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Independent decor cabinet: the basic principles (21 photos)


Here is a boring wardrobe at home. And long standing. It's sad for you that he is no longer as handsome as he was before, and for the closet for the same reason. So you need to make the decor of the cabinet with your own hands! It is only necessary to determine the idea, and the process will delay immediately.



Choose option

Of course, it is important that the future wardrobe was decorated in the overall style of the room. It may well be a bright accent, but still should not stand out from the general impression of the room. If the whole room is decorated in retro style, then you should not do the decor of the old cabinet in the high-tech color scheme.

  • Paints. The easiest option. But he is not boring at all! Repainted wardrobe can look incredibly interesting.
  • The decor of the cabinet is wallpaper. A very affordable way to radically transform any item of furniture. Moreover, then the room and furniture will really be in the same style.
  • Use self-adhesive films. Such films decorate furniture for a long time, so that unusual and beautiful options appear more often. It will be possible to pick up something for the interior of the whole room.
  • Decoupage This option has conquered many, because it really creates amazing things with furniture! With decoupage any wardrobe will become a separate piece of design.
  • Bulk plaster. Elements of modeling can surprisingly transform even the most boring wardrobe. And if they are emphasized with gilding or any other paint, then the furniture will instantly be ennobled and shine in a new color.

No one forbids combining different types of decoration with each other. Plaster and decoupage are often used together, wallpaper and elements of painting look quite harmonious. Only self-adhesive film is usually used as a standalone decor.



With brush in hand

Decor cabinet colors - one of the most simple. Even just a single-colored wardrobe already looks completely different. It is best to use water-based paint or acrylic. A water emulsion is more advantageous for use on large surfaces, for example, for a cabinet facade, but it is more convenient to do acrylic work on "jewelry" work.



Aqueous emulsion and acrylic paints are practically odorless. So you can paint the furniture at home. However, place a film or paper under the cabinet so as not to smudge the floor. It is not necessary to cover the finished decor with any varnishes. Both paints are very resistant.

Another fairly simple version of the decoration of the cabinet. Moreover, since the furniture can be done either as inconspicuous as possible, or create an accent on it. And everyone has wallpaper remnants, so even buying will not need anything.

Elegant look combinations from different wallpapers. There are almost unlimited ideas for decorating cabinets with this material. The walls can be covered with some wallpaper, and the doors - with others. Can be combined with paint to create a basic uniform color.

The décor of the wardrobe provides even more possibilities. On the facade you can stick bright wallpapers with a gorgeous landscape, a view of the city or even a piece of space. With such cabinet panels nothing compares.




Film transfiguration

The advantage of the film is that it is easy to stick and it is easy to clean. This is one of the few materials that keeps on the old Soviet lacquered cabinets. Their varnish is very difficult to remove, which greatly limits the decoration options.

The most incredible transformation of the old wardrobe with your own hands - this is decoupage. This method can do anything. The cabinet can be rejuvenated or artificially aged, add gilt to it, vintage drawings and even photos.

Plaster allows you to make any surface texture. It can only be some angular elements such as a contour ornament or the entire surface will have a relief pattern. For such work you will need all sorts of stamps and stencils.