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Durable and reliable cabinet in solid wood: undeniable advantages (22 photos)


The case acts as an irreplaceable piece of furniture. It must meet the requirements of reliability, safety, convenience, be modern and harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. Cabinets made of solid wood - this is an excellent solution for the design of interior space. Warm tones of wood fill the room with coziness and comfort. From the tree you can get cabinets that will differ in shape and design decision.



Furniture from the array was always in high demand. This is an environmentally safe material, which is characterized by a long service life. Such a multifunctional piece of furniture, like a wardrobe, is bought for a long period.



A variety of models of the cabinet from the array

As you know, any creation of nature is characterized by the presence of a special energy. Breeds such as oak, ash, pine, birch have a positive effect on the human body. Consider the main types of cabinets made from different wood species:

  • Sliding wardrobe from the massif of a tree. This option is characterized by practicality and functionality. It can be installed in the hallway, bedroom and even the living room. It allows you to rationally spend space.
  • Bookcase solid wood. This type of cabinet will be the perfect solution for storing books. Shelves made of wood are reliable, durable and durable.
  • Case showcase. This way of making the cabinet is in high demand, since it makes it possible to organize a winning demonstration of those things that are stored in the house. The appearance of such a cabinet can be very diverse.
  • Corner cabinets from the array. If the dimensions of the room are limited, then this type of cabinet will be the perfect solution for an apartment or house. Corner cabinets made of solid wood do not clutter the space and have an acceptable cost.
  • Wardrobe from the array. Using this type of furniture, you can store clothes and not worry that it will be denied. In addition, you can easily find the desired item of clothing.
  • Fitted wardrobes. If the bedroom or dressing room is small, then without such a cabinet is indispensable. It is spacious and easy to use.
  • Case from the massif of various execution with oar doors. This is a classic version of the cabinet. It helps to fill the room with comfort and convenience. Wardrobes can have various modifications.

The wardrobe from solid pine is an environmentally friendly and durable piece of furniture. It is characterized by an attractive appearance and wide stylistic variations. Such a cabinet can easily fit into a classic interior, as well as style solutions such as country, modern, hi-tech and others. The furniture from a pine will fill the room with the favorable atmosphere of the coniferous wood.



Pine cupboard can have various modifications. This is due to the convenience of processing. Pine is a soft material. When caring for him to comply with certain requirements. It is necessary to avoid loads on the material, which may cause dents and scratches. With proper care, the lifetime of the cabinet of pine can be long.

Light yellow tint of wood can be painted in absolutely any color. Thus, a pine cupboard can be safely combined with other wood species in the interior. The most important and indisputable advantage of the material is price affordability.

Pine does not like a high level of humidity. This moment must be considered during operation. The sliding wardrobe from solid pine is the most popular option. This piece of furniture fits seamlessly into the interior and dimensions of modern apartments.




Durable and comfortable cabinets from solid oak

The case from the massif of an oak is characterized by high operational qualities. This piece of furniture is truly durable. It looks stylish, solid and will always be at the peak of popularity. The cost of oak furniture is fully justified. Oak cabinet can last for centuries. Natural expensive wardrobe will fill the room with aristocracy, home warmth and comfort. Such furniture can be passed from generation to generation.

The cabinet from the massif of an ash-tree is in the increased demand in the consumer market. Furniture made of this material has an unusually beautiful color and a high level of quality. This is a reliable and stylish solution for your apartment or house. With the help of this piece of furniture you can completely transform your space, filling it with comfort and beauty. With the help of ash furniture, you can easily create stylish headsets for rooms such as a bedroom, children's room, living room, kitchen, dressing room, etc.

Furniture made of solid birch is an economical and durable material.

The wardrobe made of birch will look luxurious in any room. It can be painted. It can easily imitate wood of more expensive woods.

A piece of furniture of this breed symbolizes softness, tenderness, elegance. Birch cabinets do not need special care. The array is characterized by the presence of a smooth surface and matte gloss. Due to the special treatment, the rock has a high level of sensitivity to moisture.

Cabinets of cedar and larch boast practicality and aesthetic appeal. This material does not need chemical treatment. Caring for him is not strict and expensive.

Whatever your apartment is - big or small - it is difficult to imagine without a high-quality and functional cabinet. The case from natural wood will serve throughout a long time and will perfectly fit into any style decision. Especially this piece of furniture is relevant for the bedroom and nursery. After all, this material is the safest.