively used while relaxing in the garden.



A few ideas for creating a unique decor for the garden:

  • From large chocks you can make a spectacular ensemble of a table and chairs, and from the remaining from the construction of the bath boards to put together a carved bench.
  • If the site has an old well, which you have not used for a long time, use a wooden frame for a beautiful flower garden.
  • You can cut and construct any shape from wood. For example, a donkey will look harmoniously, pulling a heavy carriage behind it.

Creating a decor for the garden, it is better to leave the stones in their natural form. They are beautiful in themselves and do not require additional processing. They are in perfect harmony with products made of metal, wood and even plastic. Having at the disposal of a large amount of this natural material, you can create a composition resembling Japanese stone gardens. If you do not to foreign styles, you can use a stone when you make country paths, borders for flower beds or a place for barbecue.



If there is no stream, it can be made from gravel.

The so-called rockeries look great on any site. To create it, you need only stones and your own imagination. If the material is not so much, buy any quantity of it in a special store. To date, there are a huge number of companies specializing in the sale of this material for garden decor. For a small amount you get everything you need: boulders, blocks, rubble, granite or marble chips, gravel and masonry stone.

Some ideas to help you:

  • From natural materials you can build a real medieval castle in a reduced form. For crafts, stock up on cement composition, which will serve as connective tissue for stones. A gnome standing next to him, made of clay especially for the garden, will look very nice with his own hands.
  • Beds can be decorated with stones of the same size. Camouflage them for juicy strawberries or ladybirds, such decor for the garden plot will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the backyard territory.
  • With the help of stone, you can create a unique installation or sculpture. Add to it old dishes, a jug or a watering can and place it near the alpine slide.



Always available plastic

Every day in the process of cooking, we use products packed in plastic bottles. And whenever oil or vinegar ends, we throw the container into the trash can, not even knowing what kind of garden decoration we can make with this material. Of course, plastic crafts do not look as magnificent as, for example, stone elements, but they envelop with their warmth and create a feeling of comfort.

  • If your pantry is filled with plastic bottles to the ceiling, create an exotic garden with palm trees and cacti on the plot.
  • With this publicly available material, garden furniture such as tables and chairs can be made.
  • Plastic is also used in decorating arbors and trees for the holiday - beautiful garlands are made of colored material.

Every Russian who has a dacha in the country seeks to spend all his free time there, because people not only work on the land, cultivating the land, but also rest from the noise and everyday fuss. Often the site becomes a meeting place for friends and relatives. That is why it is very important to create a truly unique and original design on the territory.